Do you need a change up to a more positive perspective?

To change ourselves effectively, we first had to change our perceptions. – Stephen R. Covey

Most of us have a deep desire to understand and be understood. This world, at times without the correct perspective, can be a very confusing place. But, it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, choosing to see the secret power a positive perspective holds can free us from a world of hurt, pain, struggle and bondage. Just like your best friend or fondest family member, positivity can support you, encourage you, lift you to new heights, make you feel loved even when you’re alone, make you smile, make you laugh, give you good luck, help you when you’re feeling blue, bring you more abundance, help you achieve your next goal and so much more.

The Secret Power of a Positive Perspective

The fact is, positivity is who we truly are. That’s right, by nature we are all pure positive beings – with radiant, white light souls. We are all unique. But, here’s the deal… it’s up to US to use that power or to ignore it. Are you using it to your fullest potential right now?

Most of us could be a little more (or a lot more) conscious of our thought process as we are moving throughout the day. If right now you feel lack or bitter in a particular area of your life, that’s natural – it’s your soul calling to you and letting you know that you could do better or things need to be resolved. We are meant to truly THRIVE on this beautiful planet and allow our souls to blossom to their fullest potential, not merely just survive and get by. You deserve BETTER!


It’s all in the mind. -George Harrison

Do you know you have within you the power today to make positive changes that will bring about the kind of difference you would like to have in your life? Yes, you have that power within you right now. When you are ready to make real positive changes, you won’t let excuses set you back. Let go of blaming other people, specific circumstances, health, family history, age, and environment. It comes down to something that only you can control – your thoughts, words, attitude, and actions. If you truly want to reach your goal you will go after it with your whole heart and overcome any obstacle.

You can start to change everything right now by choosing a positive perspective on any given situation as often as you can. Living a positive lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. But it can happen quickly if you stay conscious throughout the day of your thought process and your actions.

The Power of Positivity

To start harnessing the power of a positive perspective you need to maintain a positive mindset. This will allow you to begin drawing more abundance into your life, and in time, the life of your dreams. The way we are living in the now comes down to how we think about things and our mental attitude towards life. We have the ability to make major positive changes by choosing the positive perspective in everything and in every moment. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, what your health is like, how many friends and family members you have, what you weigh, how you look or what size home you have, look at your life with a grateful heart and find something good to think and say about it. That is choosing the positive perspective.

Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves. – C.G. Jungj

For example, there could be co-worker that you don’t really get along with, you may even strongly dislike the person; but when you open up your heart and mind and really look at this person you will find at least one good quality. In time, by focusing on that one good quality about that person, more reasons to like that person will surface. It’s just how it works! You can apply this same theory to anything.

Be grateful for where you are right now and continue to anticipate the positive changes and growth that is coming from choosing the positive perspective in any moment. Living with a positive attitude is the only way to live your best life because you are consistently feeling joy. Feeling joyful brings more abundance.

In fact, joy is key to living your best life. As long as you are happy where you are, more abundance will continue to be drawn to you.

How to Choose a Positive Perspective

We would consider ending this article here, but many of you have asked how to choose the positive perspective when things are really difficult. Hardships and challenges are when the positive perspective is needed most. It may not be easy to find it, but it is always worth it. Most of the time, it involves forgiveness and an open mind to continue to search in your heart for loving, kinder thoughts.

In an excerpt from “In Pursuit of Excellence” – “Ellis and Harper (1976, 25) identified several perspectives or beliefs that can interfere with your capacity to perform to your potential and live a joyful life:

  • The belief that you must always have love and approval from all the people you find significant
  • A belief that you must always prove to be thoroughly competent, adequate, and achieving
  • The belief that emotional misery comes from external pressures and that you have little ability to control or change your feelings
  • A belief that if something seems fearsome or threatening, you must preoccupy yourself with it and make yourself anxious about it
  • The belief that your past remains all-important and that because something once strongly influenced your life, it has to keep determining your feelings and behavior today

You cannot have the love and approval of all people at all times, no matter what you do or how much you give of yourself; nor can you always be thoroughly competent at all things. None of us is, or ever will be, perfect at all things. We all screw up sometimes, and that’s OK. That’s being human.

We all have the capacity to change our perspectives, improve our focus, and directly influence our feelings. We are not locked into the limitations of our experiences. This ongoing capacity to change and improve is what makes life such a wonderful adventure. We all have room to grow and to engage continually in the process of becoming.”


Final Thoughts

It’s important to develop the confidence inside of you to know that every challenge will sculpt you and make you stronger. Picture yourself looking back on the situation with pride at where you have come and how much you have accomplished. Know that every difficulty is making you wiser, better and bringing you closer to your goals. See what it can do for you, not what it is doing to you. We must trust in this, because when we lose our faith we slowly creep backwards. And, if this becomes a habit, we begin to create a series of problems and negative events.

Listening to your intuition can also often help you choose a more loving, positive perspective. You know what to listen to by observing your feeling when you think about it. Embrace the positive perspective or put your attention to something else that makes you feel joy until you can come back to it with a clear mind and fresh eyes. With practice, you’ll be feeling inspired and abundant in every area of your life. In fact, your life will feel like an everyday miracle!
Remember: Life is not what happens to you, it’s about your perspective. Choose to harness the power of a positive perspective.

Think about a positive perspective can you add into your life today.

Feel free to start a conversation. 😉