10 Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

10 Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

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As you continue to journey on your spiritual path, you will probably hear the term  “twin flame” somewhere along the way. Twin flames possess the same soul, just in two different bodies, and may or may not incarnate at the same time here on Earth. When twin flames reunite, the entire energy of the universe shifts due to the immense power generated by both souls coming back together as one.

Twin flames seem to converge throughout many lifetimes here on Earth and on other planets, so when they meet again, it feels like they’ve known one another forever. If you need some reassurance and guidance to know if you have indeed crossed paths with your twin flame these signs will help bring you clarity.

10 Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame



1. You feel an overwhelmingly powerful connection with them, unlike any you’ve ever felt before.

You feel like you have walked into a lighter vibration in their presence, and don’t feel as affected by the troubles in our Earthly realm right now. Finally, you feel perfectly balanced and aligned with Source energy when you’re with them.

2. You have had intense dreams or visions of them reappearing in your life, and felt their presence long before they manifested physically.

You also experienced other synchronicities, such as seeing 11:11 on the clock, feeling waves of good energy wash over you for no particular reason, hearing a song playing frequently on the radio, or other signs from your angels or messengers.


Things in your life seem to manifest much more quickly than before, and your partner or love interest experiences these phenomena as well.

3. You have past life memories with this person and can recall vivid details from your previous experiences together.

Seeing your partner in person felt like “coming home,” and they trigger strong emotions in you because of the intensity of the connection.

4. Though you and your partner share the same soul, you have significant differences in your personality, demeanor, likes, dislikes, and other traits.

Your twin flame understands you at a deep soul level as no one else can, but on the surface, you seem to be polar opposites. You complement one another’s strengths and weaknesses, perfectly exemplifying the yin/yang energies.

5. You have an extremely telepathic or psychic connection with your partner, and can, therefore, sense when something is amiss, when they’re thinking or talking about you, or when they distance themselves from you.

Because both of you have such a profound connection to one another, you experience the same emotions and illnesses at the same time quite often. Their pain is your pain; their happiness is your happiness.


6. It’s likely that the first time both of you met, you were in relationships already, or just didn’t feel prepared to come together and serve the universe through the love you both had for one another.

Twin flame relationships are the most powerful on Earth, and both people have to feel spiritually, mentally, and emotionally ready to handle such a passionate, meaningful connection.

One of you may have run from the other, shielding yourself from the vulnerability you would inevitably feel in the relationship. Years may have passed before you met up again, but now you both have healed old wounds and have grown on your individual paths. Now, you both feel capable of enduring life’s challenges together, and serving humanity in a similar way.

7. Despite all of the hardships you may go through in life, you both continue to evolve together and make one another better people.

While you may feel unbearable pain at times in the relationship, you come out stronger, wiser, and better able to navigate the Earthly realms.

You realize that both of you were meant to be together in order to raise the vibrational frequency of the Earth, and aid humanity during these turbulent times as we shift into a new paradigm. You know that you couldn’t accomplish the same goals with anyone else, as you and your twin flame share the same visions for your future.


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8. Being apart from your twin flame for any lengthy amount of time feels unendurable, and you function best in their presence.

While you can go about your days on your own, you feel a deep sense of longing for your twin flame, and may even suffer physical symptoms during times of separation.

9. You understand more about yourself and this human experience than you ever have before when united with your partner; he or she takes you to new depths of your soul that you didn’t even know existed before meeting them.

Exciting plans continue to unfold for the two of you, and at lightning speed. You finally know what it feels like to ride the rollercoaster of life. And for once, you let your hands wave wildly in the air because you know you’re safe in your partner’s hands.



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10. No matter what annoys you about your partner, you can overlook these unappealing habits or personality traits, because you have unconditional love for them.

You couldn’t imagine yourself expanding your consciousness so deeply with anyone else. Plus, you know that you both belong together on this soul journey.



11 thoughts on “10 Signs You’ve Found Your Twin Flame

  1. Twin reflections only appear in a 1000 years. Though much about this had been revealed to us. All the people who believe that they have met their twin are advertising falsely. Twins are highly mature souls, they will never write about themselves or expose any of their experiences yet the world will know about them. The world will recognise them by their strong love. Now can you make an informed guess who the last pair was to appear together on earth?

  2. I met my twin flame 2 years ago and I didnt realise he was my twin soul. However, I did have a very odd feeling as if he is my very old friend who is really happy to see me and wanted to have a good chat about what has been happening in his life. We talked till early hours in the morning and he came over to my place to crash.
    It was not till 7 months later that I had a dream where an angel drove me and my twin soul to a house and showed me a pair of twin babies. The angel also touched me on my forehead where the third eye sits and smiled at me. Throughout the entire dream, I was very much aware that me and my twin soul were connected together like a pair of Siamese twins. We are still together and I sometimes wonder whether the angels have spoken to him as well.

  3. I am trying to decide which man is my true twinflame. one is younger and we’ve had a roller lCoaster ride of a relationship. however a man 29 years ago that we fell in love fast and hard yet he left bc he was afraid of his strong feelings. we have reconnected recently. it took me until I met the younger man to stop thinking about him until about 2 years ago and we have talked a lot and he wants me to come see him so I am next week. I can’t explain it all here but they both sound like it and one is the soulmate to help me grow or take the place of until my twinglame is ready. both we have broken up and kept coming back in some way. they are both similar in build. yet one is my opposite and no one like and the other I’m so much like and everyone supports I have recently tried to breakup with the younger man but he wants to be with me forever but h wants me to be thin so his peers will think I’m hot and he won’t have to explain why he’s with me. the other says he who you are and he’s like a truth serum. I spill everything to him. I’m whole without him yet enjoy him but the young one I’m having a hard time Leto g go and he as well but we just have different values and opinions that affect our being together. he wants to fix everything but I feel he’s codependent the other is not he’s living the life of leisure and is kind generous and can sense me even though we have not seen each other yet. I’m living with the young one but visiting the other while visiting my son next week. I hate cheating but my young one has never been with anyone but me and he talks about still getting a chance to have sex with someone his own age. he doesn’t get why this or asking me to lose weight is a problem. I don’t know if sparks will fly again with old BF or not but I would t do this with Ny other man.

  4. I’ve known my twin flame all my life, we grew up together. Always friendly to one another, he dated a friend of mines and I decided then to just be friends. So, we have been just friends cooling and chilling together, never intimate until this year august. We have the same mole on our arms, his left and my right arm. Never heard about twin flames until yesterday. And my twin has been having so many tantrums about the love and emotion he has for me and we been together just about every day. He doesn’t leave my side and I love it. Once we connected, I knew it was something special, I just couldn’t put a finger on it cause it felt way deeper than a soul mate. We went out one night and he was telling me his plans and he was like this isn’t for just right now I’m in this forever. The fact that we’ve been friends and respected one another before our intimacy makes us tighter. I had a dream about him for the first time since I’ve known him, maybe a few weeks or month before we was intimate. The dream was very transparent as if GOD was ensuring that I didn’t miss him.

  5. Yes, I found my twin flames last year. We passed the difficulties together. Sometimes we fought. Sometimes we laughed. Sometimes we have strange feeling in physically together. I think we could not recognize that we are twin flames. But he got girlfriend last six months. I feel pain until now. I think he lied himself. But I did not tell anything because it is his choice.

  6. I was so blessed to spend 2 years together with my twin flame before he left this earth in 2014. He continues to send me messages and let me know we will find each other again someday. I wear a memorial ring that says we are bonded eternally, and I believe that is true.

  7. I am a married man with 5kids between my wife and I. Recently my wife had a profound experience, a spiritual awakening.She is an empathy and works with spirit in aiding people. At first this experience was very uncomfortable for me, I didn’t understand what was happening. I will fast forward through the turmoil it has caused.
    so with her experience she pushed a lot of her new views onto me. At first and second I was very closed to the idea,well over some time I have opened and even invited healers into my life to help me heal and ascend to the higher vibrations with the influence of my wife.
    well recently a women has come and practiced pranic healing on me. My reaction to this style of healing was instant. We saw each other for two weeks one time a day. I thought about her a little and was very grateful for her help. Well the 3rd time we met we were alone and something profound has happened since that meeting we connected on a different level, this feeling was different than any other feeling. I began to think about her a lot and I wasn’t sure what was happening. there was very strong joyful feelings, this was making me uncomfortable since im married and have been with my wife for 10 yrs. Ishared my feelings with my wife, knowing she could feel it. Our next time I met with my teacher I shared how I was feeling and the uncomfortableness it was causing. She said she was feeling the same. This has taken off like rocketship.she is more developed in spirituality, she can journey and has a connection with spirit and guides, well both her and my wife have similar connections with the divine.
    So, with both of them trying to figure out what was happening the conclusion has been that my teacher and I are twin flames and that my wife and my relationship is a karmic soul mate relation. I am really new to this concept, but I feel this is out of anyones control. I am so drawn to her and I believe this because things have been changing for me. I am becoming more loving towards everyone and sensitive like crazy,feeling intense feelings of love, sadness, joy and obstacles are being lifted away like my thought of ownership is being lifted and I feel the freedom expanding. this is very difficult to deal with for all of us, certainly my wife I cant imagine the feelings she is experiencing, makes me sad, but on the otherhand I am so excited about the purpose. I mean to think that I play an important part in this universe like this is exhilarating and so cool.ever since I was 11 or 12 yrs old I knew something went way wrong with the way things were setup for people, and the world seemed very dreary. I always thought that I would play a role in changing the way it is and now its all coming together. I am not sure what this looks like later, but for now I am enjoying the transformation that is happening. I love my wife dearly and she is up and down with emotions. she must be the strong one cause im pretty sure if this was switched my guns would be loaded and ready.
    this is my experience with this so far, I am very conscious of her feelings and don’t want to hurt her, but again I feel this is out of humanely control and seems to be rapidly moving forward. I also feel very fortunate that we have found each other.

  8. I have found my twin flame. She lives 2000 miles away from me in this physical realm, but I feel her with me all of the time. This has proven to be the hardest and most trying relationship I’ve ever had. I’ve never loved another woman on this level. It’s simultaneously the scariest and most thrilling feeling I’ve ever experienced!

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