Having trouble maintaining a positive attitude in your daily life?

If so, we’ve created this handy checklist for you to refer to anytime you feel unhappy or stressed. As these practices become habits, you will start to notice that a positive attitude becomes your default mindset, and the world will seem like a much brighter, happier place!

Here Are 25 Ways to Tap Into the Power of Positivity

1. Think of everything you love about life, not everything you lack in it.

One major contributor to unhappiness is comparing yourself to others or thinking of everything you don’t have. If you fixate on the things you think you’re missing, you will actually miss out on the blessings surrounding you already. Adopt an attitude of gratitude, and start your day off by sitting in silence and counting all of your blessings.

2. Give yourself love!

Self-love is the key to unlocking all the other doors in life, because your perception of yourself determines your relationships with others and how you see the world around you. Take Epsom salt baths, relax, and treat yourself with respect and care. You’ve only got one you, so don’t take yourself for granted honor yourself!

3. Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate.

Give up the habit of complaining and feeding into negativity; instead, focus on what you love about life. Then, you will attract others with a similar positive attitude.

4. Become the master of your life.

Decide to no longer play the victim, but to take responsibility for yourself and your life. This is your book, how will you choose to write it?

5. Eat whole, plant-based foods.

Raw, fresh plant foods have so many benefits, including cleaning out toxins in the body, promoting a more healthy mind, decreasing disease risk, and so much more. Eat foods closest to their natural form, straight from Mother Earth – remember you only have one body, so treat it with love and care.

6. Practice positive affirmations!

Tell yourself things like “I AM worthy” or “I AM loved, loving, and loveable” or “I CAN do this!”

7. Enjoy Mother Earth as often as possible.

Get outside as much as you can, but at the very minimum, 15 minutes a day. Walk around outside barefoot, play, and reconnect with our beautiful Earth!

8. Do moderate to intense exercise at least a few times a week.

Get your blood pumping and the sweat dripping! Exercise is one of the best, most effective treatments for depression out there.

9. Drink at least a gallon of purified water a day.

Clean, fresh water will help remove toxins from your body and keep you hydrated, which allows pretty much everything in your body to run optimally. Don’t skimp on your water, our bodies are made of 50-75% of it after all!


10. Do things that make you feel more like your true self.

To feel positive, you need to engage in activities that get you closer to yourself. So, paint, draw, write, travel, sing, dance – just do things that make you feel more alive and vibrant!

11. Live in the now.

Focus all your attention on the present moment, not dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. You CREATE what happens to you right now, so take things one step at a time.

12. Accomplish your goals.

Don’t wish for things to happen; go out and make them happen. Then, tackle the next goal on your list. Live actively, not passively.

13. Help other people.

Volunteer and lend your heart and hands to others in need. Some say that above all, our greatest purpose is to make a difference in other’s lives.

14. Meditate regularly.

Relax, breathe deeply, pay attention to the silence between your thoughts. That’s where all the answers are.

15. Throw out excuses, and instead just go after what you want!

Don’t wait without moving. Don’t think  without acting. Don’t watch without living.

16. Travel more.

Seeing more of our Earth will reinvigorate your soul. You can immerse yourself in new cultures, connect with other beautiful beings, and enjoy true freedom – even if it’s visiting a new place in your neighborhood!

17. Shower everyone you meet with love.

Love wins out every time, so spread it around as much as possible. Love is life!

18. Honor your creative streak.

We ALL have creative talents, whether in singing, painting, sculpting, writing, acting, etc. Do whatever comes naturally to you, and do it often.

19. Choose positive friends.

No one enjoys being around people who bring them down, so surround yourself with lovers of life who lift you up.

20. Become your own best friend.

Get to know yourself, and become your own source of comfort, love, support, strength, and wisdom. You must love and understand yourself to receive these same sentiments from others.

21. Visit the Power of Positivity website daily. 🙂

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22. Turn off your technology.

Sometimes, the best way to reconnect with your true self is to simply disconnect.


23. See the positive in any situation.

Every obstacle you face contains hidden lessons, so take these from everything that happens to you, and remember that you’re here to grow and learn as a spiritual being. The ride won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it.

24. Believe in yourself.

You deserve to feel great about yourself every day. No matter what has clouded your vision and diminished your appreciation of yourself, you can take positive steps to see yourself clearly again and appreciate the beautiful person that you truly are.

25. Don’t take life so seriously; laugh and have fun more!

Although society has made us all believe we need to follow a regimented life that keeps us busy from dusk ’til dawn, no one said we couldn’t have fun while we’re living it!  Keeping a cheery disposition has been shown in multiple studies to improve your health, both physically and mentally.

What techniques do you use to tap into the Power of Positivity daily? Share in the discussion below!