Signs of Angels have increased dramatically in recent years, but even if you cannot see them physically, they can still communicate with you through other methods.

Even if you have never had encounters with otherworldly, divine beings before, we all have our own spirit guides or angels, that can help us here on Earth if we simply do our part to connect with them. Beyond the veil of the 3D reality, we can access celestial beings in the higher realms that want to guide us through any adversity we face during these times.

If you want to start connecting with your angels, here are 5 ways you can get through to them:

Are angels or spirit guides around you? Look for these signs.

1. Pay attention to any physical sensations you feel.

Angels like to communicate with us through the physical realm, so you don’t need to do anything with this method other than taking note of your surroundings. For example, if the temperature in the room suddenly changes, or you start noticing goosebumps on your skin or an unexplainable presence near you, these could all be signs of an angelic being making itself known to you.

Angels operate on a different frequency than humans, so they usually like to connect with us in non-verbal ways.

2. Meditate and ask for your angels to make themselves known to you.

Because angels communicate through a higher vibration, meditation provides an excellent way to get in touch with them since it heightens your own frequency. During your meditation, ask for your angels to give you a sign of their presence at some point during the day. They normally don’t respond immediately; since we operate on a lower frequency here on Earth, it can take time for them to receive your message.

However, sitting in silence will block out all the other noise and distractions in our current reality, and will give you the perfect opportunity to hear your angels communicate with you.

3. Make note of any times you see repeating numbers or hear a song frequently played on the radio.

According to Doreen Virtue, seeing the numbers 11:11 frequently means that your angels are trying to send you a divine message and that your thoughts are manifesting almost instantly into physical form. The more you see numbers repeat themselves, especially 1’s, the stronger the connection between you and your angels. Start to slow down and pay attention to what’s around you; more and more people seem to notice repeating numbers today, which means our angels desperately want us to hear their messages. Also, if you hear a song played often on the radio that seems to have relevance in your life at the moment, your angels might be trying to send you a direct message through that medium.

4. Before you go to bed at night, ask for your angels to appear in your dreams.

Angels also love to send messages through dreams, because you technically enter an alternate reality in your dream state, making it easier for them to communicate any necessary information with you. Before going to sleep each night, simply send out a loving message for your angels, telling them that you wish to see them in your dreams.

Even if they don’t appear that exact night, they have heard your message and will make themselves known to you in the coming days. In your dream, they will likely reiterate the thoughts you regularly pay attention to in your waking state or possibly warn you of any upcoming dangers or roadblocks.

5. Pray for their assistance in your life.

Doreen Virtue, a renowned psychic, angel healer, and motivational speaker says that “No angel shall interfere with a human’s life unless asked, with the sole exception of a life-threatening emergency” in her book, Angel Therapy. To receive help, we must ask for it first, because the angels will always respond to our cries for help.

Even if we don’t speak the words aloud, they can tune into our internal pleas for guidance and comfort, and offer that to us instantly as long as we have a true need for the angels in our lives. They want to help you, so don’t hesitate to call on them for support when you need it most.