If you are looking for a way to brighten someone’s day, you can use positive messages to surprise them. You can compliment them, encourage them, or say something kind to help them boost their spirits. Recognizing the good in others is a positive way to contribute to society and improve the well-being of others.

Not only will the positive messages help the other person, but they will improve your well-being, too. You will notice a boost in your social skills and an increase in your self-confidence. Plus, you will find that you are more creative when you say nice things to others.

The receiver of the positive phrases receives plenty of benefits, as well, of course. Their self-esteem and confidence will increase, and they will feel happier and more at peace. You never know when someone needs to hear something good, so use positive messages whenever you can.

When you are looking for ways to make someone’s day, these positive messages will come in handy. The best part is that you don’t have to go out in search of a gift, and you can use the positive phrases on a whim.

Twenty Positive Messages to Surprise Someone and Brighten Their Day

You can use these phrases anytime and anywhere, so make sure you remember the ones you like best.

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1. You are so smart, and I appreciate your wisdom.

People love to hear that you think they’re brilliant. Letting them know that you appreciate their wisdom will brighten their day and leave them feeling confident. Complimenting someone’s brain is the best way to make them happier.

2. You have made so much progress.

No matter what the situation is, if you notice that someone has made progress, tell them. Knowing that others are seeing their improvement will surprise them and make them happy.

3. I value your insight.

Sometimes people hold back their thoughts due to fear of offending someone. If you appreciate the insight given to you, make sure to let the person know. Letting them know will make them feel good about themselves, and it’ll brighten their day.

4. You look happy and full of joy today.

People love to hear that they look happy. By using this positive message, you will encourage that person to stay happy and joyful throughout the day.

Similar to the way positive self-affirmations work, hearing positive messages from others can convince the brain that the words are valid. So, if you tell someone they look happy, they are more likely to feel that way.

5. You look great!

Never miss out on the chance to tell someone how great they look. It will boost their confidence and self-esteem, and it will probably make their day. These types of compliments aren’t often forgotten, either.

6. Your strength gives me motivation.

The people around you go through so much, just like you do. As they go through hard times, their strength will shine through and possibly motivate you, too. If this is the case, use this positive message to let them know.

7. You are such a kind person.

When you notice that someone is a kind person, telling them can boost their spirits. This surprising compliment can go a long way when it comes to brightening someone’s day. Plus, it encourages them to continue being nice, making it a positive thing no matter how you look at it.

8. I love how authentic you are, and I think it’s courageous that you always stay true to yourself.

This is one of the best positive messages you can tell someone to brighten their day. It is hard to be authentic when society tells you that you should fit in and be like everyone else. Those who resist that idea and stay true to themselves are truly special people.

9. You are inspiring to me.

If someone inspires you, it isn’t something you should keep to yourself. Let them know how and why they encourage you, too. You never know when someone needs a confidence boost, and this one is sure to brighten their day.

10. You are so encouraging and cheerful, and it’s impossible not to be happy around you.

Encouraging and cheerful people are gems, and you should surprise them with this positive message. Let them know that you are always happy around them and that their positivity is contagious.

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11. I love spending time with you because you always brighten my day.

When you tell someone that you love spending time with them, they will know they are unique to you. Letting them know will make them feel valued, worthy, and happy with the message. Don’t miss the chance to tell someone that they always cheer you up.

12. I admire the way you live your life.

When you tell someone that you admire the way they live, their day will surely get better. It will help them feel good about themselves and the life they live. Plus, they will be surprised that you offered such a kind compliment that they will be flattered.

13. You are so thoughtful, and I am fortunate to have you in my life.

Thoughtful people are the best people to have in your life. When they always think about you and do sweet things for you, make sure they know how you feel. You are lucky to have someone like that, and letting them know will be the best.

14. You are essential and valuable.

Everyone feels down about themselves sometimes, and letting them know that they are necessary will help boost them back up. Let those around you know how important they are and that they bring value to the world around them. There is no better way to brighten their day than to remind them of their worth.

15. You work so hard and deserve a vacation.

People who work hard should get recognition for their dedication and drive. Even if no one else gives it to them, let them know that you recognize their efforts. Letting them know that you think they work so hard they deserve a vacation will make them feel proud.

16. You are so good at what you do!

Those that are dedicated to what they do like to hear that they are good at it. Even if they already know that they are reasonable, hearing it from you will be better and more uplifting. Surprise them by offering this kind compliment to boost their spirits.

17. You always make me laugh.

Funny people like to know that they are entertaining others. If you know someone that is always cracking jokes, use this positive message to brighten their day. They will be flattered that you think they are so funny, and they’ll likely tell even more jokes for you to laugh about.

18. Your smile makes everyone else smile, too.

People with contagious smiles are magnetic. Everyone wants to be near them so that they can get a glimpse of that person’s smile. It makes other people smile, too, cheering everyone up.

If you have someone like this in your life, this is the perfect positive message for them. Remind them of how beautiful their smile is and how it brings joy to those around them.

19. You have the skill it takes to accomplish anything.

Noticing someone’s talent is the best compliment you can give. When you recognize someone’s ability, let them know it so that they can receive a confidence boost.

Using this positive message will brighten their day while giving them the confidence to chase their dreams. This phrase is especially beneficial when you know someone has been feeling bad about themselves recently. It can help them begin to think positively again.

20. You are always here for me, and I am grateful for you.

Showing your appreciation to those who are there for you will mean a lot to them. This positive message will surprise them and make them feel good as they see your gratitude.

Even if you believe the other person knows how you feel, use this positive phrase anyway. The message will ensure that they know your feelings and boost their spirits while strengthening your bond.

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Final Thoughts on Positive Messages to Surprise Someone and Brighten Their Day

Use these positive messages often to brighten the day of those around you. Encourage your friends, co-workers, and loved ones by telling them positive things about themselves. If you feel confident enough, don’t hesitate to use the phrases with strangers, either.

If someone came to mind as you were reading the positive messages, make sure you let them know. Not only will they feel good, but you will feel better, too, and the cycle of positivity will continue. Offer compliments whenever you can, and work to boost other people’s spirits because there is no downfall to positivity.

You never know what someone is going through or what they are keeping to themselves. With that being the case, use positive messages frequently because you never know when someone needs to hear them. Memorize or write down the ones you liked best, and share them with the people in your life to brighten their day.