When was the last time you walked into a building or house and felt something in the air? It was energy. Everything operates on a frequency much like radio waves. Since the energy doesn’t move, we can feel it when we walk into a house or building. Some feel like a bustling, busy energy. Others feel like happy, laughing energy.

On the other hand, have you ever walked into a house or building and felt that something in the air, except it was negative? Someone having a bad day leaves their energy behind when they go home. Want to make it better?

Here are a few ideas on how can you cleanse the negative energy from your house.

1. Open A Window

There’s a special feeling when we part the curtains and open a window. The sun shines the darkness away. The clean fresh air blows away mustiness. All that light and fresh air will cleanse negative energy.

2.  Light Candles

Color affects us. Banks, hospitals, hotels, schools, daycare centers and other businesses use color to influence or calm us. If color does that to us, what will it do to negative energy? It is said that white is the color of innocence, purple is the color of healing, and pink the color of love. Light the colored candle of your choice in each room to dispel any negative energy. Enjoying the scent is a bonus. Shop wax melts wholesale in the uk.

3. Smudging

Smudging is nothing more than burning an herb. Grocery stores and herbal shops carry the herb sage. Buy a bundle of it. Place it in a deep bowl or glass. Set it alight, then blow out the flame. Let the smoke cleanse negative energy from each room you take it into. When you’re done, take the bundle outside so it can harmlessly burn itself out.

4. Burn Incense

If burning sage doesn’t feel right for you, light a stick of incense. Many people did in their young, bohemian days, so we did, too. Today, however, you’re going to burn an incense stick called palo santo. It’s in the frankincense and myrrh, mint and lemon group.

No one will argue that mint and lemon are feel-good scents. They show up in perfumes and air fresheners. The scents purify the air as well as get rid of bacteria and odors. With all that feel-good scent and absence of bad things, negativity won’t stand a chance.

5. Buy Plants

A few plants are known for cleansing the air of toxins. Sometimes the toxins are responsible for negative energy, such as breathing fumes from nearby nail shops or a manufacturing plant. The plants also create a positive atmosphere. For example, who can fail to smile in the face of a brightly colored Gerber daisy?

cleanse negative energy

These plants produce oxygen as well as scrubbing the air of toxins. Use them to cleanse negative energy from your house:
Rosemary promotes restful sleep and inner peace. Needs to be in a sunny spot
Lucky bamboo should be in a corner with no direct sunlight and almost no light at all. It should be kept in a shallow bowl with not more than an inch of purified water. It represents good fortune
Aloe vera heals in addition to representing good luck and positivity. Needs indirect light and good drainage
Gerber daisies symbolize innocence and purity. They are planted outdoors in spring, but make lovely indoor plants in the fall.

6. Make Some Noise

Have you ever seen a movie in which someone in brightly colored robes or dresses move from room to room chanting something? We think it’s funny, but it actually has a point. Think about it. You respond to noise or sound, yes? Why wouldn’t energy respond, negative or not?

There are several ways to use sound to cleanse negative energy. The robes aren’t necessary in order to move from room to room softly chanting “Om” or “amen.” The word Om is another name for the Divine, usually used by spiritualists. And if S/He can’t clear negative energy, no one can!

You might also employ binaural beats. These are different frequencies made to enlighten us, heal us, attract something to us, or in this case, drive something away. Get on YouTube or your favorite video channel. Type in cleanse negative energy binaural beats. The frequency will resonate throughout the house and cleanse negative energy from your house.

You should know that you’re not alone in sensing negative energies. You’re not crazy, either. Not everyone is blessed with your sensitivity, so they won’t understand what you’re feeling. Be proud.

There are lots of things you can do to cleanse negative energy from your surroundings. We’ve listed a few here, and we hope it helps.