You meet lots of people in your everyday life, and some have better temperaments than others. Perhaps you find that even you have a hard time controlling your temper when dealing with stress and constant drama. However, an even-tempered person is someone who has mastered their response and personality flaws, and they’ve learned not to get too upset when things don’t go their way.

Some people fly off the handle at the slightest infraction. If their child gets a bad grade on a test, it’s enough to send them into a tailspin because things didn’t go the way they intended. At the crux of these issues is anxiety and the desire to be and do better.

People who frazzle easily and have a controlling nature usually become fearful when they experience a schedule disruption. Anxiety can make a person think and feel all sorts of things, but the standard culprit is it makes you high-strung. Think about it the next time you experience high anxiety levels.

According to the National Library of Medicine, someone experiencing a panic or anxiety attack might have sweaty palms, a racing pulse, nervousness, feel faint, and want to run to escape the angst they feel. A person with temperament issues probably feels these sensations in some form or another, so they may lash out, become very angry, or say things they don’t mean.

While they get dubbed as a person with a bad temper or someone who has a cantankerous personality, it’s probably an underlying mental health issue to blame. Still, some folks are touchy and uptight by nature. It can be a genetic link to mood swings, as genetics play a massive part in your demeanor.

The even-tempered person is the one who shows kindness even when their life is a wreck, as they’ve learned that you are going to have good days and bad days. They’ve mastered the old saying never to let anyone see you sweat.

Ten Habits and Behaviors of the Even-tempered Person


Are your moods even, or are you constantly wafting back and forth, and the people around you must walk on eggshells because of the fluctuations? Here are some undeniable signs of someone who has mastered the art of maintaining an even temperament.

1. An Even-Tempered Person Is Not Unreasonable or Foolish

One of the best things about this person is they don’t act irrationally when things go wrong. Additionally, they’re not big on impulsivity, so they take time to think their words and actions out carefully. Sure, they can speak candidly to people around them, but they will do it with the utmost respect.

They keep their cool by staying above the situation and never being controlled by it. They manage their emotions and deal with everything negative that comes their way in a pure sense. While they’re not the free spirit that’s carefree, they indeed tend to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

2. They’re Considerate of Others

The even-tempered person is conscientious about what they say to other folks, as their considerate nature respects the feelings of others. They’re known for being honest and never telling a lie, and they wouldn’t dare focus on your negative qualities to bring you down. Instead, they like to help build folks up to assist them on their journey towards happiness.

If they should ever hurt you, embarrass or shame you in any way, they would feel horrible and try to make it right. Their goal is to be kind, loving, and tender to others, and they wouldn’t tolerate someone belligerent or rude in their inner circle.

3. An Even-Tempered Person Does Not Hold Grudges

Just because a person has an even temper doesn’t mean that they don’t get hurt or offended on occasion. However, they are eager to forgive and wouldn’t think of holding a grudge. They believe in treating other folks with kindness and respect, and even if you do upset them, they won’t be mad for long.

Even if the situation is pessimistic at best, they will strive to find a way to make things more positive. They wouldn’t do anything to hurt you, even if you harm them first.

4. They Don’t Expect Perfection From Themselves or Others

The low-key attitude of the even-tempered person is terrific because it means they don’t expect perfection. They don’t hold themselves to a high standard that’s strangling, nor will they hold you to that standard either. This person understands that humans are fallible, and they know that there’s no way you can go through life without making mistakes.

People find that this individual is easy to get along with and have a relationship with because they do not obsess over a perfect world. From every connection to the activity they engage in, they have a realistic point of view.

5. They Like to Create a Positive Flow of Energy

The even-tempered person knows that there are both positive and negative energies in life. However, they strive to be a positive force that helps others. Some of these optimistic folks view themselves as a beacon of light to help illuminate the world.

Think of them as a mighty river, like the Mississippi, that flows into many tributaries and never stops moving and sharing. They would never want to be a reservoir and contain all their goodness without giving some of it to others.


6. Patience is Their Virtue

Someone who learns to manage their temperament is relaxed and understanding. They know that everything doesn’t happen overnight, and they’ve discovered that it’s foolish to expect such things. Even in the tensest situations, they have learned how to be calm and patient.

They hold firm to the saying that good things come to those who wait, so they don’t get in a big hurry about trying to push the Universe along.

7. They’re Very Helpful

A person with a good temperament is very accommodating to others. They try to find the good in people, focusing on this positive attribute even when someone is intolerable. While some folks in this life are unapproachable and want to steer clear from, the person with an excellent temperament is easily approachable.

They’re not going to tell you whatever you want to hear, but they will use compassion with their candor. They provide an excellent shoulder to cry on, and they have excellent communication skills to listen and help you.

8. Disagreements and Upset Bother an Even-Tempered Person

Because the person with a good temperament likes to keep things low-key, they’re agitated when there are disagreements or unrest. They want to face the issues head-on and not leave anything undone. These are the type of folks that don’t let the sunset on their wrath, so they try to work everything out.

When there are things like war and significant upheavals, it will cause them great anxiety. They tend to be fixers and not those who work well when everything is far from peaceful.

9. They See The Best in Others

One of the endearing qualities about this person is that they see your imperfections but never focus on them. They tend to find the good in you, even if you don’t see it. They believe that the world can be a better place if everyone stops judging a book by its cover.

This individual will be the first to help you reach your goals and be a better person, and just being around them makes you feel better. They positively affect the world around them, so folks draw close to their endearing nature.

10. An Even-Tempered Person Will Offer Brightness to Those Around Them

When you have a good temperament, you don’t want people to pay for every wrong they’ve done. Instead, you want to help people feel love and find hope in this crazy world and teach them a better way. This individual offers some brightness in a place that can often be dark and confusing.

They will always be open and honest with you. But the honest feedback builds you and helps you become a better person. Their worlds are constructive and never destructive.


Final Thoughts on Identifying an Even-Tempered Person

There are many desirable traits of a good person, and one of them is having a good temperament. These people are polite, generous, have good manners, and think of others before themselves. The best quality of these individuals is that they learn to make the best of whatever comes their way.

Sure, they don’t have a perfect life, but they’ve learned never to take things too seriously and roll with the punches. According to the National Library of Medicine, your temperament is primarily decided by your genetics, but you do have the power to change things. If you don’t like that you’re hot-headed and tend to fly off the handle when things go wrong, you can strive to be more even-tempered and kinder.

You can start today striving to be a better person and someone others look up to and respect. However, it’s going to take some work to get rid of bad habits.