The Migraine Research Foundation has determined that migraine is among the most common conditions across the globe. They can affect both children and adults.

This is not merely a severe headache. A migraine is a neurological condition that consists of symptoms that include nausea, numbness in hands and feet, sensitivity to sound, light, or smell, vomiting, and visual changes.

Hence, a migraine can be a chronic condition. To treat migraine, you can use the different types of medications available. However, you can also treat migraine with different remedies in the comfort of your home. Here is a list of the remedies that you can consider to be viable treatments options for your pain.

Home Remedies To Treat Migraine Permanently

1. Go Herbal

If you have an herb garden, this is a perfect way for you to treat migraine. Just go out into nature and enjoy the soothing feeling that you will experience from your garden. This is because inhaling the scent of some herbs such as peppermint herbs can relieve headache pain.Additionally, herbs such as cayenne contain properties that act as natural pain relievers. They can also treat nausea which is a common side effect of chronic headaches. However, eating these herbs will give you the fastest relief.

Therefore, you can make herbal tea at home by mixing peppermint leaves, cayenne pepper, and fresh ginger. Steep the mixture in water for fifteen minutes and drink. In case you do not want hot tea, you can make a lemonade mix made from lemons and lavender.

2. Eat More Turkey

Eating turkey can make you sleepy. This is because it contains a compound known as tryptophan. Tryptophan is a vital amino acid that triggers the production of dopamine in your brain. Dopamine is the chemical in your body that helps you to feel happy and great.

On the other hand, dopamine is crucial in releasing the chemical that is called serotonin in your body. The purpose of serotonin is to relax your body by removing negativity, worry, and anxiety.
Additionally, as the Tryptophan produces dopamine that in turn produces serotonin, it helps in relaxing the muscles that surround your brain. As a result, the capillaries in your scalp are soothed.

Therefore, instead of waiting for Thanksgiving to have a turkey, add it to your diet and enjoy the benefits of Tryptophan.

3. Drink Caffeine

It is possible for you to get a headache when you drink caffeine in large amounts. Regardless, when you consume a small amount of caffeine in the form of coffee or soda, it can soothe the pain that you get from an intense migraine.

This is because caffeine, taken in small amounts, offers pain relieving benefits according to the notes given by the Mayo Clinic. Hence, when you feel that a headache is about to appear, you can take a cup of coffee to keep the pain away.

Also, you can use the drink as a way of improving the effects of over the counter medicines such as aspirin and acetaminophen.

4. Get Some Ginger Root

If you have not yet tried chewing on a raw piece of ginger, this might be your cue. As determined by the Everyday Roots, the ginger root is capable of affecting the way that your body responds to inflammation as well as pain.

This is because eating ginger initiates the production of lipids in the cells of your body. Lipids are responsible for calming the nerves in your body that react whenever you feel pain. Therefore, eating ginger root prevents your body from recognizing that you are experiencing headache pain.

It also stops your body from responding to the pain and hence it can also soothe nausea. If you cannot chew on raw ginger root, you can make ginger root tea instead.

5. Get a Massage

You probably consider getting a regular massage to be a luxury. However, this can be the best method that you can use to treat migraine. If you do not want to seek the help of a professional, you can learn how to give yourself a massage.

Ensure that the massage is calming so that it can relieve your pain and prevent the headache from growing worse. Massage your neck as well as the base of your scalp. Add some stretching exercises as well to help stretch your muscles.

This will stimulate the flow of blood in your body, and as you continue to relax, you will send your pain away.

6. Add Some Pressure

It sounds quite unorthodox to add pressure to a head that is already under a lot of pain as well as pressure. However, there are specific pressure points in your body that can get rid of the discomfort that you feel.

Therefore, every time you feel as though your chronic headache is about to start, you should put a little pressure on your craniosacral system. These are spots on your body that are headache specific.

Hence, the pressure that you apply will force your brain to rest and relax. As a result, your brain will restart from a place that is free from pain. However, the pressure in your cranium will increase. Regardless, sending this pressure elsewhere will relieve the pain in your head.

7. Drink Grape Juice

If you have not had grape juice in a long time, this is a reason for you to add it to your kitchen cabinet. Grape juice is perfect whenever you experience a migraine at home. This is because the juice is very efficient at relieving pain.

This is a hypothesis agreed upon by both the Home Cure as well as the First Choice Smart studies. To benefit fully from the grape juice, you should select the all-natural grape juice that has no sweeteners of any kind. Additionally, you can make your grape juice at home.

Just take a bunch of grapes and put them in your blender or juicer. Add water and blend to make the juice. Enjoy your drink as it takes your pain away.

8. Eat Nuts

If you are among the people that have these chronic headaches often, you should consider adding nuts to your regular diet. This is because nuts act as both preventative measures as well as pain relievers for your headaches. Hence, they can make your future free from headaches.

The ability of the nuts to relieve pain comes from the compound called salicin that is found in different types of nuts. Salicin acts as a blocking agent for pain in the body. This is also the active chemical that is found in aspirin.

The nuts that have significant contents of salicin include almonds, peanuts, and chestnuts. This compound is also found in the extracts of the willow bark. Thus, you can consume these nuts instead of using over the counter medication.

9. Find a Dark Room

It is painful to be out in the sun when you have a headache. Being out in bright light can also increase the severity of your headache pain. This is because sensory stimuli can increase your headaches

Hence, you can go to a dark room to treat migraine pain, or you can just shut off the lights in your room while the curtains and the blinds are closed. Alternatively, you can wear glasses both outdoors and indoors to reduce the amount of light that you are exposed to.

The trick is to block out any unnecessary light so that your pain can be alleviated.

10. Consider a Different Temperature

Whenever you have a painful injury, you always consider two methods that have proven to work. These methods are hot and cold therapy. In the same way that these therapies relieve injury pain, they can also reduce your headache pain.

Therefore, choose the method that works best for you and place either the hot or the cold compress on your head. The heat from the hot compress works by relaxing your muscles and reducing the pain that you feel.

The cold from the cold therapy works by numbing the painful areas thus removing the feeling of pain altogether. Therefore, both methods will get rid of your pain almost instantly.

11. Use Essential Oils

If you are among the many people that make their cleaning products at home, you have probably used essential oils because of their antimicrobial properties. You probably have used them as part of other home remedies.

treat migraine
At home migraine remedies can be quite effective!

For instance, lavender is an essential oil that is commonly used in homes to create a soothing ambiance. This is why it is also highly recommended as a remedy for headaches, stress, and anxiety.

In a placebo-controlled clinical trial that was published by the European Neurology, it was determined that lavender oil was a viable treatment option for migraine. By inhaling the scent from the oil, the pain from the headache was reduced.

However, this is more effective in some people more than it is in others.

12. Do Yoga and Stretch

Yoga has massive benefits for the body and the mind as well. It is believed that yoga improves the flow of blood in the body. Additionally, yoga reduces the tension in muscles.

Therefore, engaging in yoga can be another home remedy for relieving your headache pain. The International Journal of Yoga conducted a comprehensive study that determined the comparison between yoga with conventional medicine and conventional medicine as treatments for headache.

From the results of the study, the group that engaged in yoga had much better relief patterns than the group that used the conventional treatment methods only. Therefore, practice yoga regularly to ensure you benefit from this remedy for chronic headaches.

The Bottom Line on At-Home Migraine Treatment

Regardless of what you decide to do to relieve the pain of your migraine; it is essential that you still keep track of the foods that you eat as well as the drinks that you consume every day. This will help you to determine your trigger, and in turn, you can avoid them to keep the pain away.