You’ve probably heard the classic crooner singing about doing things “my way.” What if your way of thinking and doing things isn’t working for you anymore? It’s probably time to get a fresh perspective on your life.

Have you ever watched someone weave a basket? If they tried to use the stiff reeds without soaking them in water, the reeds would crack and break when bent. However, soaked reeds are pliable and can be woven into beautiful baskets.

Do your views and opinions still serve you, or are they so rigid that they break? Learning to be flexible and discovering new ways of thinking can improve your life. It can also boost your creative problem-solving skills.

Ten Ways To Open Your Mind and Gain a New Perspective

Are you stumped with a problem or feel like you have tunnel vision? It’s common for people to get set in their ways and avoid change. If you want to break out of the box, here are ten useful ways to discover new perspectives.

1. Try to Eliminate Words that Limit Your Views

Often your life’s perspective is limited by common but powerful words. One that you probably use daily is “should.” It creates a rulebook of unrealistic expectations in your mind. When people don’t do as they “should” or situations turn out differently than they “should,” you are disappointed.

Here are a pair of words that can create negative energy in your space: “always” and “never.” For example, you may tell your partner, “You always forget important dates.” Perhaps you tell yourself, “I’m never going to prosper like others.”

According to the law of attraction, you manifest whatever you speak into the Universe. If you use “should,” “always,” and “never,” that’s precisely what you’ll get. Your partner will continue to forget important dates, and you won’t prosper.

Try to catch yourself before you say these words. It may not be easy in the beginning, but it will become a habit. Use only those words that praise, uplift, and encourage.

Instead, speak positive affirmations, and the Universe will broaden your views. You may get insight that you’ve never considered in the past. When you have a new perspective, you are only limited by your imagination.

2. Talk to Your Children

Remember the classic tv show where the host interviewed children about various subjects? Your children may say the dandiest things, but their perspectives are fresh and unique. But, unfortunately, they have yet to mature and have their attitude tainted by the adult world.

Of course, they lack the knowledge and life experience that you have gained. However, don’t discount their way of explaining things. It may be a case that the child teaches the parent.

If you really want a singular take on life, talk to your children. Youngsters have a naturally positive attitude and take things at face value. Perhaps you’ve lost some of that childhood wonder, and your kids can help you refocus.

3. Be at One with Nature

It’s challenging to be small-minded when you see the stars twinkling like jewels on a gown of black velvet. But, as you stroll through a local park or a forest, you become aware of a Universe that’s bigger than any of your worries and frustrations. An article published by Extreme Physiology & Medicine states that spending time outdoors can benefit your physiological and psychological well-being.

Taking a walk outside every day is good exercise and helps you reconnect with the Universe. Watching the lively woodland creatures also reminds you of the beauty and sanctity of life. When you feel indecisive or helpless, a long stroll through the woods may open your mind to new possibilities.

4. Surround Yourself with Positive People

Inevitably, you’ll always find a negative party pooper in any crowd. Sometimes, certain pessimistic people are difficult to avoid altogether. However, you do have a choice in how much influence these people have in your life.

If you want to develop more clarity in your perspective, being around positive people can help. When you feel anxious or depressed, it’s easy to be blinded by negativity. On the other hand, optimism is contagious, and it may give you different ideas of how to solve a problem.

Find the happiest people you know and keep company with them. Of course, everybody has bad days, but these folks have learned the secret of resilience. Smile, laugh, and rediscover the joy that is your rightful inheritance.

5. Treat Yourself Right

Everyone likes to feel appreciated and loved, so why not show some for yourself? Of course, it’s okay to have an occasional splurge for that new outfit or a night out on the town. However, you shouldn’t go overboard and jeopardize your financial stability.

Being kind to yourself doesn’t always mean buying things. Instead, take time to work on your hobbies or relax and read a good book. There’s nothing more refreshing than a Sunday afternoon nap or savoring a steaming cup of joe while watching the sunrise.

These little breaks and treats boost your mind and spirits and may reboot your attitudes. So, if you don’t have time to be kind to yourself, make the time. Schedule yourself on the calendar just as you would any other important event.

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6. Change Your Scenery to Find New Perspective

If you want to broaden your perspective, a change of scenery may be in order. When you spend most of your time in the same place, it’s no longer a challenge to your brain. You have every picture on the wall memorized, and nothing is new outside the windows.

Not only are you trapped in one place, but your brain may feel stuck in the same opinions. So do yourself a favor and change your scenery. Whether you go on a vacation or a little getaway for a day, the change will do you good.

This is also your chance to revamp your living and workspace. You’d be surprised how a coat of paint can make a room pop. Clear the clutter and surround yourself with only those things that uplift your heart and mind.

7. Practice Meditation

Meditation isn’t as complicated as you may think. An article published by Science Daily says that meditation can help your brain process more thoughts and feelings. So, it’s reasonable to assume that it can also provide new approaches to life situations.

The good news is that you don’t need any special equipment and can meditate anywhere you want. All you need is a quiet place to sit or lie down, close your eyes, and be aware of your inner voice. It may feel a bit silly or uncomfortable at first, but you’ll soon learn how to let thoughts flow through your mind effortlessly.

If you are perplexed about a problem in your life, quiet meditation may help. As you practice mindful breathing and are fully present, your inner voice may give you critical clues and suggestions. Even 15 minutes in a meditative state can be beneficial.

8. Look Through Another’s Eyes

Although the truth is constant, human perception of reality will vary. You may feel buried by the burdens that you carry. However, your problems may seem insignificant when you consider the loads that others carry.

If you need a different angle to view a situation, try seeing it as another person might. Switch roles and consider how you would feel. You can often have a revelation that wasn’t apparent at first.

Sometimes, it can be as simple as asking for an opinion from a trusted friend or family member. These people have your back and will be honest with you, whether it’s what you want to hear or not. Confiding in someone who has more life experience can be the solution you need.

9. Look at the Whole Picture for a Broader Perspective

Do you find yourself focused on a tiny piece instead of the whole puzzle? Like a jigsaw puzzle, your life is a collection of thousands of bitty pieces you’ve gathered over the years. They don’t make sense until you’ve connected them to form a beautiful picture.

When you want a broader perspective, be more open to your senses. Instead of wasting valuable time on petty matters, try to see your challenges. You may have more clarity and direction.

10. Knowing the Difference

Whoever penned the Serenity Prayer had wisdom that was beyond this world. How many times have you fussed over things that were entirely out of your control? Events in your past can’t be altered, and you can get depressed by meditating on them.

When you can discern between the changeable and unchangeable situations in your life, it can free your body, mind, and spirit. You view them differently and know your potential and limitations. Such an attitude can bring you true serenity, courage, and wisdom.

Final Thoughts on Gaining a Fresh Perspective

The insights you have in your life act as a powerful flashlight. It lets you know where you are now and where you’re going in the future. Adding some extra wattage with a fresh viewpoint may keep your path brighter.