Cleanse Negative Energy From Your Home With This Quick Ritual

Cleanse Negative Energy From Your Home With This Quick Ritual

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A house can hold negative and bad energy caused by your feelings, thoughts and family members. Neighbors and visitors can also bring unfavorable energy into your home. This bad energy affects your body, mind and spirit. It takes you down into a lower vibration and attracts more problems into your life. The positive energy that you do have is slowly depleted when you are surrounded by negativity.

When you feel like negative energy is building up in your home, you need to cleanse it spiritually. Raising the vibration in your home improves your mood and gets rid of adversity. You should go through every room of your house when performing cleansing rituals. Here are some ways to cleanse negativity energy from your home:

How to cleanse negative energy from your home

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Smudge your home with white sage

White sage is a Native American plant that is traditionally used in sweat lodges. It is used to cleanse people and their homes spiritually. This herb gets rid of bad spirits and will cleanse negative energy. Smudging sage and wafting it through your house will clear the lower vibrations. Make sure you close the windows and smudge every corner in each room, too.

Burn incense

There are many types of incense that contain spiritual qualities and cleanse your home of adversity. Sandalwood, Nag Champa, Palo Santa holy wood and Frankincense and Myrrh clear away unpleasant vibes. Just burn an incense stick in the edges and corners of every room for an extra boost. Incense should be burned on your staircases, hallways and any area with dark energy.

Singing Bowl

A singing bowl is used in Feng Shui and clears up stagnant, dull energy in a stuffy home. The sound and vibrations of the bowl will cleanse negativity from your home. Strike the bowl, and, using the mallet, circle the bowl, walk around the rooms of your home, and allow the sound to permeate each corner to bring in light.

Meditation Music

The frequencies in meditation music align the energy in your home and will cleanse negative energy. Besides ousting negativity, music relieves stress and penetrates imbalances in the air. Alpha and theta brain waves purify the environment and expel any harmful spirits that are hanging around. When you play the music, burn some incense or white sage to enhance the effects.


Sprinkle or place bowls of sea salt around the windows and doors of your home to cleanse negativity energy. You can also spray salt on your walls and put it in the corners of each room for protection. The salt acts as a barrier against bad spirits and protects you from unfavorable entities. Mixing herbs such as lavender, tea tree thyme or rosemary in the salt makes it more powerful.

Clean your home

Another way to cleanse negative energy is to thoroughly clean your home. Pick up a broom, mop and vacuum and clean every room of your house. Accumulated dust and debris can have a gloomy effect on your mood and invite dark energy into your home. Organizing furniture and rearranging it to allow Feng Shui energy into every room also assists with clearing up stifling energy.


How to cleanse negative energy with crystals

Crystals have spiritual energy that cleanses, heals and balances your body and mind. They are also used to cleanse negative energy in the atmosphere and protect against negativity.

Black tourmaline, lapis lazuli, hematite and smoky quartz are known for their protective energy and can be placed around your home for cleansing. Each crystal vibrates at various levels and has a specific purpose.

Black tourmaline: This is a grounding crystal and prevents psychic attacks and shields against electromagnetic smog.

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