Think about what you look for in a partner for a moment and write it down. Is it sweet affection? Moral support in a project or other undertaking? No beating around the bush from your partner? Today, we delve into what each zodiac sign requires the most in a coupling of souls. You might be surprised by what you learn in this article, so read on, dear friends!

What Do You Need Most In A Relationship, According to Your Zodiac Sign



Being open and honest like the figurative fields on which you graze, dear Ram, is how you like your (wo)man, and you are not a fan of surprises because you believe that your special someone is hiding something sinister from you. You also have a somewhat short fuse, thus your partner must somehow deal with that little quirk of yours, too. Therefore, your partner needs to be somewhere like 11 out of 10 on the scale of understanding.


Now, as a Bull, you are a weird combination of stubborn and sensitive. There is no need to get upset now, dear Bull, but this is your innate character. So, what does this mean in terms of your needs in a beau/belle? You are still upset? All that is coming out is the truth! Anyway, you need a (wo)man who can take your feelings into consideration and be gentle with you. You really do not forgive very easily, do you?! The explanation is there, please do not hold a grudge! That means that you need your partner to be persistent if they seek your forgiveness. Seriously, you are a lovely lot!


You Twin folk dislike being out of contact. It is their version relationship-wise of a stake to the heart of a vampire. E-mails, phone calls, texts, and spending time are paramount to you, so you look for someone willing to always be around or at least in touch, and not just at night! You also have a thirst for life that is unequalled in the zodiac world, so sharing it with a mate is necessary, like vampires have for blood. If your thirst for fun is not quenched, you will be bored easily and bite someone else’s neck!


You, Crustacean friend, firmly believe in give and take. For example, you value loyalty and dependability and need this returned to you by your lover. Also you Crabs look to give and receive protection, so that you can achieve mutual security within the relationship. There is a method to the madness of why you always walk sideways!


Lions are the top of the zodiac tree and we all know it, myself included. Your confident, charismatic self wants a mirror of yourself, another confident, charismatic self. However, you only want this because you want to look and feel more important than zodiac royalty. He or she also has to give you joy and passion, and to do it all himself/herself. However, you are not shy of returning the favour yourself. In your eyes, there is but only one letter difference between “elf” and “self”.


The analytical Virgin likes kindness in a mate. Being kind individuals, you want to see it everywhere if possible. Seeing as though this is not always possible, you are quite content with having that with your partner. When you see your love dove being kind to less fortunate people, your vibrations raise significantly. So, a little bit of kindness never hurt anyone, did it?


In terms of a relationship, you like to have an equilibrium, Mr./Ms. Scales. You like to have everything on an even keel, something that your partner has to learn to do. In this regard, the song “Rock The Boat” by Hues Corporation was made just for you. Being the Scales that you are, you dislike having one side outweighing the other and want to get to tranquility as quickly as possible. Still waters definitely run deep!


The following three things that you require are: honesty, integrity, and intimacy. You, Scorpio, are the most distrustful out of all the signs, but you trust simply by being in a relationship. The only thing you ask is that this trust is not broken or compromised in any way. Of course, having a partner who is a good lay always helps and having your own world with your beau/belle puts you in an exclusive club of two, which you love. Yet the biggie is being with someone does not lie. Without honesty at the very least, you are ready to hold your prey with your claws and deliver the fatal sting with that tail.


You love your independence, dear Archer! Yet you also love people, specifically being the go-to person in times of need. What you want is to have a carbon copy of yourself, independent but dependable. Like our Crustacean friend above, you would be very happy with giving and take, which includes great sex. Lastly, your partner needs to be comfortable with you being the centre of attention.


Here comes the Goat! You are the one who values hard work and responsibility the most, and seeing your beau/belle like this gives you great satisfaction because they will be the same within the confines of a relationship. You dislike being taken for granted but dislike a brown-nose in equal measure.


Some of the words bandied about you, Water Carrier: adventurous, rebellious, a love for being right, broad-mindedness. Is this true? Good, I am glad we are both in agreement! It helps to frequently agree with you, but not always. You love having fun and doing what you want, so having a partner who will allow you to do these things will help you feel at ease. Watch out for that rebel child, though!


The maestros of sentiments, the Fish. Just by getting touchy-feely gets you going, does it not? A supporting hand when the chips are down always goes down a treat with you but you do not mind giving it back if the roles are reversed. Public displays of affection are right up your alley and having small intimate moments like talking sweet nothings with your love dove is the ultimate for you. If ever a hopeless romantic could sum up one zodiac sign, it would be yours!

Has Taurus forgiven me yet? Chance would be a fine thing!