Dream meanings can range from silly to insightful. While there’s no agreement on the different types and what they represent, there have been enough studies on the subject to know that there’s a definite link between thoughts and dreams.

Men don’t always realize this. They don’t always examine and interpret their dreams as women do, but they’re missing out. Men can benefit from dream analysis just as much as everyone else!

If you’re a man who has been thinking about your dreams, here are 12 common themes and what they might mean for you.

12 Dream Meanings Than Men Often overlook

1. Teeth Problems

If you dream about your teeth falling out, it isn’t a sign that you need to go to the dentist. It’s a sign that you lack in confidence about something.

Our teeth are one of the first things that people notice about us. That’s why the teeth whitening industry is worth billions of dollars, and it’s why everyone fears lettuce getting stuck in their teeth while on dates.

The quality of your smile says something about you, so if you dream about cracked, yellowed or missing teeth, it probably has less to do with your oral hygiene and more to do with an unresolved issue in your life that’s causing self-esteem problems.

2. Women

It’s common for men to dream about women, but the meaning isn’t always related to dating or relationships. In fact, many dreams about women have nothing to do with Marvin Gaye at all.

Since men are socialized to bury their emotions, they might dream about a woman expressing the feelings that they can’t or don’t want to show. For example, a crying woman might represent their urge to cry about something, or a stressed woman might be dealing with the pressure and anxiety that they’re facing in their own life.

These dream meanings exist because women are “allowed” to show emotions in ways that men are not. If your subconscious needs to work through something, it might use a woman as a proxy. It’s strange but true!

3. Dark Figures

Dark figures are most commonly seen in nightmares. They might take the form of monsters, shadows, strangers, or just malevolent energy, and they might chase you down or sit still and watch you.

Despite their humanoid appearance, dark figures aren’t usually related to people. They represent fear and uncertainty in your emotional state. If you’re worried about the future, for example, you might see a shadow looming over you, and your brain puts it into a human shape because that’s the most common shadow in your everyday life.

It’s easy to misinterpret or misunderstand dark figures. Make sure that you’re cataloging them correctly if they show up in your dreams.

4. Hair

Men often dream about hair. It’s usually hair loss, and they wake up in a cold sweat and start researching baldness, but some guys dream about cuts, colors, and styles. A few unlucky fellows even dream about waiting in a hard plastic chair for their girlfriend to finish her salon appointment!

Hair dreams are a lot like teeth dreams. These images tie to our concept of “self,” so lousy hair can represent issues with vanity, masculinity, and overall confidence.

Try not to overthink hair dreams, however. They don’t have to mean anything more than a bad day or an insecure feeling about something. They usually go away as soon as the problem does.

5. Being Chased

This dream is more common for women than men, but both genders experience it. It’s also the frequent subject of misinterpretation.

For example, did you know that chasing dreams can be a good thing? They aren’t necessarily nightmares where you’re trying to evade a pursuer. They can be signs that you’re ready to tackle a problem, jump over a hurdle, or move forward in your life. The fact that you’re being chased is just your brain, giving you a little nudge to get started.

If you have dreams about running or fleeing from something, it might be time to invoke a more positive mindset.

6. Dreams About the Past

Maybe it’s an old teacher from elementary school. Perhaps it’s a house that you hadn’t lived in for years or a job that you used to have when you were a teenager.

These blasts from the past aren’t necessarily the product of nostalgia. For example, you might dream about a neighbor that you hated. It doesn’t mean that you want to return to your old house and deal with his 8 AM lawn mowing again!

Dreams about the past are usually related to your mindset. Have you been falling back into old habits? Do you fear that something new in your life will take you a step back? Are you worried about the future in any way?

7. Meeting a Celebrity

You did it! You finally met LeBron James! Unfortunately, it was only in a dream.

This is another one of those dream meanings where there’s more than what meets the eye. While you might think that you have football on the brain after game night, celebrity dreams often tap into our inner desires for love, fame, recognition, and success.

Think about it. You probably didn’t dream about the celebrity being rude to you. They were either a positive or neutral figure.

If you see the stars in la-la land, you should take stock of how you’re feeling in everyday life. Is your girlfriend ignoring you? Are you undervalued or underappreciated at work? Why are you dreaming about being noticed by famous people?

8. Hands

Hands have all sorts of dream meanings.

On the positive side, they can represent usefulness, productivity, and getting things done. They’re a sign that you’re working hard even in your sleep.

On the negative side, hands often tie into themes of guilt and shame. For example, washing your hands might represent unresolved feelings of being dirty or doing something wrong.

You’ll need to consider all possibilities when dissecting the meaning of hand dreams. Think about their tone and emotional resonance before you draw any conclusions. Dreams aren’t always cut-and-dried experiences, so you should avoid assigning cut-and-dried meanings to them, especially when their symbols are flexible.

9. Nudity

Most people have had a dream about nudity at some point. The classic example is giving a speech without realizing that you’re naked, but you might also lose clothes, forget to wear things, or suffer from wardrobe malfunctions.

These embarrassing dreams usually come from a feeling of vulnerability. You’re physically naked but metaphorically dealing with emotions like fear, anxiety, or being exposed.

Some dreams about nudity can be positive things. In these cases, they represent freedom and not caring what others think.

Which kind of dream did you have? Did you wake up feeling ashamed or liberated?

10. Electronic Devices

If you’re dreaming about phones, radios, and televisions, you’re probably having problems with communication. All of these gadgets are ways that human beings talk to each other, so a static radio or broken television can be symbolic of a damaged relationship without any communication.

Another possibility is that your subconscious is trying to send you a message. If you’re avoiding a problem and your dream is about an involved party calling you over and over again, it doesn’t take a genius to realize the correlation.

It might benefit you to simplify your life for a while. Unplug your tech and get away from all of those screens. Once your mind clears up, your dreams should follow.

enjoly sweet dreams by ditching the technology11. Heights

Heights are another dream symbol with multiple meanings. If you’re feeling good about your life, they can represent health, happiness, success, and achievement. You’ve climbed a mental mountain and come out on top.

If you’re going through a rough patch, however, heights can be the set-up for falls. Mountains can represent obstacles instead of opportunities.

You’ll need to be careful when analyzing the meaning of height dreams. Since they’re such a broad and versatile theme, you might want to do some additional research before you start drawing conclusions.

12. Dream Within a Dream

Have you ever been aware that you’re dreaming even though you’re still asleep? Have you ever controlled your thoughts, or has your brain ever puzzled over dream meanings also while the dream was still taking place?

These are all examples of lucid dreaming, and it’s a phenomenon that can be quite useful when you’re trying to understand the symbolism of your subconscious mind. Instead of being forced to endure a dream like a movie that you can’t shut off, you can control the narrative and work through your issues in a safe, creative space where anything is possible.

Don’t shy away from lucid dreaming. Embrace it. Use tips and tricks to make it happen more often. It can be a great way to take control of your nightly slumber.

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Final Thoughts on Understanding Dream Meanings for Men

Dream interpretation is both an art and a science, and it’s still being perfected every day. These are just a few potential dream meanings out of hundreds. Don’t be afraid to do more research and find other meanings for your dreams!