Are you easily manipulated? While you would like to believe that the world you live in is filled with friendly and kind folks, some ruthless people are deceptive and unscrupulous. It’s not always easy to spot these individuals as they often hide behind a smile and warm demeanor.

Sadly, inside they’re full of devilish intentions and are working you for their benefit. It’s a common scenario today that people use one another to get ahead. Even a bit of it’s acceptable in the corporate world, but it can come with downright devilish motivation.

These scheming folks will twist and manipulate you for their personal gain. They will lie, steal, beg, borrow, and plead to get what they want. Some people don’t see these individuals coming, and they fall right into their trap.

Yet, other people can smell a rat a mile away. How do you fare when it comes to dealing with manipulative individuals? Do you know when something isn’t right because you have a gut instinct that tells you, or do you always give people the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise?

Five Reasons the Strong Person Won’t Be Manipulated

Why is it that some people are prey for these manipulators, and others don’t seem bothered by them at all? The key is in your presentation, attitude, and overall personality.

A self-centered, narcissistic individual knows who they can manipulate with ease, and they also know the ones they need to leave alone. Here are five signs that you’re a strong person that can’t be controlled.

1. You Set Firm Boundaries

Boundaries are often seen as harmful or restrictive, but limitations can be good things. For instance, before you enter a relationship, if you set firm guidelines, the other person knows what to expect. Should your partner cheat, lie, or do some other thing clearly on your boundary list, they can expect the consequences.

Borders let you and those around you know your limits, and they’re part of survival techniques. Others will not manipulate a person who establishes these guidelines. At the first sign of trouble, or when someone doesn’t honor their requests, they will quickly end the relationship.

Many people set boundaries regarding infidelity with their partner. If you’ve been dating someone for months and they cheat on you, then they know that it’s not going to end well when you find out. If you’re a strong person, then you don’t question the need to end things because once that line has been crossed, there’s no turning back.

Additionally, you will feel no guilt in severing ties because the person clearly knew what would happen if they cheated, and they did it anyway.

2. Bullies Don’t Stand A Chance

Bullies often prey on the weak. They search for individuals who have low self-esteem, are overly trusting, and are a bit naïve. By scoping out these individuals, they have a better chance at having their plan be a success.

According to an article in Psychology Today, the manipulator looks for someone who isn’t a leader, is quiet and shy, or has some insecurities they can use to their advantage. However, the manipulator is also savvy because they know which people to avoid. They will steer clear of those who are strong, self-reliant, and can see through their schemes.

In school or the workplace, the bully always seeks a weaker target or someone that stands out. How many times as a child did you hear statements like “four eyes” when someone wore glasses? A person with poor eyesight is usually sensitive about this issue, so they’re an easy target to be manipulated.

The narcissist can swoop in and promise them protection from other bullies if they do their bidding. The strong person would never find themselves in this position. They’ve already learned early in life how to stand up for themselves, and they won’t take too kindly to the manipulative tactics of someone with an abusive personality.

3. You Voice Your Opinions

It’s not a bad thing to voice your opinions. Those folks around you know your stance. Taking a stand for the things you believe in makes you less of a target to being manipulated.

How many times have you heard that if you don’t stand for something that you will fall for anything? Well, your strong position will protect you from the unscrupulous person who wants to use you for their gain.

strong people
4. You Will Say No

Why is saying “no” so hard for some people? If you’re asked to do things that are beyond your comfort zone or that you don’t have time for, then you just say no. It’s a simple little word that has so much power behind it. Most people are worried about the consequences of refusing, as they don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings.

Nevertheless, the person who has been burnt once or twice knows that using this word gives them authority over their life. They don’t beat around the bush or tower in fear that they won’t be liked or respected. You know your boundaries and what you cannot do, and you don’t let anyone guilt you into doing anything.

5. You Tell Folks How You Expect to Be Treated

The strong person doesn’t allow people to disrespect or use them as they tell them upfront how they expect to be treated. For instance, if you’re in a new relationship and the other party gets upset and uses a term like “stupid,” the strong party will have no problem putting them in their place.

Telling someone what you expect as far as treatment goes along with setting clear boundaries. It’s not really about punishing those who do you wrong, but it’s more about giving them gentle guidance into choosing a better way to do things. A strong person teaches by example too.

They may not want you to call names in an argument, but they also would never stoop to this level to gain control over a situation.

Other Traits of a Strong Person

The preceding signs show you why a strong person cannot be manipulated, and they have many endearing qualities that are impressive. Here are some of the top personality benefits of being a powerhouse.

•Good decision-making skills – The strong person is typically good at making decisions. They use pros and cons to form the right choice. They’re often great at leading companies because they won’t be swayed or manipulated by people underneath them.

• Goal-focused – Some people can’t handle being leaders because they get caught up in all the drama around them. However, goal-focused people keep their eye on the prize regardless of all the chaos going on.

•Marketing gurus – Since they have strong personalities, they’re great at talking to others. Some people are natural-born sales professionals, while others prefer to be behind the scenes.

•Self-disciplined, confident, and aware – The strong individual knows how to control their impulses as well as restrain from drama. Rather, they spend their time focusing their energy and ambitions on good things. They’re firm in their values, interests and have an established character that others respect.

•Independent thinkers – Being assertive means that you don’t always go along with the flow. You’re not afraid to challenge things if it doesn’t seem like the best option. Your innovative thought processes are what makes good material to run a company.

•Multi-tasking abilities – The robust personality often can do many things at once. Though The Cleveland Clinic states that multitasking is bad for your mental health and can cause you to burn out quicker, the strong person knows how to wear many hats with ease. Since they’re so confident in their abilities, they have no problem doing many things at once to get the job done.

Final Thoughts on How to Avoid Being Manipulated

Did you know that manipulating people is a part of life, and most folks do it without realizing it? How many times have you put on a big smile when you walked into work, even when you didn’t feel like smiling? You’ve learned that when you use this expression, you get more positive feedback.

Manipulation isn’t always a bad thing, primarily if it’s used for the right reasons. However, it should never be used to affect another person negatively. Some people use these tactics to try to play games and influence someone, to do their bidding. When it’s used as a form of control, then it’s wrong.

Thankfully, the strong person is not easily manipulated. They are firm in their boundaries, know their beliefs, and aren’t afraid to make a few ripples if something doesn’t feel right to them. The good news is that most strong people have learned through the school of hard knocks. Even if you’ve been manipulated in the past, it doesn’t mean you have to let it continue.