Dealing with difficult attitudes from others is a sure path to patience, compassion and kindness…

The seemingly abundant challenges in the world today breed a lot of angry, self-serving, negative attitudes (unfortunately). Some choose to use the obstacles they face as opportunities to grow and learn, but many take a different route and inflict their bad moods on others. If you aren’t careful, their toxicity can easily get lodged into your own positive thinking mindset – so knowing how to handle these types of people in the best way possible is crucial.

Let’s look at some positive methods of braving others’ inner storms in a way that leaves you out of the crossfire…

Here are 7 positive ways to deal with toxic attitudes:

1. Offer them an ear to listen.

One positive way to challenge volatile behavior is to actually open up a line of communication between you and this person. Who knows what kinds of problems this person faces mentally, physically, or otherwise, and maybe no one gives them the time of day to really talk about their issues. Be that person who combats their anger with compassion, and tells them they have the floor for whatever is bothering them. You might just encourage them to put an end to their struggles and come up with a proactive solution.

Everyone deals with pain differently, and maybe they just need someone to show them how to channel it in a more productive way. Moreover, everyone fights silent battles on a daily basis – you never know what people have endured and for how long, so show a little understanding when you can.

2. Walk away from bad attitudes, if possible.

We know this advice doesn’t really apply in a workplace, but you can still distance yourself from coworkers who continually put out bad vibes. This tip more specifically relates to relationships you have in your life; if your friend, boyfriend, or girlfriend always seems to put you in a bad mood, don’t hesitate to get out of the situation. Everyone goes through tough times, but it indicates a much deeper issue if they can’t go one day without complaining or putting themselves in a victim mentality. Of course, some people suffer from chronic depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or other mental problems, but this still doesn’t mean they get a free pass to treat you poorly or project their feelings onto you.

If you have tried to help them but they choose to remain in misery, you eventually have to let them deal with their problems on their own terms. You cannot claim responsibility for everyone’s happiness; it’s an inside job.

3. Create some “me time” in your schedule.

Toxic people can drain your energy pretty quickly if you have to endure their company in the workplace or at home. Make sure to take time to re-center yourself and rid your mind of the heavy energies so they don’t make a permanent home in your own energy field. Dealing with these types of people day in and day out can become exhausting, and will really deplete your energy stores after a while. Recuperation and rest matter, especially in the world we live in today.

4. Kindly point out that their behavior hurts others around them.

Some people will take advantage of your kindness and sincerity, unleashing their hostility onto you. Make sure you make them well aware of your boundaries, and don’t walk on eggshells around them just because they can’t seem to reign in their own emotions. Let them know that their poor attitude affects everyone around them, and you won’t tolerate it any longer.

No one should have to consistently deal with conniving, manipulative, or brash behavior, and you should nip it in the bud before people think they can get away with it. Maybe this will get them to change their tune so others will want to be around them more.

5. Remember that how people treat you is their karma.

Sometimes, you just have to keep in mind the laws of the universe, and that negative people will have to face the consequences of their behavior. Everything always comes back full circle, so just remember to treat them with love and compassion, because you have control of your own karma. Others may not be aware of these “divine laws”, or they may not care, but this remains constant: ultimately, how others treat you is out of your hands, so just sit back and watch the universe respond accordingly.

karma - attitudes

6. Do something to make their day better.

You can either sit there and watch someone struggle or offer to help them up. You always have a choice in the moment, so choose kindness. Choose compassion. Bring them some food on their lunch break if they have piles of work to finish and you know they can’t leave, bake them some cookies and leave them on their desk, or make them a homemade crafty gift to show you care.

This world could use more acts of kindness, and a lot of people are hurting right now – be the person that lifts others up even if they always bring you down. Maybe you can be the one to encourage them to start looking on the brighter side of life.

7. Smile. 🙂

How can someone possibly keep spouting off negative vibes when you meet that energy with a smile? It will immediately put them in a better place of perspective, and remind them that this world still has good people left. Maybe they have a very negative home life and don’t have a lot of emotional support. Maybe they feel neglected or unloved, so spread your love with your smiles. It will even uplift your own mood, and help others around you.

The simple, small act of smiling can create enormous changes in Earth’s energy – use it abundantly!