Here’s How Gemstones and Crystals Can Heal Your Body

Here’s How Gemstones and Crystals Can Heal Your Body

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Gemstones and crystal healing is not just a new age philosophy; in fact, this alternative method of treatment has been around for centuries, dating back to the Sumerians of Mesopotamia. This ancient wisdom says that gemstones and crystals carry with them a strong vibrational energy that allows healing to take place in the body, and each crystal contains unique properties that correspond to different areas of the mind and body.

We have gathered information about some of the most powerful, therapeutic gemstones and crystals below so that you can start using them in your daily life to raise your vibration and just feel better overall. However, make sure to get raw gemstones and crystals if possible, as these have the greatest healing power since they haven’t been polished or altered in any way.

Here’s how gemstones and crystals can heal your body:

Abalone Shell – These unique gemstones helps increase feelings of peace, compassion, love and beauty. It also helps to create harmony and balance in relationships. It corresponds with the solar plexus chakra and the astrological signs of Aquarius, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio.

Agate – Agate increases mental clarity and stability. It carries a gentle energy with it, and infuses love into all the chakras. It corresponds with various chakras and astrological signs depending upon the color of the gemstone.


Ajoite – This powerful crystal works to eliminate negativity from the mind and body, and assists in the transformation of the collective consciousness of humanity. This mineral merges the heart and throat chakras so that one can speak from his or her heart. It corresponds with the throat chakra and the zodiac sign Virgo.

Alexandrite – assists with regeneration, courage, and self-esteem. Aligns with the heart and throat chakras and the astrological signs Scorpio and Gemini. This is a very rare gemstone that opens up love in one’s life and makes dreams more powerful. It also allows the Law of Attraction to work more quickly and seamlessly in one’s life.

Amazonite – helps with expression, balance, and inspiration. Aligns with heart, throat, and third eye chakras as well as the zodiac sign Virgo. It attracts success and abundance, and can also block electromagnetic pollution from phones and computers. Can be used to connect with Spirit Guides, as well.

Amethyst – corresponds with third eye and crown chakras, as well astrological signs Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius. Provides protection and purification, as well as assistance in falling and staying asleep. It relieves stress, promotes inner peace, and can alleviate headaches, nightmares, and eyestrain from working long hours on a computer.

Ammonite – a beautiful, spiral shaped earth healing fossil that helps activate Kundalini and increases strength. Corresponds with the third eye chakra and Aquarius and Cancer zodiac signs.

Apache Tears – made of volcanic glass, this translucent variety of obsidian assists with forgiveness, grounding, and protection. It offers release from emotional trauma, a shield from energy vampires, and allows one to move on from past pain. Corresponds with the root chakra and zodiac signs Aries and Capricorn.

Aquamarine – These gemstones provide protection and safety on long voyages, helps with communication, and enhances intuition and knowledge. Corresponds with the heart and throat chakra, as well as Aries, Gemini and Pisces zodiac signs.

Aragonite – helps with grounding and connecting to the Earth, as well as increasing concentration. Helps those who struggle with patience and stability. Primary chakra – root. Astrological sign – Capricorn.

Astrophyllite – These gemstones assist with releasing old, harmful thinking patterns and programming, and increases spiritual awareness. Helps with astral projection and lucid dreaming. Chakra – crown. Astrological signs – Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn.

Bismuth – These gemstones help heal all chakras and corresponds with the zodiac sign Aquarius. It helps with visualization, resilience, and loneliness.

Bloodstone – These gemstones work to purify and detoxify the body. Removes energy blockages, increases energy levels, intensifies creative energies, and reduces fatigue and mental fog. Great for working the the root chakra and Aries, Libra, and Pisces.

Calcite – increases ambition and removes old energy patterns. Cleanses all chakras and increases mental awareness, performance, and clarity. Great for distance healing and those born under the Cancer zodiac sign.

Carnelian – helps dispel fears about death and the afterlife, and boosts creativity and compassion. Chakra – sacral. Astrological signs – Cancer and Leo.

Cavansite – assists with inspiration, intuition, and self-reflection. Astrological sign – Aquarius. Primary chakra – throat. A beautiful teal stone that increases the connection to the Divine Oneness in us all.

Covellite – activates the third eye and increases frequency of dreams and feelings of unconditional love. Helps with harmony and the cultivation of a positive mindset. Primary chakra – third eye. Astrological signs – Libra and Sagittarius.

Cuprite – encourages one to become more generous and altruistic. Helps one become more independent and resilient. Primary chakra – root. Astrological sign – Aquarius.

Dioptase – eases pain and mental stress, increases prosperity and attracts abundance. Opens up a channel for remembering past life memories. Primary chakra – heart. Astrological sign – Sagittarius, Scorpio.

Emerald – a vibrant green stone that attracts love and loyalty into one’s life. Encourages bonding, deeper communication, and courage. Primary chakra – heart. Astrological signs – Aries, Gemini, Taurus.

Fluorite – there are many different types of fluorite, but in general, this stone helps with cleansing negative energy, balancing the chakras, and provides mental clarity and access to higher levels of intuition. Primary chakra – varies by color. Astrological signs – Capricorn, Pisces.

Garnet – illuminates the darkness in the soul, transforming it into light. Helps ease depression and ignite the fire in the soul that drives the will to live a prosperous, happy life. Primary chakra – root. Astrological signs – Aquarius, Capricorn, Leo, Virgo.

Gold – attracts positive energy and abundance. Increases self-confidence, wealth, and creativity. Chakra – sacral. Astrological sign – Leo.

Halite – Primary chakra – heart, sacral. Astrological signs – Cancer, Pisces. This is where salt comes from, and in addition to providing valuable nutrients for the body, it cleanses the aura and absorbs negative energies.


Hematite – helps one realize his or her life purpose by aiding in the Ascension process, protects against electromagnetic pollution, and provides overall protection and grounding. Primary chakra – root. Astrological signs – Aquarius and Aries.

Jade – assists with the ability to lucid dream, attracts abundance and prosperity, and provides harmony. Chakra – heart. Astrological signs – Aries, Pisces.

Jasper – provides protection, balance, and enhances creativity. Reduces stress and helps turn visions into action. Chakra – varies by color and type. Zodiac sign – Leo.

Labradorite – enhances intuition and provides greater access to psychic abilities. It can help heal old emotional wounds and assist one in recalling past life memories. Increases self-esteem and assists in creating positive change. Chakra – third eye. Astrological sign – Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio.

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