4 Reasons Never to Give Up On Yourself

4 Reasons Never to Give Up On Yourself

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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt close to quitting an endeavor? Maybe you’re at a point in your life now where things feel hopeless and pointless, and you’re just ready to throw in the towel. Well, we’re here to give you some encouragement, and science-backed facts, about why you should keep going. Always. Here are four reasons never to give up on yourself.

1.    You Have Control

You are the only person who can make decisions in your life. It is your choice how you act, how you respond to different circumstances, and what your paradigm is. Yes, there are things outside of your control, and many people who want to give up on themselves focus a lot on those things. But there are also plenty of things that you can be the boss of.

Concentrating on the control that you do have can empower you to continue. Why give up when you can make things work with that power you hold? Here are some ways that you have control:


·         All Problems Have Solutions

give upThis fact is simple: no matter what problem you face in life, there is a solution to it. You have to find it. This means that it is up to you whether you seek a solution or allow the problem to win, as regardless of a problem’s difficulty, the answer does exist out there somewhere. Better yet, there are often many different potential solutions, giving you more control over which one you can choose. Try brainstorming, seeking outside opinions, and exploring multiple options, and you’ll find that you have a lot of control over how your problems play out.

·         Your Reality Is Yours To Dictate

The way you experience your life and how you view it is entirely up to you. Only you have full say over your perception, and you get to decide how you respond to all sorts of different situations, no matter how negative or positive they are. This means it’s up to you if what you’re experiencing is an unfair struggle or a chance to learn, or if it’s a sign that it’s time to give up or a call to action and an attractive challenge. Harness that power to change your reality and boost your positive thinking!

·         You Already Have Everything You Need

You are strong and powerful. You’re capable of doing a great many things. You have tremendous strengths and surprising talents, and you already come with everything necessary to go far in life and succeed. You’re unique, and that combination that makes up who you are provides you with the required tools. Don’t forget that all those positive parts of you and all your strengths can prove themselves useful in all sorts of situations.

2.    There Is Something Waiting For You

You may want to give up because you feel that there is nothing out there for you, but that’s false. The reality is that there are things that wait in the future of your journey that you would love to see, and those things would be a huge pity to miss out on if you give up! Some things are waiting for you.

·         Purpose

Don’t feel discouraged if you haven’t found a sense of purpose yet. Having a sense of purpose is a highly positive force in your life, improving your physical and mental wellbeing. But many people take time to get there, and they find it along the way on their long journeys to success. That could be true for you, too! Plus, purpose can be very varied and look like a lot of different things. Someone’s goal can be as lofty as being a renowned philanthropist or as simple as having a family and loved ones surrounding them. You’ll find out what yours is – but you have to keep going first!

·         Success

Here’s the truth: success is waiting for those who work smart and don’t give up. It is a certainty in those who play their cards right. How can you play your cards right? By not giving up, which will give you more opportunities to learn how to be savvy as you work towards success. In other words, the act of not giving up is already your first step towards almost inevitable success.

·         What You Deserve

You deserve to be happy and to achieve your goals. You deserve to learn more about yourself and discover what matters most to you. And you also deserve not to give up on yourself. Don’t let yourself down – keep pushing forward so you can reach the things that are rightfully yours!

michael jordan3.    Failure Is Important

Giving up can often occur when you think you’ve failed, as you feel discouraged and unmotivated by the perceived failure. But what you don’t realize is that this failure is instrumental to your future successes. This is because:

·         Failure Gets You Used To Discomfort

The easier people have their lives, the less likely they are to handle impending failures and issues. Think about it: who’s more likely to have a robust and keep-going response to challenges – someone who’s already been through and bested their past hurdles, or someone who’s never had to work a hard day in their life? When you fail, you become more used to the feelings that come with it. You get accustomed to the concept of being uncomfortable or picking yourself up after a failure. And, in turn, this means you’re more comfortable taking risks and expanding your horizons beyond your initial comfort zone – and that helps to increase your chances of success!

·         Failure Teaches Lessons

When you fail, you get the opportunity to learn from the mistakes that led to those failures. You can reflect on what happened, find its root causes, address those root causes, and work on ways to avoid similar events in the future. The next time you face a similar challenge, you’ll be armed and prepared with the knowledge from the failures you’ve had before, increasing your chances of success each time.

·         Failure Increases Your Resilience

Resilience refers to mental fortitude and strength, often of an emotional kind. It means having the ability to pick yourself back up and bounce back from difficult, painful, or harmful scenarios. When you’re not used to failure, every single mistake hurts. But the more you get used to it, the stronger you’ll be, and the less likely you are to want to give up. It can be an uphill battle at first as you build resilience, but this trait is crucial to positive wellbeing and can be instrumental in your success.

·         Failure Lets You Re-evaluate

Sometimes, being so forward-driven can mean you don’t have the time to stop and think about your approach or if your goals have changed. When you fail, you’re hitting a red light that tells you, “hey, it’s time to pause and reflect on this.” Failure gives you a reason to pause and take a good, long look at yourself. Is this the path you want to be on? Has your approach been flawed? Are there things you’ve been ignoring that need more attention, or are there things you’ve focused too much on? Do your priorities remain the same? Use failure to be productive, and you won’t want to give up anymore!

4.    You’re Almost There

One of the biggest problems with giving up on yourself is that it’s a huge, colossal waste. You’ve worked so hard and for so long, and you’re going to throw it all away. If that thought already makes you have less positive thinking towards the idea of giving up, then consider this – you could be almost there and then lose it all due to giving up. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind along this vein:


·         You Can Never Tell How Close You Are To Success

There is something especially sad about giving up right before you would have found success or the desired breakthrough. And you never know – that sad thing could be happening right now to you. You could be so close, and you’d have no idea until you get there.

Do you want to risk that?

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