Love is like a flower: sweet, beautiful, and sometimes very colorful! Love is also like a flower in that it requires frequent pruning and watering for it to grow. Therefore, without the necessary ingredients, love may wilt and fade altogether.

It is an understatement to say life can be hard for a woman who has been left by her spouse. Hopefully this is something you have not (and will never) experience. It can feel like the end of the world. The partner who did not do the leaving may have so many questions, and no answers. Trust me when I say it is the hardest time of a woman’s life.

Have you ever been loved so much by someone that it never crossed your mind that they may someday abandon you? Well, even though love is real, sometimes emotions change. Sometimes things just happen.

Here’s my story: All my life, I have loved just one man. And he loved me too. He loved me so much that I was sure our love would last forever. However, we dated for only three years when things started going south. I pondered and wondered where I had gone wrong. I tried asking him, but he only said he wanted to pursue further studies. I felt shocked stupid by his response. But there was nothing I could do about it.

Well, if you have experienced something similar and are left wondering why, here are some reasons why men leave women they love.

Why men leave women they love:

Dissatisfaction in the bedroom

As women, we have to accept that our men love intimacy. But it is funny that a man will never tell you to your face that he wants intimacy. But if he grows tired from asking for it, he may just walk away. Research shows that men express their love for their women through intercourse. Denying him intimacy is equal to denying him a chance to show you his love. Also, frequent denial lowers their self-esteem. This is because you make your man feel undesirable. I mean, who does not like being desired?

So, if a man does not get intimacy from you or if he is not getting enough from you, my dear sister, he may begin considering thoughts about leaving you. This might sound harsh, but it is important to know the facts of how men tend to think and operate. If he is not being satisfied intimately in a relationships, he will likely move on to find a woman who will satisfy him.


In most cases, dissatisfaction leads to unfaithfulness. Roughly 70% of men who cheat tend to leave the women they love shortly afterward. Not all men can give their love and affection to two different women at the same time. So, they tend to leave the woman they once loved for the one they have grown intimate towards. In all honesty, they may have mistaken this new romance for love.

Some say that men cheat because women allow them to. That if a woman does not treat her man right, another woman will. Although this might seem completely unfair, sadly, in many cases this turns out to be true. Sometimes men seek an outside relationship if they feel their current partner no longer gives him the love, care, and affection he desires.

Lack of intimacy

Over the years, you have likely read articles emphasizing men’s love for intimacy. However, it has never been indicated that men crave affection. Intimacy involves bonding with your spouse through kissing, hugging, cuddling, and sharing your innermost feelings and thoughts. When you wake up in the morning and kiss your man, that is being intimate.

Wait a minute, have you sent your man a simple text during lunchtime asking him how he is doing? Do you call him frequently to tell him you love him? If you have done this in the past, are you still doing it or have you stopped?

Women tend to feel comfortable and sometimes take intimacy for granted once they get into a relationship. They forget that love requires day-to-day actions. You have to work on it to keep the fire burning. Lack of intimacy is one of the reasons why men leave women they love.


Men love women who add joy to their lives, not someone who is always angry and does not enjoy anything. Boredom is one of the reasons why men leave women they love. Men want women who are open to new ideas that add zest to a relationship. Let’s face it, some people are boring to be with. Decide that you won’t be boring and that you will do what it takes to keep that deep connection alive.

Fear of losing freedom

Ladies, although men crave times of intimacy, they also want their freedom. Do not hinder him from watching a football match with his friends. You should know that men highly value their boy time. A man may end up leaving the woman he loves if fears that he will lose the freedom to do the things he loves.

Loss of attraction

Men love with their eyes. Sometimes women neglect taking care of themselves. If you forget to dress well and make your hair, this action may be driving him away. A man loves it when he sees his woman making an effort to be beautiful for him.

Loss of attraction is one of the heartbreaking reasons why men leave women they love.

Trying to fix him

This is an important item on the list. Men hate being made into something they are not. When you try making him into what he is not, he will leave you the minute he notices. And even if he stays, he may grow resentful or bitter that you do not accept him for who he is. We all want to be loved and a huge part of love is acceptance. So, do not try to take control of your man’s life in that way. Respect each other for differences, even weak points, because that makes you both who you are.

Lack of emotional bonding

A man who loves his woman shows his vulnerability to her. He shares with her all his fears, weaknesses, and failures. This is not easy for any man, because they like to be strong. So when a woman is hard to approach, it becomes very difficult to bond emotionally.

When this happens, a man just might leave a woman he loves.

Lack of respect and appreciation

Love begins with mutual respect and attraction. Unfortunately, some women tend to disrespect their men by calling them abusive names or even badmouthing them. When this happens, a man feels disrespected and has no reason to remain.

Also, some women do not appreciate what their men do for them and are always comparing them with other men. Lack of appreciation is one of the reasons why men leave women they love because it lowers a man’s self-esteem, which drives him away.

why men leave women they love

Emotional co-dependence

Some women use phrases such as, “Without you, I would die,” or, “I could never love another man,” to try to keep their men from leaving them. It becomes very dangerous if your joy depends on your man being in your life.

Closing Thoughts

Naturally, you’ll want to do what you can to make your man happy. You should be someone that he can rely on emotionally. You need to respect and appreciate him. But remember that, above all, you are a strong and worthy woman. You deserve love and respect. Even if a relationship does not continue the way you hope, or ends sooner than you would like, you can make it through this. You can come out stronger than before.

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