12 Plants That Create Positive Energy In Your Home

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We use plants to beautify and enrich our surroundings, environments and lives. Some plants do not only play these roles. They help enhance our environment with positive energy while purifying the air. In a study by The American Society for Horticultural Science, researchers found that “Because indoor air pollution extensively affects developing countries, using plants as a mitigation method could serve as a cost-effective tool in the developing world where expensive pollution mitigation technology may not be economically feasible.”

It’s important to have certain plants in the home that clean out the ozone levels.

These 12 plants are creators of positive energy in your home:

1. Jasmine (jasminum)

Jasmine is a sacred flower of Persia and has been held in great significance throughout history. This fragrant plant stimulates energy and enhances self-esteem. It is also known to strengthen relationships and create romance. This plant helps with the ability to manifest prophetic dreams, while stimulating the heart chakra.

2. Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis)

Rosemary is one of the best plants for purification in the home. This plant helps lift depression while battling anxiety. Its origins are from the Mediterranean region and was once symbolic for remembrance. Rosemary not only instills inner peace but keeps negative energies and spirits away. A rosemary bush by your front door is a wonderful protector of keeping negativity outside.

3. Lily (lilium)

The lily is believed to be a multi-functional plant. It helps clear out any spiritual, emotional and physical issues. It grows well in shaded or dark places. It is perfect for the bedroom to promote serenity and tranquility for sleep. The lily is the flower of birth. In folklore, the lily was the messenger that always alerts to opportunities to new birth.

4. Sage (salvia officinalis)

Ted Andrews writes in Nature Speaks: Signs, Omens & Messages in Nature, that “An old folk custom for divining one’s future spouse involved going into the garden at midnight and picking twelve leaves of sage, while the clock is striking twelve. Before the clock strikes one, you will see your future spouse, if you are to have one.” Sage is a powerful, magical plant that opens you up to higher states of consciousness and spiritual communication. Burning sage has incredible cleansing qualities used since Native American times. It promotes a sense of positivity in your home and purifies of any bacteria.

5. Ivy (hedera helix)

This plant not only brings with it beauty to any space, but it is one of the best air-filtering houseplants. It can remove harmful and unwanted toxins in any space. In folklore, it is suggested that ivy be placed in outer passages and doorways for good luck and health. Its message is to continue building upon the past, balancing the old with the new.

6. Aloe (aloe vera)

Aloe Vera has amazing qualities for healing. It can be grown with indirect light or artificial lighting. Its leaves and stalk contain a jelly-like substance that help heal skin conditions, especially if the skin has endured a burn. Aloe’s energy help fight bad luck and negative vibes in your home.

7. Basil (ocymum basilium)

Basil is a plant that attracts positive vibrations to the environment. It is one of the most rare plants that emits oxygen for 20 hours a day while removing any toxins. Basil means “royal” and it truly does embody royal powers. It is one of the most amazing plants to keep in your home, not just for cooking, but for its ability to heal irritations, cleansing toxins, and enforce spiritual strength.

8. Orchid (orchidacaea)

Orchids release oxygen during the nighttime. Having an orchid in a bedroom is important because it controls and balances your energies while you sleep. In ancient times of China, the orchid was considered a messenger of sexual energy and activation of the Kundalini. Its positive energy enhances romance and love while clearing any obstacles of negativity from the room.

9. Oregano ( origanum vulgare)

Oregano is a wonderful herb to have in your home. Its fragrance induces happiness, peace, love, spiritual cleansing. As a tea, it helps relieve many ailments. Oregano is perfect for clearing out negativity and welcoming good energy into your space. The best place for it is in sunlight in a kitchen. It is a plant that brings family energy together.

10. Lavender (lavandula vera)

Lavender is a hardy and fragrant herb. Its sacred flower has many magical properties, including relaxation. This plant activates energy of stability within one’s life. It not only removes toxins from the home, but helps with headaches, insomnia, depression, and other ailments. A few pieces of leaves and flowers in a bath help stimulate mental clarity. This beautiful purple-flowering plant is one of the most popular in folklore. Its energy brings healing and protection.

11. Rose (rosa)

It has been said that the rose is the symbol for love around the world. Its energy is that of healing and love. In mythology, Aphrodite presented a rose to her son Eros. The rose is sacred and it holds one of the highest vibrational frequencies in plants. It dispels toxins and negativity while bringing passion to your home and life. This beautiful flower holds a tremendous energetic disposition to bring love into your heart.


12. Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum)

This plant has many names. It is referred to as silver vine, golden pathos and hunter’s robe to name a few. According to Feng Shui its energy produces a flow that attracts wealth and good luck. The reason it is called the money plant is because of its leaves resembling coins. This plant increases the oxygen level of the home. It can be used to climb or to hang. The money plant is best to have near electronics such as computers, televisions, or WiFi routers. It helps relieve stress and anxiety in the home.

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