How To Find Your Soulmate Without Even Looking

How To Find Your Soulmate Without Even Looking


In this generation, one of the rare things to find is true love. More so, a soulmate. Someone having a trail of exes and finding it difficult to trust them is the current trend. To some, love was buried long ago with the ancestors. To others, their perfect person is only in their minds. They are still trying to find them in different people and places. This is the mystery of Love.

This doesn’t entirely mean they don’t exist. In fact, everyone has his/her soulmate somewhere just that you have to recognize them. And here is where most of us fail. When you think you found yours, they do something that automatically alters your conviction and the process of finding begins.
Let’s have a look at how to attract a soulmate (without even looking);

Focus and work on yourself

Vironika Tugaleva once said that a soulmate is not found, they are recognized and I tend to agree with her to a bigger extent. Most of us are all around looking for the right person. Our conviction when we don’t find them is “I’ve been looking in the wrong place”, or, “I have been using the wrong methods.” We get carried away in the business of looking that we even forget ourselves in the process. The secret is simple. Stop finding the ‘one’ and start working on that person within you.
If you are still looking for the right one, trying one relationship to the other, then you need to shift your focus. The missing part of the puzzle is not in the world, it is within you. Take time to heal your wounds, explore, develop and accept yourself. Learn to be whole by yourself. In other words, enjoy being single first before you get to enjoy being with someone else.

Be yourself

Oftenly, people will try to alter who they are to impress others in their quest for finding the right one. There are two possible outcomes in this case. One is that you’re likely to find someone similar to who you are pretending to be or the right person will not recognize you in your pretentious nature. In the process, you might never find your right person.
Just be yourself, do what you love to do and your right one will find you. You are more attractive to your soulmate if you are yourself.

Don’t be too rushy

This sounds too cliché’ right? Yes, it may be, but most of us have been victims of rushing into romantic relationships probably thinking its true love. In most cases, when you feel a connection to someone, you’d try to catch their attention by being seductive. If they are your right one, be sure they’re also into you. If you both pay attention to the signs of true love and allow it to develop then there’s a chance it will be a successful relationship.
If you feel the urge to have them as soon as possible, then you really need to check yourself. It might be lust which will eventually be disappointing.

Cultivate desirable traits in yourself

What traits would you enjoy in your partner? Make a list of those traits and try to develop them in yourself. If you would want to have a humorous person, sports persons or an instrumentalist, try to learn and enjoy these things. In the long run, you will be able to sustain the relationship when that person comes.


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