For every good day you have in life, there will be those that are bad. There will be a valley below that reminds you to stay humble for every mountain you climb to the top and achieve a great goal. Wouldn’t life be easy if every day were sunshine and there was never any rain? Did you ever consider that your rainy days and failures in life are blessings in disguise?

No one wants to believe the worst times could be the same experience that molds and makes you into a better person. Take, for instance, a battle with cancer.

How could anyone see a battle where they face death as something good? Well, when walking through these dark days, you learn to appreciate that you have another day to stay with your family. You become thankful for the smallest of things, like breath in your body.

Additionally, you learn that the trials of this life may be your blessings in disguise. After battling a life-threatening illness like cancer, you have a new appreciation for others fighting the battle. You find yourself with a different attitude, and you want to reach out to those who need help because you now have a testimony to share.

Are Your Struggles Actually A Blessing in Disguise?

blessings in disguise
Think back on the worst days of your life and how you felt. Now, how were you different coming out of this trial than you were before you went into it? No doubt, it changed you.

Only you can decide if the made changes were better or worse, but you can find the blessing in disguise in all these circumstances. Here are a few tips that your failure or shortcomings have been a big help to you.

1. Your Attitude Changes

A change of attitude is one thing that many people notice, and this alteration is a blessing to you and those around you. Assume that you just got a divorce after being married for 15 years. You count this marriage as a failure because it didn’t work.

However, hitting rock bottom and losing almost everything you own changed your attitude. You no longer look down on those who have less or think poorly of those married and divorced several times. You learn how to put everything into a new perspective, and it alters your thinking.

2. You Grow Spiritually

Most people believe in a higher power in this life. Your darkest days and biggest failures can enhance your spirituality. Where would you be if you couldn’t call on someone or something bigger than you to help in a time of crisis?

A spiritual journey is a very private experience that differs for each person, but you can undoubtedly enhance your dependency and need for a higher power.

3. You Learn Humility

What if the fancy, luxury SUV that made you feel bigger than life was repossessed for lack of payment? You might have lost a job or fought a health crisis that removed the resources you used to pay for it. Going without a vehicle, borrowing one from a friend or relative, or downgrading can make you humble.

When driving the SUV, you felt more significant and better than many. Now, you find that you’re glad you have a way to and from work and the grocery store. You learn to be humble and not put your stock in material possessions, as they can be gone tomorrow.

4. You Find Strength You Never Knew You Had

When you face a significant failure in life, you learn to find the strength within yourself that you never knew you had. Take, for instance, Colonel Sanders. The famous entrepreneur of Kentucky Fried Chicken seems like the ultimate success story.

Did you know that Colonel Sanders’s recipe was rejected more than 1,000 times before he found a restaurant willing to work with him? How many times would you have gone back and tried again after your failed recipe was rejected? You learn that through your failures, you have great strength to get up and try again.

5. You Analyze Your Disappointments

When you’re trying to teach a baby to walk, they fall many times. You don’t correct them and discourage them from ever trying again, but you teach them what they’re doing wrong so that they can fix their failures. Eventually, they learned the proper way to balance themselves so they can walk.

When you fall and hit rock bottom, you have a lot of time to think. Use this to see what you did wrong so that you can correct it going forward. Maybe it’s a job loss because you weren’t performing at an acceptable level. What could you do differently to make things better in the next job?

You stumbled and fell, but you had time to find the blessing in disguise because you learned what you needed to do to be a better employee.

past failures
6. You Build Confidence

Henry Ford is known as one of the great pioneers in the automobile industry. The Ford Motor Company has been in business since 1903. While many have fallen by the way, they remain steadfast.

However, you may be shocked to learn that Ford’s first company failed, as did his second, and even his third automobile line. He was rattled by consumers’ complaints and nearly lost his business trying to figure out the problems with the vehicles.

The beauty in all of this was that he built a product that he was confident in because he dedicated so much time and effort. When he finally worked out all the kinks, Ford was sure that he would be successful, and he was. You learn to build confidence in yourself when you pick yourself up, analyze the situation, and do what needs to be done to save your sanity.

7. You Learn to Live in The Moment

So many people are in the hustle and bustle to get through the day that they don’t take time to appreciate each moment. Dinner around the table with your entire family is a privilege, and while it may seem chaotic, there will come a time when you miss the chaos.

If you lost your job, it’s a huge upset. However, take time to appreciate all those small things, like a family dinner. Don’t forget to take time to go to the park and see all the wildflowers in bloom. If you become so focused on material things and position, then you may miss the most significant things in life.

When life slows you down and throws you off course, it’s a blessing in disguise when you learn to live and appreciate each moment.

8. You’re Open to Bigger and Better Things

A job loss or divorce may seem like the end of your world. You may not be able to envision how you can go on from this devastating blow. However, could it possibly be that the Universe is moving you beyond your comfort zone to allow better things to come your way?

There may be a job making $10k more a year just waiting on you, but you would have never known about it if you stayed in the same position that’s made you miserable. So, you can say that the job loss was a blessing in disguise because it opened doors that would have never been for you.

9. Your Knowledge Increases

After Henry Ford failed at three companies, he quickly learned what not to do to succeed in the car industry. However, what if he never failed? He would have been just another example of an automobile manufacturing company that never made it with the economic tides.

He was a success story because his knowledge increased, and the value of his product did too.

10. You Learn You Can’t Control Everything

Why is it so challenging to learn that there are things beyond your control? If you tend to be a controlling person, something like a death of a loved one or a tragic accident soon reminds you that you’re not in control at all.

Perhaps, you will learn through your failures that there is always someone more significant and more powerful than you, and it will change your thinking.

blessing in disguise
Final Thoughts on Considering Failing a Blessing in Disguise

Sometimes adults think that once they reach that magical age of 18 that they know everything. Once you grow and go through some significant storms, you learn the true meaning of life. It’s also through these valleys that you realize the need for a higher power, an attitude adjustment, and to live in the moment.

Your failures are as much a part of living as your successes. Consequently, most would argue that they learn the most when they have been knocked to the bottom and given time to think. Do you remember times you failed in life and the blessing in disguise that situation was to you?

Stay positive.

Never forget that you’re one decision away from a totally different life. Life can change in the blink of an eye, and you’re along for the ride.