When people think about illness or sickness, they don’t usually take the energy of the home into account. It’s a valid lack of thought. That’s because most people don’t have any reason to think negative energy can play a role in sickness. As it turns out, though, it certainly can.

If you live in an environment packed with bad energy, it can have severe adverse effects on you. Here are five signs that negative energy at home is making you sick.

5 Telltale Signs That Negative Energy Lingers in Your Home

1.    You See a Decline in the Relationships With People In The Home

One of the most noticeable effects of negative energy in the home is how it affects your relationships with the people who live in it. Undesirable changes can manifest as a breakdown in communication and a decline in harmony. Overall, you might find an overall worsening of how you relate to one another.

·         You Blame Each Other And Refuse To Accept Responsibility

A negative home environment can cause you to gradually refuse to take responsibility for what you say or do to the people who live with you. You may be inclined toward blame-shifting, guilt-tripping, or tantrum-throwing. However, each behavior only masks your deteriorating relationship with one another. The most effective way to clear out negativity in your home is to be accountable for your actions and to raise your positive energy through various self-care practices.

smudging sticks
Here’s a step by step guide to making smudging sticks to clear negative energies from the household.

·         Relationships Are Getting Unhealthy

You may witness behaviors like constant complaints and criticisms to emotional and physical abuse. Of course, unhealthy relationships in the home are a breeding ground for negativity. That is why it is essential to recognize when a connection is unhealthy. Then, you can take practical steps to release the negative energy around you. Being more discerning of the people you live with. And regularly check up on how those relationships are going is crucial in transforming your home into a positive place.

·         Everyone Keeps Complaining

Negative talk is like a contagious disease. It can sneak into your home life unconsciously when trickles of complaints are introduced to and become part of your everyday communication. Before you realize it, complaining has developed into a perpetual cycle of negativity that can drag you down over time. Having mindful conversations through positive thinking can help offset the occasional venting that you and your housemates will sometimes do.

·         There Are Miscommunications

A sure sign that negative energy is present in the home is when miscommunications and misunderstandings happen more frequently among your family members. In these moments, nothing you do or say can appease their anger. Your emotions, intentions, and thoughts are not getting through to them clearly and coherently.

·         People Are Criticizing Others And Themselves

Simply put, to criticize is to judge. And regularly finding fault in yourself and the people living with you is a harmful habit that can have lasting effects on everyone’s sense of self-worth. Engaging in constant criticism creates a culture of toxicity in the home that cannot be easily broken using positive thinking alone.

negative energy2.    Your Moods Change

A negative home environment may cause you to be easily triggered by the actions of people living with you. Mood swings and other symptoms of mental illness or stress show up more often. Anxiety levels go up, and depressive episodes become more prolonged. Clearing out stale energy is vital for the overall mental health of everyone at home.

·         You Are Confused Easily

Energy vampires are people who suck the life force out of others. Being in their presence or engaging with them in any way makes you emotionally and physically sick. You end up confused, exhausted, overwhelmed, or upset because your positive energy has been drained out of you. Practicing self-care and releasing anyone and anything that does not serve you can help clear negative blockages.

·         You Are Tense

Feeling on edge or wound up and holding your breath are signs of emotional or mental strain. Taking salt baths, performing shower affirmations, and practicing breathwork are some of the calming rituals that can help ease tension and shift your energy toward a more positive direction.

·         You Are Highly Emotional

Positive thinking does not mean you won’t experience negative emotions sometimes. Still, if it overwhelms to the extent that it prevents you from functioning normally, you are dense with negative energy. Instead of resisting how you feel, acknowledge it as a positive sign that it is time for a life change. Be gentle with yourself and let your emotions process through your body naturally like a wave until everything passes. There is also a correlation between mood swings, a lack of positive thinking. and anxiety disorders.

·         You Feel Depressed

Negative energy in the body and home can have a severe impact on mental health. Depression makes it especially challenging to be positive because the opposing psychic forces of dark and light are not as simple to deal with as flipping a switch or shifting perspectives. Addressing why you feel depressed, how deep your depression is, and how long you have been in a depressive state can help.

See your mental health specialist if your emotional symptoms worsen, and you need professional help to deal with the negative energy surrounding you.

3.    You Experience Physical Negativity Or Illness

Negative energy can manifest itself as physical discomfort, pain, or illness. Also referred to as the pain-body, it is unprocessed emotional pain that has accumulated throughout your life and embedded itself within you. Becoming aware, focusing on the present, and observing instead of reacting, can all help in dissolving the pain-body over the long term.

·         You Have Stomach Aches

After ruling out food poisoning or the stomach flu, frequent stomach aches could be caused by holding back negative emotions brought on by stress.

·         You Deal With Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is another potential sign that negative energy is present around and within you. Stress is almost always the reason your muscles tense reflexively, and this can eventually lead to physical pain when you are in an uptight state all the time. Chronic pain is also linked to a decrease in positive thinking and a risk of depression.

·         You Get Headaches

Often described as dull or tight pain around the forehead, back of the head and neck, tension headaches trigger from stress. Considering it is the most common type of headache, it is worth noting whether negative energy is stored within you.

·         You Have Trouble Breathing

One of the effects of stress is shortness of breath, which you may experience when your body is holding negative energy within. Intense emotions, such as anger and grief, can be overwhelming to deal with and make it difficult for you to breathe. Sometimes it can trigger a panic attack.

·         You Suffer from Adrenal Fatigue

Negative energy within your body can show up as exhaustion, insomnia, overwhelm, and weariness when your adrenal glands end up overtaxed and unable to respond in a positive way to stress. Taking better care of yourself by eating well, getting some exercise, picking up a hobby, or adopting a pet can help your body recover.

Consult with a medical professional to rule out any physical causes or when your physical condition deteriorates.

4.    Your Working Situation Is Getting Messy

When you find yourself unraveling due to stress at home and at work, it could be that negative energy has accumulated in your personal and business environments. Your finances and time spiral out of control, but you are unable to muster the positive energy to fix the mess.

·         Your Schedule Is Extremely Hectic

Positive thinking goes out the window when you have too much on your plate or spread yourself too thin. Society is conditioned to commend “busyness” and expect deliverables in the shortest possible time. Prioritizing your health and wellbeing is a must. Communing with nature, making time for exercise, and treating yourself to a massage are some of the things you can do to decompress.

·         You Have Financial Problems And Can’t Find The Root

If you are experiencing money problems that cannot be explained financially, chances are your house and office are dense with negative energy. Since everything is energy, including money, lower vibrational frequencies can block the flow of higher vibrational frequencies.

·         You Work Late

Research suggests that the average worker can be productive for around three hours out of a typical eight-hour workday. Working later than that takes a serious toll on our emotional, mental, and physical energy. Being mindful of time, preparing ahead, and keeping your home and work life separate can help restore balance. Recognize the difference between being dedicated in a positive way and being a workaholic.

positive thinking
You Can Just Observe The Bad Energy

Negative energy can manifest itself through more frequent incidents of clumsiness and nightmares. Or you are getting the sense that someone or something feels off and cannot quite pinpoint what it is. Or you are noticing the heavy vibrations in others that are a mirror reflection of your own dense aura.

·         You Keep Damaging Or Losing Items

When negative energy builds up at home, it can cause the people living in it to become emotionally, mentally, and physically imbalanced. There may be more instances of breaking, damaging, dropping, and losing things due to decreased focus and increased clumsiness.

·         You Notice Bad Energy In Others

Everyone is our mirror. What we see in others is a reflection of ourselves. Similarly, parts of our body that do not work well mirror the parts of our life that do not work well. Checking in with yourself, course correcting, and refusing to engage, are positive practices for whenever you sense the bad energy in others.

·         You Get Nightmares

When bad dreams and nightmares happen frequently, it could be a sign that negative energy has accumulated in your home. So it’s about time to cleanse your personal space.

·         Something Just Feels “Wrong” Or “Off”

When you feel and know that someone or something does not feel right, trust your intuition. Be conscious and present in your body because it raises your intuitive energy. And that helps you to discern people and situations more accurately.

negative energy
Final Thoughts On Some Signs Negative Energy At Home Is Making You Sick

No one wants to live in an environment of negativity. If your home is packed with negative energy, it’s not just ruining your vibe. It’s also making you mentally and physically sick. Being aware of the signs of negative energy in your home will allow you to combat that bad energy as it arises.