The Power of Positivity community is spreading kindness despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the virus outbreak, emotions are running high. People are unsure about how the world will look when it’s all over. However, despite all of the anxiety surrounding the virus, people are still coming together to help one another. You probably won’t see these stories on the news. But we wanted to show our audience the positive side of humanity during the outbreak. Tough times bring people together. And if we all work as one, we can get through anything.

History shows that the world always goes on even after the worst crisis, such as wars, famines, and pandemics. And so, the world will go on after COVID-19 diminishes. During these times of uncertainty, we can all lend each other a helping hand. And, we might give someone a sliver of hope. Shine your light! See what you can do to help your city as these Power of Positivity community members are doing. The world needs you, and you can make a difference!

Here’s how these Power of Positivity members are helping each other during COVID-19:

Helping our senior citizens

The elderly are some of the most vulnerable members of our community right now. So it’s essential we practice social distancing to help lower the curve. However, elderly people still have to do necessary errands such as grocery shopping. Unfortunately, stores are breeding grounds for the virus since so many people are packed together at once. Some members of our community have taken it upon themselves to support the elderly and shop for them.

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Carole Armiger My friend has emphysema and can’t get out of the house at the moment. I got her grocery shopping today to tide her over as although she has been an online loyal shopper for 18 months, plus there are no slots available until April. All sorted now ??

Devie Dimafelix Resurreccion I have volunteered to call my elderly neighbor’s food pantry. And has everything set up for me to drive her to pick up a prepared box this Saturday ?? We had always checked on them even before this Covid19 started.

Whitney Gee: It’s known that my neighbors literally live off collecting cans. Normally I go out of my way every single day collecting cans for them, but today it kind of hit me. I was not sure if they were able to afford stuff to hold them over. So, just in case, I got them some things to hold them over for about a week, possibly more.

Lottie Cranwell I’m doing grocery shopping for my costumers and my elderly clients and will be doing this for as long as they need it and feel happy doing something for anyone who deserves it

Others are helping in different ways to offer support to their community.

Krista Foyston I made a group to help get everyone in our area working together to take care of anyone quarantined at home. Went from 1 member to over 600 in a few days! So great to see everyone coming together!

Cindy Crane I clean for a lot of elderly folks. Keeping them home safe. Doing extras for them.

Christa Rock Caregiver for elderly, every time I’m with someone new I make sure to disinfect the house. I want them to be safe against this enemy. Love the elderly.

Kathy Pitadeniya I have an elderly neighbor he takes a lot of medications but he can’t see good so I called in his prescriptions to make sure he’d have them just in case we get quarantined

Amy Miller Ramsey Picked up a box of infant formula for a young couple with a new baby!

Gina Griffin We are still serving our local homeless community a hot meal and other essentials on Saturday nights and will be out with snack care packages a couple of other nights a week as well until this is over or we are forced to stop.

Charity Buhrow We have a youth fellowship program we started a few months ago, as I coach and mentor kids. The kids decided to make themselves available to the community. When it snows, they go and shovel sidewalks and driveways, help out where needed. Now we have a drop-off spot in our building if people want to donate and we will make care packages and deliver them to folks who need supplies. The kids also are offering to run errands, to the post office, the store or walk dogs. They are even willing to do light yard work and housekeeping. We are ready if we need to make meals as well for folks.

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Power of Positivity members help others battle isolation and food shortages

Barb Jankowski I have grocery shopped for 5 families. I have donated baby wipes to mamas who were down to their last pack. I donated food to my granddaughter’s school

Melissa Weigle The local senior center in Hershey, PA has closed to visits but is coordinating rides, grocery deliveries, and phone call check-ins. We know how vital socialization is to our local senior citizens.

Sarah Prosser-Elliott I took a day and messaged every single person on my friends list to see if anyone needed anything and sent funds where needed

Janette Decaire Gave my neighbor groceries for their three children to last a week. Paid the rest of the person’s groceries in front of me that didn’t have enough money. Prayed for a stranger’s family while we were in the store.

Caroline Leighton I’m a Clinical Lead in a Care Home. At some stage we expect to be running on 50% staff looking after our elderly residents. We have now closed to all visitors. It’s going to be tough, but we will continue to love our residents as if they are our own family ??

Acts of kindness

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#KindnessIsContagious Where we post our funny quarantines, a photo, a prayer and just check in on each other. Being isolated can bring on depression, PTSD or just loneliness. Reminding each other we are here in this together and we ll get through is sometimes the best medicine. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

Laurie Odnokon Glendale Elementary School in Calgary, Alberta has put big paper hearts up in all of its windows – some have words like Hope, Love …on them. It looks beautiful and encouraging when you walk by. All the schools here shut down a few days ago but the teachers are still in trying to get online activities etc organized.

Pat Phelps Lambert I call my elderly neighbor every day to see if she is ok and offer to get her whatever she needs. She has a lung condition and I want to be sure she is ok. She has no family at all.

Daniel Daniel I have helped some seniors in investing in bitcoin so they will make a good profit right at home since they can’t go out to get anything right now.

Helga Pennie My husband and I make goats milk soap, we donated 25 pounds of many different shapes to our local communities health/wellness center to encourage kids and adults to keep on washing ????

Patty Smith When we heard about the potential stimulus $$ adults might get my husband and I agreed that we could get by without it and made of list of people we know, such as waitresses and cooks, a woman expecting a new baby and a woman who runs a sanctuary for unwanted animals. They will be getting this money if it even comes.

Cynthia Holst Kaufman I like to buy the food in the car behind me at McDonald’s during lunch and with a smile on my face I speed away. They can go back to work or school with a smile in their hearts. Try it ??????

Glenna Loch I’m sending my son toilet paper because where he lives the hoarding is so bad he can not even get a single roll.

Betty Pool Talking to a friend each day because she is in an assisted living and confined to her room with no visitors. Words of encouragement each day

These Power of Positivity community members received incredible blessings of kindness

Mick Martin-Childress I’ve had the flu for a week and am running out of things went back to work yesterday and still don’t feel good. When I was leaving work a friend Beth was waiting for me and said give me your grocery list. So she followed me home, took out my garbage, and went to 2 stores to get all the things on my list.

Coral Kakavas I am in self-isolation for two weeks and my neighbors have been so kind and caring. Going shopping, collecting mail and staying touch just to check on me. It is humbling indeed to receive such kindness. I only hope I can pay it forward.

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Final Thoughts on the Power of Positivity Community: Take care of each other, and don’t forget to be kind to yourself

We hope these stories gave you some hope and encouragement during these difficult times. Thank you to our amazing community members, and we hope everyone continues to stay safe and healthy!