Death is a fact of life. We all have our unique ways of handling the grief that comes with mourning a death. This pain is the same whether you lose a friend, family member or loved one. We all know the pain caused by losing someone so close to us. The best way to get through this experience is to express these feelings while reminding yourself of the good times you shared with them.

Motivational Quotes to Remember When Mourning a Death

It isn’t easy to find light and positivity in life after the passing of a loved one. These feelings of sadness, anger, and grief may stay with you for a while.

Though there isn’t a quick way to get over these feelings, it does help to know you’re not alone. Sharing motivational quotes can help you or a loved one find the support needed at this difficult time. Consider the following motivational quotes when you’re mourning a death:

1. “The truth is that you’ll grieve forever. There is no “getting over” losing a loved one, but you’ll learn to adjust to this reality. You’ll start to heal, rebuilding yourself around this loss. You’ll be whole again in the future, though you’ll never be quite the same.

Even though you may wish things were different, you’re a changed person now–you shouldn’t be the same, and you shouldn’t want to be.” –Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Grief changes us. Though we may hope against hope that we could have our loved ones with us, this is the way life is. This process changes you, and you must accept this transition and transformation.

Don’t try to rush the grieving process. Though experiencing this pain while mourning a death is uncomfortable, it’s part of the pathway to healing. As time goes on, you’ll learn to cope with this pain and eventually find a way to deal with your grief.

2. “Those we love never go away completely; they walk next to us every day. Though they’re unseen and unheard, they’re always near, always loved, always missed, and always dear.” –Unknown

Our memories are where our loved ones live. Though they may no longer be with us physically, we can carry them with us in our hearts and minds. This way, we never have to let them go.

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3. “In the gardens of memory, the palaces of dreams, this is where we will meet.” —Alice Through the Looking Glass

This quote from Alice Through the Looking Glass is a beautiful reminder that we will see our loved ones again. Hold tight to your dearest memories and dreams of your loved ones. Though this won’t be the same as having them there with you, they’ll always be alive in this way.

4. “The people we enjoy and love deeply can never be lost. All those we love deeply are destined to become part of us.” –Helen Keller

Quotes like this one from Helen Keller reminds us that our deepest feelings are never in vain and never lost. Remember that those you’ve loved dearly will always be a part of you, regardless of your paths in life.

5. “What if they aren’t really stars in the night sky? What if stars are the openings where loved ones shine their lights on us, letting us see how happy they are.” –Unknown

This quote helps us look at the world differently. Think of the stars and the universe around you. They serve as a reminder that your loved ones are looking out for you. Though life goes on, your loved ones are never truly gone or forgotten.

6. “God gave us a memory, so we can still have roses in the month of December.” — J.M. Barrie

The beauty of our memories is that we can vividly remember the most beautiful experiences. Just as we can envision roses during the coldest days of the year, our minds give us the ability to keep our loved ones as close as possible.

7. “If there is ever a day where we aren’t together, keep me inside your heart, and I’ll be there forever.” –Winnie the Pooh

This quote from Winnie the Pooh reminds us of the real power of love. Though our loved ones may no longer be with us physically, our love will keep them alive.

Hold tight to the memories of your loved ones, and they’ll be inside of your heart forever.

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8. “It’s okay to admit whenever you’re not okay.” — Unknown

We aren’t always going to be okay, especially when grieving a loss. As you are in the midst of grief, remember that it’s perfectly fine to feel how you do.

Remember, it gets better. Take time to honor your feelings now, but remember that you won’t always feel this way.

9. “There are those that bring such a bright light to the world. That the light remains, even long after they’re gone.” –Unknown

The real impact of a life is most often felt after that person is no longer with us. Though there is pain, there is also a beauty. Find beauty in the light your loved one left behind with their legacy.

10. “Embody all the things that you enjoyed most about your loved ones that have gone on.” –Unknown

Though we keep our loved ones in our hearts, this isn’t the only way to keep them alive. Practice what you’ve learned from them. Embody their most exceptional qualities. In this way, they’ll always be with you.

11.“Scars are testaments to the relationship and love you had with a loved one. If your scar is deep, the love was as well.” –Unknown

Most of us are afraid to feel deeply because we fear getting hurt. However, wholeheartedly loving allows us to feel the same love in return. Even though we may feel pain when we mourn the death of that person, the scars we carry with us serve as a reminder of what we had with our loved one.

12. “Death gives us a challenge. Death tells us to never waste our time. It reminds us to share our love with each other as much as possible.” –Leo Buscaglia

As much as we hate the pain and grief that comes after a loved one passes on, it is a clear reminder of how we should live our lives. The reality of death shows us that our time is limited.

Make the most of each day by living to the fullest and loving as hard as you can.

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13. “You’ll survive. You’ll keep going and find a purpose within the chaos. When you move on (and you will), this doesn’t mean that you’ve let go.” –MaryVanHaute

Many are afraid to let go of the pain they feel after a loved one passes on. Though this pain is part of the grieving process, so is healing.

Don’t fear healing. When you eventually move on, this doesn’t mean you’ve let your loved one go.

14. “Grit your teeth; let it hurt. You shouldn’t deny your feelings, but don’t be overwhelmed either. These feelings won’t last forever.” –Harold Kushner

The pain felt when we are mourning the death of our loved one moves on isn’t comfortable, but we must let it hurt. Experience this discomfort–eventually, the pain will subside.

15. “ This isn’t goodbye, darling. This is my thank you. Thank you for being in my life, thank you for giving me joy.” –Nicholas Sparks

Don’t view this time as an end to your love, relationship, or friendship. Take the time now to express gratitude for your loved one and the bond you shared with them.

16. “ I’m lucky to have someone that makes it so hard to say goodbye.” –Winnie the Pooh

Winnie the Pooh’s quote shows us that we can find positivity amidst the sadness.

Though our loved ones have moved on, we were lucky to experience them in our lives.

17. “Until we meet once again: The special memories you and I share will always make me smile. If only you could come back, just for a while. Then we’d talk again like we used to. You meant so much to me and always will too. Though you’re not here and I’m in pain, you’re always in my heart, ‘til we meet again.” –Unknown

This poem is a potent reminder that we’ll always have the smiles, laughs, conversations, and other memories from our loved ones. Though it hurts to lose them in our lives, they’re never truly gone.

Keep the memory of your loved ones alive in your heart, and they’ll be close to you forever.

mourning a deathFinal Thoughts on Motivational Quotes To Remember When Mourning a Death

Don’t feel as though you need to force yourself to move past your current emotions. Take the time you need to express every feeling you have at this time.

Keep these quotes in mind as you work to find healing. Find hope in knowing that you’re never alone and that your loved ones are still with you.