Our healthcare workers are tired, stressed, and overtaxed at the moment. We rely on them to take care of us in our times of need. Several Facebook movements are now showing some love to those hardworking professionals. Let’s take a look at some people who make a difference.

Blue Hearts

Two healthcare workers from hospitals in Louisville, Kentucky, started a movement to show support for nurses and doctors all over the world. They make tiny blue vinyl hearts for health care workers to put on their badge to show that everyone’s in this together. Workers in the health care industry have demanding jobs. And with the virus outbreak, many of them feel overwhelmed by the surge of patients.

To help workers feel less alone during the pandemic, respiratory therapist Brittany Ballard and registered nurse Hannah Fisher started the blue hearts movement. They initially gave the hearts out to health care workers in Louisville, but as word began to spread, they had trouble keeping up with the demand.

Fisher and Ballard sent 400 hearts down south to Georgia and a couple hundred to southern Kentucky. They got requests from several other states, as well as countries such as Canada and Thailand. They even had someone ask about making a car decal for them to show their support.

The two healthcare workers said that in light of what’s happening right now, it’s no wonder nurses and doctors need extra support. They hope that these tiny blue hearts bring a sense of togetherness during this difficult time.

“It’s awesome to see all these private messages we’re getting saying thank you. It’s turned something negative into a positive,” said Ballard. If you’d like to help make hearts or want to send them a request, you can email them at [email protected].

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Face Masks for Medical Professionals Fundraiser

Others have helped the movement by requesting donations for face masks for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. In the Facebook group Face Masks for Medical Professionals, they’ve started a fundraiser to purchase 10,000 face coverings for hospitals. People donated almost $3,000 in just two days. The group founder, Lorie Beth, said that any extra money would go toward buying gallon ziplock bags to make mask packets for some medical professionals that requested them.

Located in the tiny town of Windsor, NC, Lorie Beth owns a boutique, currently closed to walk-in traffic due to stay at home orders. In addition to the fundraiser, she decorated the windows of her shop with the names of healthcare workers to honor them.

Lorie Beth’s contributions will outfit their local rural hospital and at least three other small medical centers with the masks they so desperately need.

Hearts for Healthcare Workers

Another movement thanking healthcare workers popped up in Boston a little over a week ago. Called ‘Hearts for Healthcare Workers,‘ the movement started when New Hampshire resident Tanya Russell created a Facebook page to thank those on the front lines of the pandemic. She was inspired to start the campaign because her husband works as an ER doctor. She wanted a way to thank the millions of other healthcare professionals as well.

The Facebook page encourages everyone to show support in their unique way. Some people have begun printing out thank you notes with hearts on them and posting them around area hospitals to brighten up healthcare worker’s long days.

Feed the Frontline with Boloco

In Boston, the co-founder of a burrito chain Boloco, John Pepper, wanted to get involved with the movement too. He started a GoFundMe page called “Feed the Frontline with Boloco” so that customers could make donations to buy burritos for hospital workers and EMS responders.

Coffee Gift Cards

In nearby city Wilmington, Ashley Pressico wanted to take part in the movement as well. To show support, she’s been buying $5 gift cards from Dunkin’ Donuts to give to people dealing with the pandemic. She said it doesn’t take a lot of money to give back; every little bit matters as long as you can help someone.

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Final Thoughts: Small Acts of Kindness Show Big Love

Have you heard of anyone in your community helping out healthcare workers during the COVID-19 lockdown? Please share it with us on our Facebook community.