Every day when you walk outside, you get bombarded with an onslaught of invisible chemicals and radiation in the air. And all of that is completely aside from what you’d choose to put in your body. So, we are in dire need of detoxification.

When you take a shower or drink tap water, you most likely have absorbed dozens of chemicals, such as fluoride, and even pharmaceuticals. There’s no denying that we live in a very radioactive, chemical-filled world. However, you CAN actually lower, and help eliminate these dangerous substances. Just follow these natural remedies for detoxification.

Start taking a few of these 21 steps toward detoxification:

1 – Drink and bathe in non-fluoridated water, if possible.

Fluoride can greatly damage your teeth, bones, pineal gland, and even cause bone cancer. It has also been linked to serious brain diseases, such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Additionally, it can damage the liver and kidneys, lower your IQ, and weaken your immune system. If you can, buy a whole house fluoride water filter system to make sure you don’t ingest this toxic byproduct from the waste of industries.

2 – Take chlorella tablets daily.

This single-celled green algae has been used in Japan for years as a powerful detoxification supplement, and it’s becoming increasingly more popular in the U.S. as well. Since the human body doesn’t contain the enzymes to break down chlorella in its natural form, you can buy broken cell wall chlorella, sold in tablet form. Chlorella binds to the toxins in your body, carrying them through the digestive tract and eliminating them from your system. It’s one of the best methods for detoxification out there.

3 – Eat organic cilantro.

Many people actually don’t know about this herb’s natural ability to detoxify the body – it mobilizes heavy metals and carries them out of your system. Coupled with chlorella tablets as an added detox method, some people have eliminated over 80% of the heavy metals in their body in just 42 days!

4 – Take rock mineral zeolites.

Arguably the most effective detoxification method on the planet, this group of minerals can latch on to heavy metals and radiation in the body due to their negatively charged ions. The zeolite particles attract positively charged heavy metals, eliminating them through normal bodily functions. Instead of absorbing the toxic substances, the zeolites actually adsorb them, meaning they electronically bind to the heavy metals. Just make sure to read the labels and information online before buying zeolite – it works best in its raw form, not as a powder or liquid.

5 – Try some food-grade activated charcoal.

Mix 20-30 grams per day with purified water – this highly effective detox agent purges the body of environmental toxins by binding to them and carrying them out through the intestines. You can also buy it in capsule form as well, but try to choose the least processed option for optimal results.

6 – Consume mostly raw fruits and vegetables.

Raw fruits and veggies create an alkaline state in the body, which helps your immune system function at its highest capacity and eliminate unwanted substances from your system. Try to buy organic if you can – the pesticides on conventional produce will only create more toxins in the body. Better yet, grow some of your own fruits and veggies if you can! This way, you will know exactly where your produce came from and how it was grown.

7 – Take a bath in Bentonite or Kaolin clay, or put some in your drinking water.

In nature, many animals actually eat clay if they become ill or as an innate way to detox their bodies. You can do this too, through clay baths or putting some in your water each day. Put ½ to 1 teaspoon in your water every day; it will help you detoxify your system from chemicals, and improve your digestion as an added bonus.

8 – Get your sweat on!

It’s been proven that many toxins are eliminated through our pores when we sweat, so getting in some regular exercise is very important in keeping your system running smoothly. You can also go to a sauna at least once a month if you want a really thorough detox session.

9 – Drink herbal teas.

Herbs have been used for centuries for various ailments, and can help cleanse the colon of impurities.


10 – Eat sea vegetables.

Sea vegetables, such as seaweed, contain alginic acid which binds with toxic substances in the intestines and carries them out of the body. They also contain high amounts of vital minerals, which will help clean your blood and further detoxify the body.

11- Eat brazil nuts.

Eating just two of these nuts a day can greatly aid in the detox process because of the high amounts of selenium present in them. This mineral helps carry mercury out of the body and helps to produce glutathione, a powerful antioxidant found in certain plants and algae.

12 – Take sarsaparilla capsules.

Indigenous to Central and South America, this plant helps remove toxins from the blood and also serves as an effective anti-inflammatory and remedy for skin conditions. It contains many essential vitamins and minerals as well, which will give your body the tools it needs to continue warding off pathogens.

13 – Eat fruits high in pectin.

Pectin chelates heavy metals and forces them out of the body in the same fashion as all the other detox methods on this list – through the gut. All citrus fruits, as well as bananas, apples, and grapes, contain high amounts of pectin.

14 – Avoid acid-producing food and beverages.

On the pH scale, alcohol, meats, and dairy are highly acidic when compared to fruits and vegetables. Try to eliminate or greatly reduce them to keep your body free of toxins.

15 – Eat more garlic.

Garlic has been used to ward off and cure diseases in ancient cultures. And today, people still reap the benefits from it today. It boosts the production of white blood cells, which keep your immune system functioning properly.

16 – Eat root vegetables.

Dandelion, ginger, and licorice roots all support detoxification. This benefit stems from their anti-inflammatory properties, and contain a high level of antioxidants as well.

17 – Add turmeric to your food.

Known to prevent some cancers, this potent spice can also detoxify your gut and serves as a natural antibacterial agent as well.

18 – Oil pull with coconut oil.

Becoming more popular in the western world, this practice involves swishing the oil around in your mouth for up to twenty minutes at a time. It rids the mouth of harmful toxins from mercury fillings and root canals, and can even whiten teeth!

19 – Take oil of oregano.

Often used to ward off colds, 1-3 drops of this oil taken under the tongue or in a glass of water can also remove toxins from the body.

20 – Eat milk thistle.

Known by many as the king of detoxifying herbs, eating this every day in your salads or taking it in capsule form can provide your liver with a powerful, long-lasting cleanse.

21 – Avoid chemical-laced beauty and bath products.

One of the best ways to keep chemicals and toxins out of the body is to simply not use products that contain them. Use natural, organic products as much as possible, or you can make them yourself as a cheaper, more fun alternative!