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Do you feel that your thinking process occasionally malfunctions, and your brain needs a jumpstart? Maybe you are concerned that it happens more frequently as you age. Please don’t feel bad, because we all experience these brain lags.

The good news is that you can do something about it. Just like any other part of the body, your brain thrives with exercise. You can improve your cognitive skills by exercising your mind and stretching your learning capacity.

Top neurologists refer to studies that link boosting cognitive abilities with keeping the brain active. If you continuously engage in mindless activities like sitting in front of the television, your body and your mind will quickly get out of shape. How can you inspire your brain to expand?

Can You Train Your Brain with Ted Talks?

Medical experts tell us that our brain has billions of neurons and other cells that are responsible for proper physical and mental functions. As some brain cells die over time, they regenerate with more, a process called neurogenesis. Your brain can produce even more neurons with a little training.

Ted Talks are becoming the modern neuroscience way to speed up neurogenesis.

What are Ted Talks?

It’s an acronym that stands for Technology Education and Design.

They are videos made from a lecture at the leading TED conference, and it’s a global effort to share ideas worth communicating. Additionally, these talks can be generated from one of the numerous satellite events that take place around the globe.

These talks range on a variety of subjects, but they are only a mere 18 minutes in length. Studies show that normal neurological functions and intentional brain-expansion training give the brain a steady supply of fresh neurons, and these Talks can be what you need for optimal brain health.

TED Talks help to keep your mind active, and your brain’s neurogenesis will be strengthened, which will enhance your language, creativity, and cognitive abilities. Your brain will continue to expand as you train it.

TED Talks8 Ways TED Talks Can Improve Cognitive Function

1 – Never Too Old to Learn

Whoever said that you couldn’t teach an old dog, new tricks were out of touch with reality. Not only can you “learn new tricks,” but you can expand your learning power by consistently challenging your brain through Ted Talks. Whether you are a kindergarten student or an older person, exercising your mind is crucial for mental strength.

What are you currently doing to stretch your intellect? Do you feel like you have hit a roadblock and need something mentally challenging? Here are some efficient ways to improve your cognitive skills every day.

2 – Tune in To Virtual Classrooms

You don’t need to be in an actual classroom to learn. Modern technology brings the classroom experience to you via the Internet. Online classes and TED talks are available on just about any subject imaginable. Many of them have a minimal cost or are free.

Perhaps you want some inspiring ideas for your job. Gleaning current information from an online seminar or one of the many TED talks may expand your creativity and brainpower. The fact that you are reading this article demonstrates your desire to learn more about yourself and your world.

3 – Fall in Love with Reading Again

Reading is your passport to the world of imagination and learning. When you mastered the skill of transposing speech to the written word, it set your brain into perpetual motion. As you read, your mind stores the information and collates it with experiences in your life.

No doubt, you must read a lot for your job. Memos, emails, and policy books are always keeping your brain cells buzzing. When was the last time you opened a book or magazine and read for pleasure?

Many people find that reading the newspaper keeps them mentally sharp and on top of current events. If papers bore or depress you, consider finding a book or magazine that piques your interest. Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, you are bound to learn something new, broaden your views, and increase your vocabulary.

What could tickle your senses or exercise your deductive reasoning more than a good mystery novel? Along with subjects you enjoy, consider pursuing unfamiliar topics. You will grasp concepts that will broaden your interests and may lead to new skills.

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4 – It’s OK to Tease Your Brain

When your brain hasn’t been sufficiently challenged, you may feel bored, foggy, and depressed. However, you don’t have to read a book on rocket science to give yourself a little nudge. Treat your brain health like a wandering toddler and always have something on hand to grab its attention.

Remember the zany brain teasers you used to read as a kid? Puzzles and riddles are as old as humanity and still challenge us to think while having fun. Brain teasers have a plethora of forms, like riddles, trivia, word searches, and crossword puzzles.

Do you dread standing in line in the grocery store or waiting forever in the doctor’s office? Do your brain cells a favor, and keep a few puzzle books with you. Crosswords and sudoku puzzles can hone your vocabulary and reasoning skills.

5 – Step into the Unknown

Like most people, you probably don’t like change. You find comfort in the familiar and feel uneasy when your thoughts and habits are challenged. Just as weightlifters endure temporary discomfort to gain muscle, stepping out of your comfort level can increase your cognitive abilities.

If you feel like you are frustrated with a dead-end job, then what is hindering you from your dream career? Have you ever wanted to learn a new skill but are too intimidated to try? While part of your brain feels the stress and fear, most of it thrives at a chance to learn something new.

Maybe you are retired or disabled and think that your days of dreaming are over. Nothing could be further from the truth. Multiple scientific studies suggest that people who keep their minds active not only enjoy better brain function, but they may live longer. Ted Talks is an excellent way to give your brain that boost it needs.

6 – Your Brain Needs Other Brains

Humans are social creatures and were never intended to live in solitary. Although it is relaxing and beneficial to be alone with your thoughts sometimes, your mind needs to be challenged by others. It is how the collective consciousness has expanded since the beginning.

What attracts you to other people? Beyond physical attraction, we connect with compassionate people with lively personalities and powerful conversational skills. As you talk with friends and family, your brain exercises skills in conversation and reasoning.

One of the best ways to keep mentally sharp is to meet new people continually. At parties and other social occasions, find fresh faces, and introduce yourself. Everyone has a unique experience and story to tell.

Consider joining clubs or other social organizations where you can meet a variety of people. It would help if you volunteered with a charitable organization that shares your passions. Networking with others lends valuable insight and potential for your mind to ponder.

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7 – Give Your Brain a Break

When you don’t get enough rest or sleep, you suffer physically and mentally. Healthy brains need rest as much as they do exercise for optimal performance. If your mind is overworked, your cognitive skills will be negatively affected.

Choose from one of many Ted Talks and play it while you drift off to sleep. You need seven and nine hours a night to function well. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your brain may stay in a fog that makes you feel miserable and unproductive.

Sometimes, your body needs to rest, but your mind keeps racing. A beneficial way to give your brain time to rest and reboot is a distraction. Take a mental break several times during the day to clear your mind and energize your brain cells.

Another useful way to bring your mind rest and vitality is meditation. Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and release your thoughts into the air. As you are conscious of your breathing, allow your brain to dissipate negative energy, and inhale the positive.

While meditation may be easy to dismiss for some, scientific studies show otherwise. People who meditate consistently often are less stressed and find that their cognitive ability and creativity are enhanced.

8 – Keeping Your Overall Wellness in Balance

As you keep your brain active,  you’ll become more motivated to keep your body in shape, too. Obesity can cause other diseases, which can impair your brain’s ability to produce more neurons. Talk with your health care professional about the diet and exercise regimen that is right for you.

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Final Thoughts: Ted Talks Place a Lifetime of Learning Firmly Within Our Grasp

You only have one brain, and it must last a lifetime. TED Talks are the perfect way to expand your horizons, and you can choose from hundreds of animated lessons that can grow on your learning capacity. Your brain health is essential, and it’s your job to stimulate your mind every day.