The first time you confess your love to someone is very nerve-wracking! But sometimes, continuing to confess that love every single day to a partner can be just as anxiety-inducing if you fear that you’ve run out of ways to say it.

But love doesn’t have to be complicated! Simple gestures and little things can matter most in long-term relationships.

Here are 15 ways to confess your love to your partner.

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1 – Show Interest In Their Interests

This point might not seem like the ultimate show of love, but it can mean a lot to your partner. Who knows – their hobbies might turn out to be something you like too.

It’s not that hard to show some interest – here are some tips!

  • Play their favorite music or bands in the car.
  • Watch their favorite shows with them.
  • Discuss with them about their interests. (Or let them rant on about it.)
  • Check out those interests yourself, in your own spare time!

confess your love2 – Write Love Letters

Go old-school romantic. Break out your fountain pen, brush up your penmanship, and write them a physical letter! Want to take it to the next level? Consider these extra bonuses.

  • Fill the envelope with something they like – for example, stickers.
  • Spritz a scent on it. Either something they like or something that’ll remind them of you.
  • Seal the envelope with wax for bonus points.
  • Write positive things you love about them!

3 – Ask Them Questions, Then Listen and Remember

What’s the best way for someone to feel like they’re being heard and loved? Simple – showing interest in them as a person. It’s not very often we get to be the target of someone’s full attention, and it makes us feel important and loved. But just how do you show you’re listening?

  • Notice where they’re passionate, then ask them to elaborate on the subject.
  • Take some interest in their life – where have they gone, what have they done?
  • Remember what’s important to them – if they mention not liking tomatoes, make sure to avoid tomatoes when choosing meals for them.

4 – Cook For Them

These days, it’s hard to find time and energy to cook ourselves a proper meal. To prepare dinner of some kind for a loved one, therefore, is an act of love – whether it is acknowledged as one or not. So if you’re trying to woo someone, why not consider making them a romantic meal? But how do you even get started?

  • Figure out what your partner’s favorite meal is in advance. If not, go for something simple but delicious.
  • Enlist the help of a friend. It helps halve prepping and cooking time, and if you’re not good at cooking, it’s good to have support!
  • If you have the skill for it, get them a fortune cookie that says ‘I love you’ on the paper.

5 – Help Complete Their To-Do List

Trying to get everything done on time is always a stressful thing. It can have a tangible effect on your relationship – it’s hard to maintain positive thinking when there’s just so much left to be done, let alone be romantic with you. So what better way than to show your love by helping them out with said list?

  • Get an app that shares to-do lists. This way, you can be kept abreast of what your partner needs to be done, and get it sorted for them in advance.
  • Help remind them of things they need to do. Just add their events to your calendar, and remind them of any approaching deadlines now and then.
  • Take the initiative – if you see things around the house that needs doing, deal with it first, so they don’t have to.

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6 – Give Them A Handmade Gift

Saying ‘I love you’ is a beautiful thing, but not everyone’s love language is based on words. For those of you whose partners prefer gifts, why not try making something of your own for them to remember by? Everyone remembers and loves the handmade gifts the best, even if the crafter isn’t too great at handicrafts. It’s the thought that counts, after all.

Here are some ideas to get you to confess your love!

  • Make a little box full of memories. Movie ticket stubs, polaroid pictures, keepsakes from specific trips – the possibilities are endless!
  • Pick up a crafting skill and make them something! It can be anything – pottery, crocheting, or origami, so long as you can make them something personalized.
  • Search up online for more romantic DIY gift ideas. Check out Pinterest to start with!

7 – Get Small, Thoughtful Gifts to Confess Your Love

With just how life tends to rush us through every day, it can be hard to show our loved one’s care and affection. And you may likely think you need to put on some grand show when you do – something that takes much more time and energy than we often have to spare.

But unless that is precisely what your partner wants (and they’re okay with long, empty stretches in between to compensate), you can just give them simple gifts throughout the day! Here are some examples:

  • Hide written notes everywhere. It’s hard to stay positive these days, so a little pick-me-up is sure to make them smile!
  • Sneak their favorite snack into their packed meals.
  • Bring them a delicious drink while they’re working.

8 – Make A Treasure Hunt

When was the last time you and your partner had the kind of fun that makes the both of you giddy and giggly? It’s time for you guys to have a little playtime – literally!

  • Buy your partner’s favorite snack, and hide them around the house with clues leading them to the final stash.
  • Alternatively, do that, but instead leave no clues – tease them with the knowledge that their snack is hidden somewhere, and watch them tear the house apart in the hunt!
  • Make a map to some hidden treasure in the house, and fill the house with clues. At the end of it all, hide a gift of some kind. Perhaps a time capsule, full of memories you’ve collected!

9 – Tell Them When Things Remind You Of Them

Realistically speaking, our partners can’t be on our minds 24/7. After all, other things need to be done – and you can trust them to love you no matter what.

That said, it’s always lovely to be reminded that you’re in someone’s thoughts – so why not do that for your partner? Send them memes, photos, overheard snippets of conversation, things that encourage positive thinking – the possibilities are endless!

10 – Use Music to Confess Your Love

Even if your partner doesn’t have any favorite bands or genres, they can certainly appreciate a good song. Why not take advantage of that universal fact?

    • Make a playlist of song that reminds you of them, and then send it to them to enjoy!
    • Pick their favorite song, and then rewrite the lyrics to match the love story you’re trying to tell. If you can’t sing well, get a friend to do it for you! (Or try anyway. It’s the thought that counts.)
    • This one’s for the musicians – write a whole song dedicated to them!

11 – Dance With Them

Have you seen just how much tension and chemistry there is onstage among dancers? Why not take advantage of that and spark some chemistry yourself. Organize a fun little dance party for the two of you, and dance the night away! Don’t worry if neither can dance – it’s all about making memories.

Alternatively, you can go a step further – maybe your partner will be interested in learning how to dance, and you can both sign up for lessons!

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12 – Touch Them

Some people have the feeling of touch as their love language – and it doesn’t always have to be some grand affair. Physical contact promotes the production of positive bonding hormone oxytocin, too. Here are a few other ways to show them your love over the course of the day – aside from the evident hand-holding, kissing, and hugging:

  • Place your hand on their arm or knee. It doesn’t have to be possessive – it can just be a physical reminder that you’re there.
  • Let your touch linger along their bare skin – don’t be shy, have fun being a tease!
  • Learn how to give your partner massages. A shoulder massage can be just what they need after a long day. 

13 – Surprise Them Publicly to Confess Your Love

When was the last time you’ve reminded the world that this fantastic person is yours? This can get pretty cute, especially if you’re a known, established couple. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Get the barista to add a secret message to your partner’s drink.
  • Request the band to play your partner’s favorite song at the pub.
  • Have someone set up a sign in the middle of a path you’ll both be taking.

14 – Show Your Excitement At Seeing Them

The internet has made the world so much smaller – no longer do you have to wait weeks or months to see your beloved. All you have to do is tune in to their Instagram feed, or just ask them to send you a selfie. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t stop being excited to see them once more!

  • Jump for joy when you get to meet up with them in person again.
  • Show genuine happiness whenever you see a photo of them. It’ll be sure to brighten their day!
  • Arrange another date at the end of the current one. You just can’t wait to see them again!

15 – Make An Effort To Get In Touch First

Don’t always wait for them to reach out to you – take the initiative. Text them first, or arrange to see them first. There’s nothing wrong with being busy, but it doesn’t hurt to check in on your partner on a regular basis. They’ll appreciate the effort and thoughtfulness!

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Final Thoughts On Some Ways To Confess Your Love To Your Partner

If you know your partner well – and you should! – then you’ll know the kinds of things they like and what they respond best to. Still, don’t be afraid to try new gestures! You never know what your partner will love. 

Ultimately, you love them, and they love you – so why shouldn’t you keep finding new ways to tell each other that? That will keep your romance beautifully alive and in bloom for years and years to come.