There are many kinds of support, and all of them are necessary for you to thrive. You may need physical help if you have trouble walking or you feel dizzy and can’t see straight. Having an emotionally supportive partner is also essential, as this is the kind of aid that helps you thrive psychologically.

Your friends, family members, coworkers, and others around you help to give you the strength you need to face another day. Support can mean many different things, but it’s encouragement, reassurance that you’re making the right choices, and compassion when you’ve made the wrong ones. It might also include things like a hug, signs of sympathy when you’ve lost a loved one, or a word of encouragement.

There are many different sources of emotional support, and they come from places you least expect it. According to studies, Pet owners know the strength they find in their beloved fur babies. According to the American Kennel Club, an animal can help ease anxiety, depression, and specific phobias.

Some people are naturally supportive, while others must work hard to develop this ability. However, it’s vital to have support to maintain physical and mental well-being.

Eleven Behaviors of an Emotionally Supportive Partner

emotionally supportive

When you fall in love, there are specific characteristics that you look for in a person. Some folks have a proverbial checklist to ensure that this individual makes the mark. However, supporting your partner and having someone be there for you when things are rough makes everything work.

Romance and intimacy are vital parts of a relationship, but the physical stuff will fall along the way if the mental support isn’t there. Here are some things that an emotionally supportive partner provides.

1. An Emotionally Supportive Partner Builds You Up

There are times when you will be rejected and feel down on yourself. These periods of self-doubt can be devastating psychologically. However, your supportive partner offers compliments to help build you up.

They say things to you that pinpoint where you are in life and how you can make it better. They don’t want you to be so hard on yourself, so they try to help in any way to improve your outlook.

2. They Avoid Minimizing Behaviors

An emotionally supportive person would never minimize your situation. You will face many challenges in life, and some will be much worse than others. However, they’re not going to downplay your pain and try to make it irrelevant. While they won’t lie or sugarcoat things to you, they will see the situation and try to be a supportive tower for you so you don’t fall to pieces.

3. An Emotionally Supportive Partner Will Check on You

Once you talk to your emotionally supportive person about all your troubles, they’re not going to let it go. They will check back on you and talk with you until you’re okay. Sure, life and responsibilities may get in the way, but they’re not going to think it’s a one-time and done situation.

This person knows that it takes time to heal, and you’re not going to recover from a significant situation overnight, so they will give you extra attention and support until they know you’re okay.

4. They Validate Your Feelings

As you go through life, you will encounter difficult times. During these struggles, you want a shoulder to lean on and someone to talk to. It’s not that you like this person to fix everything, but you want someone to validate your feelings.

Venting is only therapeutic if you get some acknowledgment from them. They don’t try to put a spin on things as they see them, but they say something like, “I am so sorry you’re going through this, and I understand why you’re so stressed.

5. They Care About Your Mental State

Emotional support means that you care about someone on a much deeper level. You have good intentions towards them, and you want to ensure that their state of mind is good. They may ask you if you’re anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed.

These questions are not meant to be intrusive but rather to see if you need any additional support from them. This partner will use phrases like “You seem a little down today; do you want to chat about it?”

emotionally supportive

6. An Emotionally Supportive Person Has Your Back

It doesn’t matter who comes at you, what the situation is, or how bad you’ve messed up; you can always count on them to have your back. They’re emotionally supportive of you in all areas, and your life is better because they’re beside you.

They’re willing and prepared to help or defend you at a moment’s notice, and they will dare anyone to come against you. This person will go out on a limb to protect their partner, as they love you.

7. They Listen Empathetically When You Speak

Communicating is about so much more than speaking. Supporting your partner means that you listen empathetically to them when they talk. You can always tell if a person is doing this by body language. They will turn their bodies toward you and avoid distractions like their cell phones.

8. They Support Your Solutions

Loving someone gives them the freedom to make decisions even if they’re not the right ones. Even if your partner doubts the effectiveness of your solution, they will still support you as it’s what you feel is right. They won’t point out flaws in your plan, nor will they chastise you. Instead, they will offer gentle guidance to help you succeed.

9. They Lighten Your Burden

Sometimes the burdens of life can get quite heavy. Emotional baggage can be the worst to handle, as it seems ever-present. However, an emotionally supportive person will do everything to lighten your load.

If it means picking up the kids, cleaning the house, or paying all the bills, they will do whatever it takes to give you a break. In marriages, you often see this where one person falls apart because of stress, and the other person steps up to the plate to take charge.

They may bring you flowers, make you dinner, or run errands for you. They want you to be mentally well, so they try everything to make your burden lighter.

10. They Don’t Give Advice Unless You Ask for It

An emotionally supportive person knows how they would fix the issue, but they don’t offer their advice unless you ask for it. There’s no way two people will resolve a situation in the same manner, so they want you to do what feels natural. When they speak, it’s a natural expression of concern that shows that they genuinely for you.

11. They Give Plenty of Physical Affection

While physical affection isn’t everything, it feels good to have arms wrapped around you when you feel down and out. Supporting your partner means holding them, giving hugs, kissing them, and allowing them to handle your warmth through intimate touches. These can have a profound effect on your mental well-being. These are ways they wordlessly emphasize their feelings of support.

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Final Thoughts on Emotionally Supportive Partner Behaviors

It’s hard for some folks to understand and be emotionally supportive, as this type of support isn’t tangible. It’s not something you can hold, feel, smell, or even taste, but it’s a powerful force that you need in your life.

When you’re struggling or facing hard times because of your choice, they don’t judge or put you down. Instead, they become the shoulder to cry on and a source of strength and comfort. They remind you and others that they have your back, see your value, and love you deeply.

You, too, should offer this support to your partner, as life is a challenging journey. When you have a strong support system, it significantly impacts your mental and physical health.