Ancient cultures used crystals and stones for healing a variety of physical and mental ailments. And many cultures today still rely on them in today’s hectic modern world. Even if you’re skeptic about crystal healing, giving it a try will never hurt. Indeed, it’s perfectly safe and incredibly therapeutic. There are a variety of stones and crystals to choose from, but we’ve gathered a small list of those that can clear negative energy from your aura, providing clarity and vitality. Negative energy can easily cling to our auras if we don’t take the proper care to dispel this heavy energy frequently. So crystal and stone healing can help greatly in this process.

Here are 5 gemstones that clear negative energy:


Amethyst is most widely known for helping people fall and stay asleep, But many people use it to clear negative energy. It carries with it a strong ability to purify and protect the wearer, and cleanse any heavy energy in one’s aura. Just looking at this beautiful stone can promote feelings of calm and positivity. So keep one under your pillow at night to ward off negative spirits and help you fall asleep as well. In addition to clearing outer negative influences, amethyst will help to keep negative thoughts at bay. This stone is perfect for the highly sensitive person, or anyone who needs guidance and stability in their life.

Black Tourmaline

Ancient magicians used Black Tourmaline, known as Schorl, to protect them from evil spirits on Earth as they cast spells. Today, people still hold this stone in high regard for its ability to protect the wearer and deflect negative energies and harmful forces. It also helps to ward off radiation and pollution, and can even rectify negative thinking and moods, turning them into positive, helpful energy.

Black Tourmaline can even ground one to the Earth, due to its powerful healing properties. It helps the wearer to break through harmful thinking patterns, adjust to stressful working environments, and even improve self-confidence. This is best used when in a difficult situation or when facing heavy internal conflicts. Purchase your first loose raw tourmaline stones here.

Fire Agate

Just as the name suggests, this fiery stone can make you feel more alive and give you a sense of purpose, which will help to dispel negative energies. It helps ground you to the Earth while also forming a protective shield around your body, keeping harmful energies and spirits at bay. Fire agate will stabilize your energies and align your chakras, Being that fire agate is part of the quartz family, it’s one of the best stones to promote healing and positivity, and infuse your life with purpose, vitality, and direction once again.

Jet Stone

Jet stones have a black color and are very smooth and polished. To the naked eye, you probably couldn’t tell that the jet stone is derived from fossilized wood. But under a microscope, you will spot it quickly.

Jet stone has been used since ancient times to relieve anxiety and depression. That’s because it carries an energy of great strength and protection to those who wear it. It can also prevent psychic attacks and remove negative energies from your aura that have been embedded from exposure to others’ energies. The jet stone can additionally be used to help the wearer deal with grief, which can also cause anxiety.

clear negative energyObsidian

Obsidian is more than just a strikingly beautiful stone. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful stones to protect against psychic attacks and negative entities. The wearer will instantly feel shielded from strong negative forces, and his or her aura will quickly become purified. This is a highly spiritual stone, carrying with it great metaphysical powers. Many people use it for protection from evil, as well as to connect to their higher self.