Life gets tough sometimes, and self-belief goes a long way in helping you develop a tough skin that can overcome life’s challenges. Studies show that for you to lead a happy and fulfilling life, you need to be confident in yourself and have high self-esteem. No one was born confident, or with high self-esteem, it takes self-initiative to work on yourself and build self confidence.

Damaging life experiences can only shape and define who you are if you let them. You can use cognitive behavioral strategy to talk yourself through self-doubt and build high self-esteem. Often people speak negatively to self; it is important that whatever you tell yourself is positive and encouraging. Even while facing your fears for the first time, it is crucial for you to be positive about the outcome of such an endeavor even before you complete the process.

Here’s how to build self confidence & self esteem:

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1. Working on Self Love

Build confidence instead of Negative self-talk since its one of the most effective ways you can use to tear down your self-esteem and self confidence. You should learn how to replace your negative comments with positive and encouraging ones. Even though the emotional and psychological wounds you have might not have been self-inflicted, you are the only one who can heal them. As you learn to love yourself, you realize that your perspective becomes positive and optimistic.

Developing self-love can be done by:

• Learning to be your own cheerleader

People’s support for you will only count if you too believe in yourself first. Remember that persistence is key in the journey of self-actualization as can easily be back at square one with just one negative comment.

• Make it a habit of complimenting yourself

Always celebrate your successes and encourage yourself when you face setbacks. Building confidence does not happen overnight; it takes time for your brain to be convinced of the compliments you give yourself. Speaking comments out loud while you look back at your image in the mirror can help as it is you actually talking to yourself helps build self confidence.

2. Surround yourself with Positivity

In order for you to build self confidence, you should surround yourself with positive energy. Seeking out company that adds value to your life will not only help you build confidence but also grow in other sectors of your life.

Surrounding yourself with positivity comes in two different ways;

• Being around positive people

Build confidence by associating yourself with individuals who are positive minded gives you an idea of what confidence looks like. You can even observe a confident person and learn how to show confidence through them. Before you allow yourself to get attached to anyone, ensure that the reason you are attracted to them is that they have a positive attitude. Make sure it is not because they also have low self-esteem. Comments you get from other people might seem like just words, but they carry a lot of weight. Do not let people weigh you down, shielding off negativity will assist you build self confidence.

• Being in a Positive Environment

It goes a long way be in a positive, vibrant environment because it nourishes you and gives you the energy to move forward. The journey of building self confidence and high self-esteem is a continuous and a non-stopping one. As a human being, you are a social being who longs for a personal connection with an individual. It is only in a positive environment that you will be able to meet positive minded people you can connect with. Having a personal connection with someone who has a positive attitude towards life guarantees that this positive energy will rub off on you, one way or another.

Final Thoughts

To succeed in your quest to build self confidence, you should remember to be consistent and intentional. It will not come easy. But putting in all the effort will prove to be worth it in the long run. There are a lot of opportunities in life that you can only grab and work with if you are confident enough. Decide today to make sure self-doubt does not get in the way of tour success. You deserve to feel confident about who you are and what you are capable of doing.

Have an image of who you want to be in your mind and take positive steps towards being that person. Little details like taking care of your health and dressing up might seem negligible. But they contribute massively to boost your confidence. Confidence is armor you wear every day when you feel good in your own skin, it reflects to the public.