Thanks to modern technology, you can get directions to any place in the world by GPS. You don’t have to pull over and try to pinpoint your destination on a paper map. How can prophetic or intuitive dreams and your sixth sense act as a GPS for your soul’s journey?

It takes a while to learn how to trust your gut instincts. Humans don’t naturally have confidence in what they can’t see or understand. When you focus on your inner voice through the filter of intuitive dreams, you can build faith in the intangible.

Fortunately, you needn’t be a mystic or a self-professed psychic to use this gift. It’s available to anyone willing to go beyond analytics to the realms of spirituality. Although it’s imperative to make rational choices, you’ll find that your sixth sense can also guide you on the right path.

Ways Intuitive Dreams Reinforce Your Gut Instincts

Can you discern valuable information during your sleep? How do you know when your higher self speaks through these night visions? These are ten ways intuitive dreams reinforce your gut instincts.

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1. Your Intuitive Dreams Follow Your Inner Voice

Let’s face it; some night visions are just a product of your imagination, subliminal suggestion, or too much late-night television. When your dream has a meaningful scenario or theme, your inner voice will validate it.

For example, you’ve always wanted to start a small business, and you intuitively feel it’s in your stars. Then, you have a vivid dream of working in your store just as you had imagined. Prophetic dreams can work with your inner voice and the Universe to bring your visions into reality.

2. You Have an Unexplainable Feeling

When you begin to trust messages from your intuitive dreams, you may also have physical signs. These are often unexplainable feelings of calm and contentment around your heart. You instinctively know that your vision is speaking peace to your soul.

However, some prophetic dreams are a warning to do or not do something. Some may alert you of toxic people or situations. In these cases, you may notice an uncomfortable tightness in your chest or an unsettling feeling in the pit of your stomach, which is there to tell you that something isn’t right.

Soon, you’ll identify these cautionary feelings and will trust them more. The more poignant the message, the stronger your intuitive feelings will be. They can be helpful when you have an intuitive dream about a dilemma in your life.

How do you explain a mother who awoke from a disturbing dream about her adult child who lives hundreds of miles away? She calls them in the middle of the night only to discover that they’ve been battling deep depression. Those internal feelings boosted her maternal instincts, and she knew what to do.

3. Your Intuitive Dreams Comes True

How more obvious must the Universe be than to make your dreams come true? When you see your smaller goals come to fruition, you’ll trust your intuition more for the bigger ones. It’s all related to the law of attraction.

Your success may begin with a prophetic vision during sleep. Or you may have planned goals in your mind that manifested in a foretelling dream. Either way, you declare positive affirmations into the Universe, which attracts what you desire.

Some may consider such instances as self-fulfilling prophecies, which aren’t always bad. If you foresee a goal and do what it takes to fulfill it, then you’re still using intuition. All aspirations start in mind and culminate with positive action and determination.

It’s a way to build faith in yourself and realize that anything is possible. True, it would help if you put forth an effort, but your hard work will pay off in the long run. Seeing the culmination of your goals is a massive boost to your intuition.

4. You Have More Vivid Dreams

According to an article published by the Sleep Foundation, vivid dreams seem so real that they are usually easy to recall. They can be happy and comforting or a scary nightmare. The article also recommends that you keep a dream journal to record the details of your night visions so you can remember them.

Paying more attention to your sixth sense may induce more vivid and intuitive dreams. In these, you’re keenly aware that you’re dreaming, and you can control the actions and outcome to a certain extent. The more you practice interpreting these night visions, the more intuitive you may become.

Not all nightmares have a sinister interpretation. For example, you continually dream about being chased by an unseen assailant. Your higher self uses symbols to help you realize that you’re stalling on a critical decision.

5. You Have More Clarity

Maybe one of the reasons you’re not fully connected with your inner voice is that you’re too busy. It’s a struggle to keep up with family, work, and your other social responsibilities. Plus, you deal with the constant jabbering in your brain that’s often negative and discouraging.

Clearing your mind with meditation or a good night’s sleep can open your heart to your higher self. The soft and gentle Voice that knew you before you were born can give you the clarity you need to reach your greatest aspirations. All you must do is be still and know.

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6. You Become More Inspired and Creative

Have you ever received the solution to a problem or found a creative outlet through a dream? If so, you’re in good company. An article published by Reader’s Digest discusses world-changing inventions revealed to the artist through intuitive dreams.

Among these stellar creations are Einstein’s theory of relativity, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, and Kekule’s structure of molecules. During the solitude of the night, these brilliant people received precognitive inspiration. Their names went down in history because they listened to their inner voice.

If these folks can be inspired by their nocturnal messages, so can you. A famous invention or the world’s next great novel may be revealed in your sleep. You may even dream of a solution to a problem you’ve been battling for years.

7. You Make Decisions More Easily

Everyone comes to a crossroads at least once in their lifetime. You stand at the fork in the road and worry about making the wrong decision. It’s a dire scene taken straight from Stockton’s “The Lady, or the Tiger.”

The good news is that your inner voice and intuitive dreams can make your decisions easier to make. Once you trust your intuition, you have the confidence that it won’t misguide you. You’ll be more apt to be patient and discern the path that’s best for you.

8. You Are More Attuned to Your Needs

Are you comfortable in your mind, or do you feel like your inner voice is a stranger? Consider this intuitive dialogue like one of your best friends. The only way to cultivate a lasting relationship is to communicate often and efficiently.

While you’re cozy in your bed at night, your higher self speaks to you in symbols and intuitive dreams. Try to listen with all your attention, respect, and gratitude. After all, you are one with your inner voice and the Universe.

9. Your Intuitive Dreams Translate Into Better Relationships

If you’ve ever been on a blind date, you’re familiar with the uncertainty and awkwardness. On the one hand, you don’t want to miss out on somebody that may be your soulmate. However, you also don’t want to spend the evening with a boring person with whom you’ve nothing in common.

Maybe you’ve visualized your soulmate in a sweet night vision. You’ve seen their face, heard their voice, and may even know their name. Such a gift is possible but uncommon. Most sensitive people get an indescribable impression when they meet the right person.

Your sixth sense may lead you to the person of your dreams. It can also protect you from a potentially toxic relationship. You may meet an attractive person who seems to be your perfect match, yet your gut feeling tells you something different.

10. You, Will, Feel More Purpose in Your Life

Finding purpose in life remains to be a big question. Why were you born, and what were you meant to do? Perhaps you’ll only realize your destination when you’ve arrived.

Intuitive dreams provide essential clues for your highest aspirations and purpose. They may give you the courage to change directions in your career or relationships. Your inner voice can only gently suggest, but it’s up to you to take the first step.

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Final Thoughts on Intuitive Dreams and How The Reaffirm Your Gut Instincts

Civilizations have tried to interpret their dreams since the beginning. Just a quick online search can yield countless dream interpretation guides. They’re fine for general information, but your inner voice will reveal more.

Prophetic dreams and gut instincts work in tandem for your best interests. According to your affirmations, they are intrinsically connected to the Universe and use the law of attraction. Those scenes that flow through your mind while sleeping may hold the key to unlocking your destiny.