An energy healer reads the auras of others and helps them remove blockages to free up stagnant energy. We’re all the products of our thoughts, feelings, and memories, so each of us faces different challenges. Ideally, our energy would flow freely, and we’d have no self-created inhibitions or limits.

We could easily tap into our intuition, that inner voice that helps us discern right from wrong. This acts as an antenna, helping us reach higher realms to guide us in the right direction. When we have static in our energy field, it prevents us from hearing this voice. So, an energy healer’s job involves clearing these blocked energies to embody our highest selves.

Energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon explains more about this concept, revealing how we can shift our inner frequency to change our outer world. Hopefully, this advice will empower and remind you that you’re who you’ve been waiting for. Everything you need lies within. You have to quiet those inner voices that hold you back.

Energy Healer Explains How to Raise Your Vibration to Change Your Life


Everything you see around you appears as solid matter, but energy vibrates at various frequencies. Vibrations of light and sound comprise every living thing on Earth. We all come from the same source; the only difference lies in our thoughts and feelings. These determine our consciousness, which constantly fluctuates according to our reactions to stimuli.

The world may seem like a chaotic, random mess, but it’s a projection of our consciousness. What we think manifests outwardly, determining our reality. That’s why two people can look at something and have entirely different perceptions about it.

When most of us vibrate at higher frequencies, we have peace, harmony, and love. When most people live in lower frequencies, we see fear, hatred, and divisiveness. Our reality on this dense realm we call Earth stems from the cumulation of karma. We have a lot of karma to work out in this current incarnation.

However, we can change outcomes and create a more harmonious world through energy healing. Christie gives some insight on how we can work together to manifest the reality we wish to see.

She says that by understanding energy, “you will then be tapped into the causal plane where everything can be changed.” This realm houses very finely vibrating energy essentially composed of ideas or thoughts. If you can tap into this higher frequency, you can change your thoughts and manifest your desires.

The energy healer explains it further: “Everything you see in the out-picturing of your life is the effect of your life. And everything that created it was created by your thoughts, beliefs, ideologies, and every judgment you’ve ever bought or sold to or from somebody. So those points of view make up your reality.”

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

She also cites the Maharishi Effect phenomenon, named after the yogi Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Known as the founder of Transcendental Meditation, Maharishi stated that if just 1% of the population meditated deeply, it could produce noticeable positive shifts in the world.

Christie spoke on a study by Maharishi where he placed 7,000 monks in various cities across the globe. Afterward, they measured what happened before and after in those cities using scientific methods. In one location, the crime rate dropped 22%. In other cities, pollution decreased, and in Tel Aviv, the stock market went up.

These outcomes prove that we have power beyond measure and can consciously influence our environment.

The energy healer also discussed a book by renowned spiritual teacher and psychiatrist Dr. David R. Hawkins in her talk. Called Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, the book contains a scale of human emotions. He ranked them from low frequency to high frequency, assigning a rating to each one. The scale is as follows, from high to low vibrational thought:

  • 700+
  • 600
  • 540
  • 500
  • 400
  • 350
  • 310
  • 250
  • 200
  • 175
  • 150
  • 125
  • 100
  • 75
  • 50
  • 30
  • 20

How to Understand These Numbers

As you can see from this scale, guilt and shame produce the lowest frequencies. Christie says that in her clients, she finds that people who harbor these emotions have the most resistance to change. However, by figuring out where these feelings stem from, it’s possible to move past them.

By removing these long-standing beliefs and thoughts which create your being, you can effectively become more “you.” We all can reflect love, peace, and harmony, raising our frequency beyond fear and hatred. What kind of world we wish to create is up to us, but most people live unconsciously. They go about their days on autopilot, not really consciously thinking about their actions.

Simply becoming aware of your thoughts can create a dramatic difference in your life. To do this, sit quietly in the mornings and reflect on your inner world without distractions. Notice what thoughts come up – are they positive or negative? If you want to create a more peaceful, fulfilling life, use positive affirmations such as:

  • I am enough.
  • I can do this!
  • I’m a happy, positive person.
  • I love myself and everyone around me.
  • I believe in myself.

Saying these statements to yourself each day will help you become your energy healer and move past distressing emotions. Remember, you’re the one you’ve been waiting for; what you think, you become.

Final Thoughts on Lessons From an Energy Healer to Raise Your Vibration

Be careful what you speak into your life; it’s a conversation with the Universe. If you want a happy life, pay attention to your innermost thoughts and feelings. Energy healer Christie Sheldon explains that you have to go deep within to bring about healing in your life.

By peeling back these layers, you can start to reflect on your true self: a loving, blissful, conscious being. You’re a manifestation of the universe and have a divine purpose on this Earth. You have to quiet the noise in your head and remember who you indeed are.