Do you feel you must cleanse negative energy from your presence?

There are several tools to help you live in domestic bliss and cleanse negative energy from your home and body. Many of us have experienced moments where we’ve felt something uneasy in our home, or in someone else’s house. This could have been the feeling that someone is watching us, or unexplained opening doors and noises. Most people experience negative energy from homes where traumatic events have occurred.

It’s important to learn how to cleanse negative energy for peace of mind and feeling of tranquility. Energy cleansing should be a part of your daily wellness routine and come from a place of love and light. If you notice your environment feeling heavy or stagnant, it’s time to cleanse negative energy around you. You will experience harmony and balance in your life once your home is purified. Learning how to cleanse negative energy will ease anxiety and stress and give you and your family a healthy place to rejuvenate the spirit.

Here’s how to cleanse negative energy:

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1. Sage, Frankincense, And Copal

Burning sage is one of the first things that comes to mind when it comes to getting rid of negative energy. It has been used for thousands of years among Native Americans for healing, during ritual ceremonies, to help heal sick tribal members, and to cleanse negative energy. Sage enhances intuition and neutralizes your energy field. Frankincense can be added or used as an alternative to purify energy and chase away bad frequencies with its honey aroma scent. Frankincense provides protection, eases feelings of anxiety and stress, and elevates spiritual awareness. Copal incense is one of the oldest forms of cleansing that was discovered in the burial grounds of the Aztec and Mayan ruins. Copal has powerful medicinal properties from natural tree resin that will create a positive state of mind.

2. Go Green

Plants naturally filter out and cleanse negative energy. It’s ideal that you place one in each room or space of your home. Plants can put you in a cheerful mood, purify the air, and drive away household pests. Orchids are mood boosters and can release extra oxygen at night, helping you sleep better. Succulents can ward off feelings of malice and envy, absorbing bad electromagnetic energy. Jasmine plants can build romance and strengthen relationships in a chaotic home.

3. Salt

Salt crystals have a built-in ability to absorb and cleanse negative energy. You can sprinkle salt on the carpets and vacuum after an hour, or place bowls of salt in areas of the room and remove after a few hours. To soothe your body with salt and clear the mind, take a bath with 1-2 cups of sea salt or Epsom salt a few times per week.

4. Use Room Spray

Buying or making a room spray with pure essential oils helps remove negative energy. Adding a few drops of sage oil into a spray bottle mixed with water works wonders. You can mix in some small crystals like obsidian, black onyx, and hematite to repel excess negative energy. Use the aromatherapy spray on your furniture, the air, your pets, and even yourself.

5. Black Tourmaline

Black tourmaline is one of the best crystals to cleanse negative energy. You can use it to decorate your windowsill or keep it in your purse or pocket while traveling. Black tourmaline crystals work well with those who need a little extra protection. Many crystal enthusiasts believe that they hold specific energies that can be transmitted into a room or human body.

6. Take a cleansing bath

You can prepare yourself for spiritual cleansing by merely taking a warm bath. Use essential oils or sea salt and focus on specific areas of your life that need cleansing.

7. Meditation

Praying to your higher power, practicing yoga, or repeating mantras are all forms of meditation. Meditation helps to dissolve negativity and allows yourself to detach from worries in a natural way. Through meditation, you will find deep inner harmony and peace.

8. Open Windows

Sunshine and fresh air have fantastic cleansing powers. The energy of the warm sun on your face and the wind blowing through your hair will help you feel like a new person. As long as the weather permits, open up all of the windows in your house and feel the cleansing air. Breath in and exhale all of the negative energy and repeat.

9. Feng Shui

This ancient system of balancing and harmonizing the environment requires specific placement of objects. There are specific rules when it comes to Feng Shui, but everyone has a unique energy system. You can change the furniture around and stay conscious of how the shifts make you feel emotionally.

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10. Remove Or Repair Things That Are Broken

Broken items in your home set a negative tone for what you will tolerate and accept in your life. If an object is irreparable, remove it from the house and your life. Instead, focus on maintaining existing working items such as plants and furniture and notice the change in your mood.

Negative thinking patterns must be dealt with to enhance our home environment and well-being. A cleanse of negative energy can solve any problem or situation you may be coming across in your life. All it takes is 5 to 10 minutes a couple of times a week to transform your life. When you cleanse negative energy, it will provide astounding results.

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