Positivity can help prepare to succeed, while negativity does the opposite. Negative thoughts can become so powerful that they make you feel bad about yourself and your abilities. You are likely your most prominent critic, and your thoughts can run over into your productivity and chances for success.

By using positive mantras each day, you can feel positive and prepare to succeed. You’ll notice more positive experiences in your life, and it’ll help combat stress. Positive mantras will help you clear your mind of distracting thoughts so that you can focus with intention.

These mantras will encourage and guide you toward positivity and success. If negative thoughts are holding you back, start using powerful mantras each day during your morning routine. These phrases can change your mindset and get you going on the right path.

Fifteen Mantras to Feel Positive and Prepare to Succeed

Even if you haven’t experienced negative thoughts, the mantras can still help you. The words will help you focus on the essential parts of your day, guiding you toward success. As you read this list, make a note of the ones that resonate with you the most.

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1. I am thankful for what and who I have in my life.

When you’re optimistic about your life, you’ll feel better overall. A grateful heart and mind attract more positivity and helps you find success. Use this mantra as a reminder to acknowledge the good things that you already have in your life.

2. I am valuable and worthy, and I’ll only get better.

As you say this mantra, you don’t only have to think of success in terms of career goals. You can use this phrase to help improve any area of your life that you want to get better at. Positivity begins with seeing your value and worth in all situations.

When you know that you can help others in some way, you’ll feel better. Helping can come in any form, so always know your value and worth. It’ll help you improve and reach the success you dream of.

3. I am happy and motivated.

Happiness and motivation go together, so finding one will help you achieve the other. Set goals and find positive ways to work toward them. If you remain happy as you work toward your goals, you’ll experience more motivation moving forward.

Start with small goals, as all achievements bring happiness. Once you become happy with achieving your small goals, you’ll feel more confident tackling the bigger ones.

4. My journey is different than anyone else’s, and that is okay.

Don’t compare yourself to those around you because everyone experiences a different journey. Life wouldn’t be exciting if the same thing happened each time, so use this mantra as a reminder. It doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you don’t give up on reaching your dreams.

Remember that your path is unique and that it is okay for yours to be different. Your experiences shape you into the person you’re supposed to be, so embrace each step along the way.

5. I learn by doing.

If fear of failure holds you back, then this mantra is for you. You don’t have to be perfect every time you do something. Use the mistakes as learning opportunities, instead, helping you do better next time.

You can learn faster and achieve more by trying and failing than by not trying at all. Don’t turn down on opportunity or second guess yourself because you never know what you will learn from it. Remember that failing doesn’t mean you can’t try again, so there’s no reason not to try.

6. I enjoy life no matter what I am doing.

If you tell yourself that you enjoy life no matter what, you’ll realize that it comes true. Your negative thoughts could make you feel that work and other mundane tasks aren’t enjoyable. This mantra can help change that mindset and help you find joy in all moments.

Once you start enjoying all parts of your life, you’ll experience more success. When you’re happy, you’ll be more confident to take on new challenges and opportunities.

7. I live a life that makes me excited to wake up each day.

When you look forward to each day, you’ll feel positive and be more likely to succeed. If you aren’t living a life that you’re excited about, consider changing your situation. You can use this mantra to either change your mindset or to encourage you to change your lifestyle.

As you say this mantra, you might think of areas of your life that you could improve. Think about what you can do to change it so you can live a life that you love. It won’t happen overnight, but use this mantra to keep you heading in the right direction.

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8. I make myself proud because I exhibit greatness.

Pride yourself on your accomplishments and your greatness because you deserve it. Feeling proud of yourself will make you want to get better, too. It’ll encourage you to improve and learn as you go along so that you can continue impressing yourself.

9. I believe in myself and my ability to do anything I set my mind to.

When you believe in yourself, anything is possible. Never doubt your ability to accomplish the things you set your mind to. Use this mantra each day to keep yourself motivated and prepared to succeed.

It doesn’t matter if other people believe in you or not, either. As long as you believe in yourself, that is all that matters in the end. Keep pushing forward and use this mantra to keep self-doubt out of your mind.

10. I can handle anything that comes my way.

There is nothing you can’t do, so use this mantra anytime you need a reminder. You’ll face setbacks and obstacles, but don’t let them stop you from reaching success. Find ways to overcome and work around anything that stands in your way.

You have what it takes, no matter what challenging situation you encounter. As you go through life, remember that you are capable of much more than you typically give yourself credit for. Unlock your inner strength because you can handle anything.

11. I push negative thoughts out of my mind and replace them with positivity.

By telling yourself that you push away negative thoughts, you notice that they disappear quicker. If you consciously replace them with positive ideas, it’ll help you prepare to succeed. Repeat this mantra each morning to start your day with the best mindset.

Your thoughts feed off of your energy, so this mantra is perfect for the beginning of the day. It’ll help you control your thoughts before negativity has a chance to take over.

12. I learn from obstacles and setbacks.

No matter how much you prepare, you will still encounter obstacles and setbacks in life. During hard times, remember that each moment is a learning opportunity. You have the strength to get through it, and it’ll only make you stronger.

If you can remind yourself of these things, you’ll be able to focus on the positivity in the situation. Staying positive will help you overcome any obstacle and prepare you to succeed.

13. I have the power to choose.

You always have a choice in life, whether you acknowledge it or not. Using this mantra can help you see the options in every situation, helping you to stay positive. If you can think this way, you’ll always feel in control and ready for success.

Your results come down to the choices that you made. You can’t blame anyone or anything but yourself because you are responsible for what you do and achieve.

14. I permit myself to chase my dreams.

Surprisingly, you sometimes have to permit yourself to do something. You might be following the path other people want for you, so you don’t go after what you want. Or, you might think you aren’t good enough to chase after your dreams.

No matter what is holding you back, permit yourself to chase your dreams. By using this mantra each morning, you’ll do things meaningful to you rather than what is expected of you. Follow your path and chase after your dreams because this is your life to live.

15. I acknowledge that what I accomplish today results in a better tomorrow.

Remember that anything you do today affects the day you have tomorrow. If you put things off, you’ll only have to deal with them the next day. Setting tasks off for another day only sets you behind, causing stress and negativity.

You can only achieve the results you want if you put in the work today. Do things each day to build on your dreams and prepare to succeed.

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Final Thoughts on Mantras to Feel Positive and Prepare to Succeed

These mantras can help you feel positive and prepare to succeed. Repeat them each morning as a part of your routine, and you’ll start your day on a positive note. When you focus on positive self-talk, it boosts your confidence and gives you motivation.

Say these mantras powerfully, and don’t let self-doubt take over. Believe what you are saying, and you’re sure to notice a difference.