15 Reasons to Treat Yourself Well (Even If You Don’t Feel Like It)

15 Reasons to Treat Yourself Well (Even If You Don’t Feel Like It)

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Taking care of other people and treating them well comes naturally to most people. However, you might not be as likely to treat yourself well even when you’re kind to others. If you learn why treating yourself well is essential, you’ll be more likely to make some positive changes in your life.

When you are kind to yourself, it allows you to become stronger and better able to help yourself and others. Having other people to take care of doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself, either. If you don’t take care of yourself, you won’t have enough left to give others.

Anytime you participate in harsh self-criticism, you’re hindering your ability to take care of yourself. Likewise, neglecting your physical or emotional health will take its toll. When you treat yourself well, you’ll care for your needs while treating yourself with kindness and compassion.


You might still struggle to justify treating yourself right, but these reasons can help. When you know the reasons to prioritize yourself, you’ll be more likely to make it happen. Taking care of yourself is essential to living a fulfilling life, so don’t waste more time.

Fifteen Reasons to Treat Yourself Well

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Treating yourself well changes your life in many ways. Everything will be better as your mental, emotional, and physical health improve. Even when you have other people to take care of, you must make yourself a priority for the following reasons:

1. You Promote Self-Compassion if You Treat Yourself Well

Mistakes happen, and if you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll likely dwell on them. Dwelling your mistakes shows a lack of self-compassion, so give yourself some grace. You’re good enough the way you are, so treat yourself the way you deserve.

When you accept yourself, it promotes self-love and helps you better yourself. Communicate with yourself the way you would communicate with a friend. You’d say nice things to them, encouraging them after a mistake.


If you make a mistake, consider this reason to treat yourself well and as you would a friend. It’ll quickly promote self-compassion, allowing you to maintain or increase your well-being no matter what happens.

2. Increases Motivation

Studies show that taking care of yourself increases your motivation. If you experience failure, you’ll feel more motivated to persevere and overcome the situation. With self-acceptance and kindness, you’ll have an easier time changing your weaknesses, too.

3. When You Treat Yourself Well, You Can Reduce Stress

When you practice self-care, you’re less likely to be affected by mental health problems. Research shows that being kind to yourself decreases stress, anxiety, and depression. With less stress, you’ll feel better overall, and you’ll experience health benefits, too.

4. Inspires Others by How Well You Treat Yourself

If you take care of others or want to help people do well, you must start by taking care of yourself. When the people in your life see you prioritizing yourself, it’ll inspire them to do the same in their lives. People often need to know it’s okay to take care of themselves, so set the example by starting with yourself.

Spend time reflecting on your best qualities and achievements. It’ll help you be kinder to yourself, and you’ll be more sympathetic to your mistakes. When you do these things, you influence everyone in your life, so don’t feel selfish for taking care of yourself.

5. Promotes Productivity and Increased Performance

When you take care of yourself, it allows you to maintain a healthy balance in life. You’ll have the energy to do well in all areas, increasing productivity and performance. If you want to do well in life and perform to the best of your abilities, start by taking care of yourself.

Skipping nutritious meals or missing out on sleep to finish work can slow you down. While you think you’re getting the work done, it’ll take longer and won’t be as high-quality. Plus, if you take care of others, you’ll do a better job at that if you feel good yourself.


Taking care of yourself allows you to focus on your goals and concentrate on the tasks at hand. No matter your goals, you’ll do better when you are healthy and feel good.

6. If You Treat Yourself  Well, You Will Promote Resiliency

One of the best reasons to treat yourself well is that it promotes resiliency to adversity. Things don’t always go as planned in life, and you must learn to overcome the unexpected. Being kind and taking care of yourself leads to higher levels of self-care in moments of hardship or heartbreak.

Whether you experience many minor issues or tackle a big problem, taking care of yourself makes it possible. Taking on challenges won’t be as daunting when you feel good physically and mentally.



7. Helps You Focus on the Positive and Be More Optimistic

If you can focus on the positive aspects of your life, everything else will be a little easier. No matter what’s going on in your life, good things are happening around you. By treating yourself well, you’ll focus on the positive things rather than fixating on negativity.

Not only will you see the good all around you, but you’ll also be more optimistic about yourself. You’ll recognize your abilities and continually build your skills.

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8. You’ll Feel Well-Rested

Taking care of yourself helps you feel energized and well-rested. As your stress levels reduce, you’ll feel like you’re ready for anything. Along with the energy, you’ll experience a sense of purpose, better communication, and a more focused mind.

9. Increased Sense of Self-Worth

Treating yourself well increases your sense of self-worth. You won’t compare yourself to other people as often, and you’ll experience kindness coming from within.

Taking care of yourself allows you to accept moments of failure, inadequacy, and imperfection. Accepting these things helps you feel better about yourself and understand your value.

10. Increased Happiness Levels When You Treat Yourself Well

When you treat yourself well, it makes you happier. It promotes improved moods and better characteristics that influence your life. Not only will you be more content, but you’ll feel more optimistic, wise, and positively curious. Additionally, you’ll experience increased personal initiative helping you achieve your goals and find more joy.


11. Boosts Immunity

People who care for and comfort themselves have better immune responses than others. They have less inflammation, get few colds, and get over illness and headaches quicker. Plus, they experience an improved immune response to stress, allowing them to cope before it causes physical problems.

Additionally, treating yourself well activates the parasympathetic nervous system. When it starts, your body feels restful and rejuvenating, further boosting the immune system. You’ll feel stronger physically and mentally, improving your overall well-being.


12. Fosters Self-Awareness

Taking time to treat yourself well promotes self-discovery and self-awareness. It helps you see yourself clearly, helping with a smooth transition when working toward your goals and dreams. When you’re self-aware, you know that you’re following the right path for your life.

Without self-awareness, you might give in to the image that other people have of you. It could cause you to chase goals that don’t bring meaning to your life, and you won’t experience as much happiness. However, prioritizing yourself can shift your mindset and help you identify what you want and need.

Self-awareness helps you understand what you are passionate about and what makes you feel inspired. It could lead to a career change, revisiting old hobbies, or a shift in your priorities.


13. If You Treat Yourself Well, You Strengthen Relationships

When you treat yourself well, it encourages self-love. With self-love, your relationships will get stronger, and you’ll feel happier with how things are going. When you prioritize your health and happiness, you’ll be more likely to admit and correct your mistakes. Admitting your faults in a relationship will help the other person trust and respect you.

14. Improved Body Image and Self-Esteem

Treating yourself well leads to improved body image and less shame. Being kind to yourself plays a huge role in how you view your body, so focus on being kind to yourself. You won’t be as preoccupied with your appearance, and you won’t waste energy stressing over the way you look.

When you feel better about your body image, you’ll notice other healthy habits emerging. You’ll be more likely to eat healthier and stay active.

15. It Boosts Your Overall Well-Being

With the many reasons to treat yourself well, it’s easy to see how beneficial it is. Prioritizing yourself improves all areas of your life, boosting your overall well-being. When your mental, emotional, and physical health improves, you’ll experience contentedness and joy in your life.


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Final Thoughts on Reasons to Treat Yourself Well (Even If You Don’t Feel Like It)

These reasons to treat yourself well can make all the difference in your life. There will be times when you don’t feel like taking care of yourself, but you can revisit the reasons listed here. When you remember why you should treat yourself well, you’re more likely to do it.

As you treat yourself better, you’ll continually look for more ways to improve your life. Whether you’re working on yourself or your surroundings, treating yourself well can help make it easier.


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