Positive affirmations are useful for anyone, and they offer many benefits to those who use them. While it seems most of those who use affirmations are adults, there are also many positive affirmations for kids. For kids, the positive affirmations should be a little simpler and should apply to their daily lives.

Teaching positive affirmations for kids to your children can help them immensely as they go through life. You will be instilling positive habits and thoughts at an early age. Plus, you will be giving them the tools they need to live a happy, fulfilling life.

The sooner children start learning these positive affirmations for kids, the better they will remember them. Positivity is learned and practiced over time, but it will become a habit with consistency.

As you read these positive affirmations for kids to live by, focus on the ones you think will help your child. Remember that each child is different and what works for one may not work for another. Have your child repeat a few of these positive affirmations and see which affirmations work for them.

Benefits of Positive Affirmations for Kids

positive affirmations for kids
There are many benefits to teaching your children positive affirmations. These benefits include:

  • increased levels of happiness and life satisfaction
  • less stress
  • promoting positive habits
  • higher grades and increased academic achievement
  • increased amounts of physical activity
  • help with overcoming negativity and bad habits
  • determination and drive
  • helps with focusing

Positive Affirmations for Kids to Live By

Teach your children these concepts.

1. I am an important person in my family.

Children need to feel like they are an important part of the family unit. Tell them how important they are and in what ways, and then have them say this affirmation. It will help them feel valuable and worthy.

2. I am loved and wanted.

Every child needs to know that they are loved and wanted. Without these things, the child would surely suffer. Make sure your child knows it, and then have them repeat this affirmation whenever they need to.

3. Making mistakes is okay, as long as I learn from them.

Everyone makes mistakes, and it is a necessary part of life. This positive affirmation for kids to live by will help them remember that it is okay. Otherwise, a child may feel ashamed and angry at themselves for each mistake.

4. I have to work hard to get what I want.

Life isn’t easy, and it takes hard work and dedication to accomplish goals. The sooner a child knows this as fact, the sooner they begin to understand it.

5. I have to practice if I want to get good at this.

Everything takes practice, and children should live by this affirmation. If they want to be better at something, they have to practice. This way, they don’t hold back and they don’t feel jealous when someone else is better at something.

6. I can say no when I am not comfortable or I don’t want to do something.

This positive affirmation for kids isn’t to teach your child to disobey. It is important to teach them the appropriate times that it is okay to say no. This teaches them that they are in control of their body and mind, and they can make choices for themselves.

7. I can be myself and I don’t have to change for anyone.

Children need to know that they don’t have to change for anyone else. If they are happy with themselves, that is all that matters.

8. I know what is right, and I don’t have to do things just because my friends are.

This positive affirmation teaches children to be themselves. They will find the strength to be a leader instead of a follower. Plus, they will be strong enough to walk away when they don’t feel comfortable with what their friends are doing.

9. I am never alone because I have people who love and care about me.

Teach children that they carry their loved ones inside of them always. Then, when they feel alone, they can look inside and remember that they are never alone. This positive affirmation for kids to live by will help them throughout their life.

10. Feeling emotions is normal, and I can control my emotions.

When children know that emotions are normal and that it is okay to feel them, they will open up more. They won’t be ashamed of their feelings, and this will help them get through it.

Even better, teach them that they are the only ones in charge of their emotions. If they want to be happy, then they can be happy.

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11. It is okay to be upset, and my feelings are valid.

Oftentimes, other people will try to invalidate a child’s feelings when the child is upset. If your child knows that their feelings are valid, then they won’t struggle with confusion when they are upset.

12. There is always another way to do something if my first plan didn’t work.

This positive affirmation reminds kids that there is always another way to do something. It will help them keep trying when the first plan didn’t work. This affirmation encourages perseverance, determination, and problem-solving.

13. Everyone has bad days, and I will positively work through this.

Having a bad day happens to everyone, but it can still be handled positively. Teach your child this positive affirmation to use when they are having a bad day. It will remind them to avoid negativity.

14. Today I will be happy and I will try to make others happy, too.

Since children are in control of their emotions, they can decide to be happy. Then, they can spread their happiness to others, helping others be happy, too.

15. I can learn anything new.

New things can be scary, but kids should know that they can learn anything. This positive affirmation will help them try new things and give them the confidence to learn.

16. I am responsible for my attitude, and I am the only one who can change it.

This positive affirmation for kids will remind them that they cannot blame their attitude on anyone else. The child is the one responsible for it, whether it is a good attitude or a bad one. Plus, they should know that they can change their attitude if they notice it isn’t the best.

17. I will not give up, even when things get more challenging.

If your child says this affirmation aloud, they will be more likely to keep trying. As they go through life, things are bound to get harder. So, it is essential to find a positive way to keep them going.

18. Today I will make good choices and be the best I can be.

If your child struggles with making good choices, this is the perfect positive affirmation for them to say each morning. As they speak it, their brain will believe it, and their actions will portray that positivity.

19. Doing something wrong does not make me a bad person.

Just like mistakes are normal and okay, doing something wrong is normal, too. Everyone does something bad sometimes, but that doesn’t make them a bad person. Each child must know this so that they don’t start believing they are a bad person and behaving like one.

20. I can always try again because every day is a new chance.

There is always another chance to reach your goals, and kids should know this. When things don’t go how they wanted them to go, this positive affirmation will help them accept it. Plus, it will prevent discouragement when the situation happens again.

How to Use Positive Affirmations for Kids

When using positive affirmations for kids, you must be realistic and avoid overdoing it. If they think you are being dramatic or not being honest, they won’t listen to other positive affirmations. Keep them simple and use words that a child understands.

Each day, start the day with your child with one of these positive affirmations. You can say them to your child throughout the day, too, whenever you notice they might need some positivity. Have your child repeat them back to you each time.

When your child is familiar enough with them and can remember the positive affirmations themselves, allow them to choose their favorite ones to recite. Eventually, your child will be saying positive affirmations even when you aren’t with them.

Other ways to use positive affirmations for kids are to include them in scrapbooks or collages. You can put the affirmations on their binder or notebook, too, so that they will remember throughout their day.

positive affirmations for kids
Final Thoughts on Positive Affirmations for Kids to Live By

Positive affirmations for kids to live by are so important for kids to learn. The affirmations will help them remain positive, stay confident, stick to their morals, and keep trying. There are many other benefits to children learning these positive affirmations to live by, too.

Once you teach your children these positive affirmations for kids, they’ll use them even when you aren’t around. Make sure your child knows and understands each of them, and then they will use them to their advantage. Give children the best shot at being happy and successful by teaching them these positive affirmations.