One of the most effective ways to change your life for the better is to cleanse negative energy from the environment that you live in. It may seem benign and something that is not so noteworthy. But where you live determines a surprisingly large portion of your well-being and can greatly affect your mood.

This was something that I underestimated until I found myself in a rut; no matter what I tired, I felt stuck in my life with my mood never seeming to truly lift. I decided to try out methods of cleansing the energy in my apartment and saw an almost instant benefit. When letting go of negative energies in one’s life, you can find that not only will you feel more confident about where you live. But you will also push yourself to do things you may not normally do.

Why is this? As it turns out, there is a strong link between your emotional headspace and your physical space. Amy B. Scher, a professional energy therapist, wrote a fascinating book describing this phenomenon in greater detail—it’s called How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can.

To help you take the steps in your own life to cleanse negative energy, we’ve compiled a list of tips you can follow to make noticeable changes to your life quickly and efficiently.

Here’s how your life can change when you cleanse negative energy:

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1. Clean Your Living Space Thoroughly

The first step you should be taking to remove negative energy from your living space is to give it a good clean. Change your bed sheets, give the floor a vacuum, put everything back in order; ensuring that your place is tidy and in order allows you to clear up some crucial headspace which can put you on the path to feeling better. Many find that they experience instant benefits from this, feeling comfortable and organized in their head when they can see it visualized and in front of them.

2. Rearrange Furniture And Your Layout to Cleanse Negative Energy

Following a tidy living space is making sure that the layout is comfortable for you—once you have a grasp on where exactly it is you’re living, you must ask yourself if it feels right for you. If it doesn’t, this doesn’t mean that you have to immediately throw out everything that makes your space unique. As an alternative, you can begin to re-arrange your space to give yourself more freedom overall.

For example, a huge trouble I had in cleansing my most recent apartment of negative energies was re-arranging it so the TV was not a focal point of the room. A lot of my negative energy comes from being distracted and absorbing the unpleasant events going on in the news, so changing the focal point of the room allowed me to not be drawn to my TV whenever I entered my apartment and keep watching the news to specific occasions.

3. Burn Incense To Smell A New Tomorrow

Changing the scent of your environment can play a huge role in decreasing the negative energies surrounding it. Incense is a great way to completely change the dynamic of your living space, also having an important role that can be utilized in meditation. By cleansing the air that you breathe, you will be allowing calmer, more pure elements into your body, no doubt affecting your mind and the way it sees and feels things.

4. Cleanse Negative Energy by Surrounding Yourself With Houseplants

One of Amy B. Scher’s most important tips in her book to healing yourself is to embrace the natural elements that can be combined with a living space. As humans, we are constantly navigating the technological compromise of embracing the benefits of technology while also staying connected with the natural environment that bore us. Because of this, bringing nature back into your home environment can greatly help you cleanse negative energy in a room. When picking out a houseplant that is right for you, we recommend checking out this list of houseplants to choose from.

5. Cleanse Yourself Of Unproductive Habits

Changing the environment in which you live is important for dealing with negative energy. But you’ll find that many of the attitudes we need to change must come from within as a means of coping. To cleanse negative energy, we recommend taking a closer look at the things that you do that may be clouding your general worldview. For many this may be related to mental illness and other struggles, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be.

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After trying the things listed above, I found that my life has changed significantly and for the better. One of the most amazing things about trying to cleanse negative energy is that it can be done. It often seems like a daunting task that requires a lot of changes to be made. But you’ll see how a little goes a long way when affecting your environment.

Negative energy can be a tumultuous thing, as it can overwhelm us and make us feel like there’s not much else we can do to fix it. By taking control of the energy by making changes in your surroundings, you can begin to take control of your life and all its potential!