50 Things You Can Do For Yourself On A Bad Day

50 Things You Can Do For Yourself On A Bad Day

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An occasional bad day is inevitable. Even if you got up, did your positive affirmations, exercised, ate a healthy breakfast, and did everything correctly, things out of your control can ruin your mood. In a world where there is so much positivity and beauty, there is also negativity and drama.

The good news is that you can learn to love yourself through these challenging times. Why is it that people immediately start to beat up on themselves when things don’t go the way they intend? Rather than delving into the negativity and problems of the day, you can help turn your mood around by taking care of yourself.

Fifty Things You Can Do for Yourself on A Bad Day

The next time everything seems to be going wrong, and you can’t get ahead, try one of these fifty things to help put you in a better mood.

bad day1. Go for A Walk in The Sunshine

There’s nothing better than going for a walk in the sunshine. If you’re having a bad day, you won’t be able to stay downtrodden when you’re basking in the golden rays. The sun is very healing to your mind, body, and soul.

2. Treat Yourself to A Gift

Is there something that you’ve been wanting to buy for yourself but haven’t done it yet? Why not treat yourself to that special item? You work hard, so you deserve rewards on occasion.

3. Phone A Friend

No one can help you through rough times like a good friend. Phone that person that always knows just what to say to make things better. A good chat session will improve your mood and help you get through the rest of the day.

4. Take A Bubble Bath

Is there anything more soothing and relaxing than a bubble bath? When you’ve submerged in a tub of hot water with bubbles all around, it’s as if the cares of life just fade away. Light some candles for yourself to give the soaking session extra ambiance.

5. Watch Some Comedy Videos

Laughter is truly the best medicine, and there are studies to prove it. According to the National Institute of Medicine, belly laughing helps to release feel-good hormones in your body. You can find hilarious videos all over the internet that will make you chuckle.

6. Write in Your Gratitude Journal

A gratitude journal helps you stay grounded and be thankful for all your blessings that Mother Earth has given you. Even when you are mad at the world and feel the world has been cruel to you, you can learn to be thankful. The sun will shine again, and it helps when you have gratitude in your heart.

7. Meditate

Meditation puts you in a better mindset. You can purge the negativity from your mind that seems to be drowning you. Meditation is great because you can do it in the office, the bathroom at work, or in your car on your break.

8. Practice Yoga

Yoga is another ancient practice that can help to purge negativity from your body. When you’re under stress, your muscles can hold onto that tension. Thankfully, yoga is one way that you can release all that tension from your system.

9. Cry and Let It All Out

There’s nothing like a good cry to purge all the bad feelings from the inside out. Don’t bottle things up, as they can quickly become a time bomb. It’s okay to cry, even for guys.

10. Dance Like No One Is Watching You

There’s something magical about dancing. Put on some great music and just cut loose. Moving your body is good exercise, and it will help to release those feel-good endorphins.

11. Sing with Your Favorite Music

Grab the hairbrush and pretend you’re a rock star. Music is a great motivator, and it’s even used in therapy for those with Alzheimer’s disease. According to the National Library of Medicine, they can calm patients with sundown syndrome just by playing some catchy tunes.

bad day12. Bake Something Yummy

Baking can be great medicine for your bad day. When you’re in the kitchen creating a masterpiece with your hands, it can boost your mood. Who can be sad when you’re making something delicious like chocolate chip cookies?

13. Walk Barefooted in The Grass

If your mood is terrible because you had a bad day, and you’re not sure if you can make it till tomorrow, then take off your shoes. That’s right; take off your shoes and walk outside barefoot. There’s something euphoric about feeling the earth beneath your feet that helps to ground you and re-center your life.

14. Organize Something

When your life feels like it’s falling apart and everything is a mess, organizing something can make you feel much better. It’s time to clean those closets anyway.

15. Take A Nap

A nap can reset your stress levels and bring some relief. Try not to sleep for more than two hours, or it will interrupt your rest at night.

16. Take the Day Off

If things are bad one day, then you should take a whole or half a day off. There’s no reason to sit at the office and be miserable when you can go home and get some of the negativity out of your system.

17. Call Your Parents

No one seems to have better words of wisdom than good old mom and dad. When things are going so wrong, and you’ve had a bad day, why not give them a call?

18. Go for A Bike Ride

Riding a bike is a great workout that works for all your major muscle groups, plus it makes you feel better. It’s hard to focus on your troubles when you’re outside smelling flowers and feeling the winds from Mother Nature blow across your face.

19. Light Scented Candles

Aromatherapy has long been used to enhance moods. If you feel like your mood is tanking, then light some candles or use some essential oils. Lavender is known to lift your spirits and make you calmer.

20. Sit on The Porch Swing with Fresh Lemonade

Many great books and songs start on a porch swing. Is there anything more refreshing than a glass of lemonade and a nice swing on a beautiful day?

21. Go to A Lake or The Beach

Water is a calming element that can help you with your mood. No matter how bad your day, tip your toes in the water and let the cares of life fade away.

22. Listen to Stories of Encouragement from Ted Talks

Ted Talks are one of the greatest motivational inventions around. You can choose from 100s of stories of people who have accomplished major things. Your troubles will pare in comparison when you hear some of the heroic tales and troubles of others.

23. Go for A Dip in The Pool

When you need to cool off, there’s nothing better than a dip in the pool. Not only does it help you with your hot temper, but it feels great when the temperatures outside are soaring too.

24. Hit the Gym

Work out your frustrations on a punching bag or other piece of equipment. According to The National Library of Medicine, an intense workout can help to balance cortisol levels.

exercise meme

25. Spend Time with Your Pet

There’s something very therapeutic about pets. A recent study reviewed by the National Library of Medicine finds that those who own pets have a lower blood pressure than those who don’t have animals. This can only be beneficial when you’re all worked up after having a horrible day.

26. Have Someone Hold You Tight

Isn’t there something powerful and even tranquil about being held tightly when your whole world is falling apart? In an Autistic person, the basket hold is used to help them during a meltdown. It gives them a sense of security per Autism PDD, and it allows encourages them to get to a better place. Why wouldn’t this help you too?

27. Spend Some Time in A Hammock

While you may have a challenging time getting in and situated, there’s something extraordinary about swinging in a hammock. You don’t need two trees in proximity to hang one of these swaying beds, as ones on a stand do just as well.

28. Make A Bucket List and Dream

Perhaps the best time to dream about your future is when you feel that your current life isn’t going so well. There’s something very therapeutic about grabbing a pen and paper and making a bucket list. Plus, it will help you think about more positive things.

29. Take Yourself Out to A Nice Dinner

Why cook and create a mess when you can take yourself out on the town? Grab a friend or your partner, or you can even go by yourself to a local eatery. Try something new and adventurous that you usually wouldn’t even consider.

30. Take a Drive with The Windows Down and Music Blasting

Is there anything quite as nice as a drive in the country with your windows down? Perhaps it’s the sense that you are free and can go anywhere you want when you’re in control of the wheel. Don’t forget to play some amazing music to enhance the experience.

31. Listen to Mood Music

Music is indeed a motivator, and you can use some good tunes to keep your mood in check. The great thing about having so many different genres of music is that you can match it to your mood. Whether you’re sad and want country music or prefer heavy metal when you feel like banging your head doesn’t matter, as you’re in control.

32. Scream and Let All Your Frustrations Out

Have you ever tried screaming therapy? Well, it’s not for the faint of heart, but there’s something very therapeutic about opening your mouth and just letting out a spine-tingling scream that feels releasing.

33. Shut Yourself Away for Some Alone Time

If you want to make the world go away, then there’s no better time to do that than on a bad day. Close your door, grab your favorite blanket, and just be alone with your thoughts. Sometimes, the silence can be quite healing and turn your mood around for the better.

34. Read a Good Book

If your troubles have become too much to handle, then why not slip into a good book and get lost in a story? Whether you like fiction or nonfiction doesn’t matter, a good story will draw you in and make you forget about your troubles.

35. Have Some Wine

Having a glass of red wine is not only good for your heart, but it can be very relaxing to the entire body. Now, you don’t need to become inebriated to experience the benefits of this drink, but one glass can undoubtedly calm you down.

36. Clean Your Car

Find some mind-numbing and tedious tasks like cleaning your car to engaged in. While your vehicle probably needs a good scrubbing, it will also take your mind off the day and all your heartaches.

37. Start A New Television Series and Chill

You no longer need to wait for the next episode of your favorite show when you have so many on-demand options. Choose your favorite program provider and find a good show to binge-watch.

If you’re at a loss on what to view, then ask your friends for suggestions on social media. You will find out about all kinds of shows you never knew were out there that you would love.

38. Unplug from Technology

If you’ve had a bad day and don’t want to be disrupted anymore, then turn off all technology. The world will survive if you’re not connected to your cell phone or social media accounts for a few hours. It’s pretty stressful to be connected all the time, so disconnect and have some peace for a bit.

productive meme39. Plan a Much-Needed Vacation

Nothing can kick your bad mood to the curb like planning a week in the tropics. Where would you like to go this year for your much-needed time off? There are so many places to see and explore, and doing some travel searching while you’ve had a bad day can boost your mood.

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