Isn’t it ironic how some women end up with great men while others struggle to cope with someone who isn’t giving them what they want? The issue is that many ladies don’t know the joys of being in a good relationship. There are always positive signs when you’re with the right man. Conversely, there are also many red flags when you’re with the wrong partner.

Sometimes you must go through all the toxic guys and great pretenders to find that true gem. A positive relationship displays things like commitment, patience, and unconditional love. Feeling safe and secure when you’re with him is a sign that he’s a keeper.

NOTE: The signs of a good woman are unique; therefore, we address them in another article.

Thirteen Indications He’s a Good Man

Finding the right life partner is essential for many people, giving them a sense of completion. A positive connection with a man can bring so much peace and contentment. A guy with your best intentions is trustworthy, and you won’t ever have to question who he’s with or where he’s at when he doesn’t call.

Additionally, his words and actions all show his love and devotion. If you’re wondering what characteristics prove you’ve found a good guy, here are a few to consider.

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1. A Good Man Opens Up to You

It’s challenging for some guys to open up about their thoughts and feelings, as vulnerability is not a strong suit. Thankfully, a partner who will talk to you about his bad days and the things bothering him shows that he trusts you.

He knows that to be a cohesive team, he must be open and honest with you, and he’s okay with sharing the most intimate details of his heart. Displaying those vulnerable sides is a harrowing experience, but he’s learned that getting his feelings out in the open can be positive.

2. He Does the ‘Little Things’

You don’t need grand gestures on your birthday or a holiday because he does small daily things that show his feelings. One thing you will notice about good men is that they will appreciate all the little moments and make every day special. He opens the door for you because he believes in chivalry and puts little love notes around the home to make you smile.

3. A Good Man Makes You Feel Secure

Having security with your partner is something that’s highly coveted among women. Guys that are good and have genuine intentions will protect you. Having a sense of feeling safe means that you can face whatever life throws at you with certainty.

Insecurities with your partner make you feel suspicious and unsettled. However, knowing that you have someone who will fight for you and defend you no matter the situation brings a sense of protection.

4. He Makes You Want to be A Better Person

One thing you will notice when you have a good partner is that you want to be a better person. He inspires you to greatness, and you’re learning and growing together.

He motivates you to change the things about you that you don’t like, and he sets an excellent example of how to do it. You don’t try to change one another, but these changes happen naturally as he positively influences you.

5. A Good Man Makes You Feel Beautiful

Every woman longs to hear her partner tell her how beautiful she is to them. Although a good guy will tell you how gorgeous you look, he doesn’t just stop with positive comments. How he interacts with you daily also shows that he thinks you’re stunning, as he treats you like a princess should be treated.

6. You’re a Top Priority of Your Partner

Everyone has a list of priorities in life, and you’re among the top with this him. Good men know that having a happy and healthy relationship takes work, so they are willing to devote their time and energy to make it happen.

He also understands that he can’t be everything to you, so he knows your friends, family, and job are also important. He’s willing to devote time and effort to make things work, but he knows you also have essential needs outside him.


7. He Respects Your Boundaries

Being in a positive relationship shows because there’s mutual respect for boundaries. Sure, there will be arguments and disagreements, as that’s a natural part of life, but he never crosses the line in these moments. He would never attack or disrespect you because he values you more than the situation.

A good man knows that boundaries and limitations are essential, so he plays within the lines. An article published by the University of Illinois Chicago states that having boundaries is a form of self-care. Additionally, these limitations can be physical or emotional, but they’re in place to help protect you. In a relationship, it’s essential to communicate and respect these boundaries.

8. His Actions and Words Match

Some guys talk big and like to make themselves sound much better than they are. However, he knows his actions must match his words, or he’s blowing hot air. He wants to prove himself to you, so he makes a conscious effort every day to ensure that you know he’s genuine.

9. There’s No Physical, Mental, or Emotional Abuse

Many women have a toxic man and don’t even recognize it because he doesn’t hit them. Abuse comes in many forms, and emotional abuse can be as damaging as being punched. According to an article published by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, emotional abuse is classified as the invalidation of reality, feelings, and experiences.

You’ve found a gem when your man wouldn’t lay a hand on you in anger and doesn’t use harsh words or call names in an argument. A good guy knows how to walk away and never take his wrath out on you, as he shows respect.

10. He’s a Partner Who Stands Beside You Through Thick and Thin

Having a partner who sticks beside you regardless of what life throws your way is a sign they’re genuine. He’s there whether you’re celebrating a promotion at work or crying because you lost your job. He tends to find something positive to say or do to help you when things are so bad. He would never leave or abandon you when you need him the most.

11. A Good Man Doesn’t Lie

A study conducted by UW-La Crosse found that 75 % of participants lied 1-2 times each day. The problem is that most people don’t realize they’re being dishonest, as it just comes naturally. For instance, how often have you told your kids you didn’t have the money because you didn’t want to spend it? It’s a harmless mistruth, but it’s still a lie.

When you find a man who strives to be honest with you, it’s a rare find. The study also found that 1 % of the participants told 17 or more lies each day, so when you find someone who can be truthful, you should count yourself blessed.

12. He’s Constantly Working to Improve Himself

Even the best man knows that he’s not without flaws. When you find a good one, he’s a work in progress and knows it. He won’t settle for a mediocre life, as he aspires and dreams of greater things.

He has real potential because he’s actively engaged in self-improvement and growth. He’s always looking for ways to be and do greater things, bringing you along for the ride.

13. You Have No Doubts About This Wonderful Partner

Some say that knowing you’ve met the right person depends on your feelings. When the relationship is wrong, there’s chaos and turmoil on the outside and within. Finding that guy that takes away all your doubts and gives you a sense of peace is not something easily found.

Being with him feels as wonderful as sitting on a front porch drinking lemonade on a breezy spring day, as your soul feels at peace. Your gut instincts are always the most significant indication of whether you’ve found a good man, and nothing feels off or unbalanced.

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Final Thoughts on Finding a Good Man

In this life, you will encounter many men with unique personality traits. Every woman has things they look for or requirements for finding the perfect partner. However, everyone can agree that there’s something that separates a good man from a toxic one in a relationship.

Some ladies might say that good men have become endangered as they’re becoming more challenging to find. You’ll know when you have found your perfect partner because they will display many of the signs listed above.