Do you consider yourself a person who enjoys a challenge and is determined to succeed in life? Not only do you want success, but you want to be a positive example to your circle and community.

Twenty Habits of the Forward Thinking Person

Do you consider yourself a forward thinker? These folks are game-changers and tend to have an optimistic outlook. Maybe this term is new to you, but you may learn something about yourself today and your thought processes. Here are twenty habits of forward-thinking people to consider.

1. Forward Thinking People Don’t Live in the Past

Forward thinking people only use the past as a reference point from where they’ve been. You acknowledge the important lesson you’ve learned, and you leave the bad stuff behind you. As you’re traveling toward your goals, you live in the moment and plan.

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2. They Stay Focused on Their Goals

It’s easy to become distracted by everyday problems and negative people. Of course, you’ll have troubles and difficulties that are unavoidable, and they need your attention. Regardless of adverse circumstances, forward thinking people focus their attention on their goals and dreams.

3. They Keep Rationality and Creativity Balanced

You labeled yourself a long time ago as either left-brained or right-brained. This popular theory suggests that left-brained thinkers are more analytical while right-brained people rely on creativity and intuition. However, a study published by PLOS One may discount the idea.

In fact, the study explains how most personality types are a combination of both brain hemispheres. These folks carefully analyze their decisions, but they also consider their imagination for creative ideas. It’s a crucial balance for problem-solving and setting goals.

4. Forward Thinking People See the Big Picture

They say that the devil is in the details and positive thinkers pay attention to them. You try your best to research your ideas and make necessary changes. On the other hand, you’re not so smothered by details that you can’t foresee your dreams as a reality.

5. They Maintain Positive Energy

Do you remember the iconic tv commercial of the pink bunny with a long-lasting battery? The battery’s energy puts a spark in his step, and he keeps going while others have worn out. Think of positive energy as the battery that motivates your mind and aspirations.

A negative attitude only zaps your energy, and you may feel depressed and give up on your goals. While even positive thinkers have a difficult day occasionally, they refuse to adopt a negative outlook. You’re more likely to reach your goals when you stay positive and surround yourself with like-minded people.

6. They Inspire Others

Free-thinking people aren’t entirely motivated for their excellence. Not only do you want to improve your life, but you work to make things better for others. Your positive attitude is contagious, and you naturally inspire people in your circle to dream big and go for it.

7. Forward Thinking People Color Outside of the Lines

If there’s one thing a free thinker isn’t, it’s a conformist. Although you follow the rules, laws and respect protocols, you believe in more than one way to do something. Many aspects of problem-solving and achieving your goals depend on creative thinking.

8. They Stay Open-Minded

People who are focused on higher aspirations have no room for bigotry and narrow-mindedness in their lives. You respect different opinions and levels of society even if they aren’t yours. When you actively listen to others and share ideas, you may find common ground that benefits you and them.

9. They Own Their Destiny

Unfortunately, some people stop short of realizing their dreams by not owning them. Instead of taking responsibility for mistakes and learning from them, they may shift the blame, and their lives become stagnant. If you have a positive mindset, you take ownership of your destiny and don’t put it in the hands of others.

10. Forward Thinking People Aren’t Controlled by Fear

Courage isn’t the absence of fear, but it’s the determination to overcome it. For many people, fear is the main obstacle standing between them and achieving their goals. Positive thinking people also have fears and uncertainties, but they refuse to be defined or controlled.

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11. They Practice Gratitude Daily

A grateful spirit goes a long way in this world. It only takes a second to say, “thank you,” and express your gratitude every day. Learn to count your blessings and take nothing for granted. Be thankful for every person and each resource that contributes to reaching your dreams.

12. Forward Thinking People Are Quick to Apologize and Forgive

Just because you’re a forward thinking person doesn’t mean you’re perfect. Making mistakes and having shortcomings are part of the human condition. People will respect you more when you sincerely apologize for offenses, make amends, and try not to repeat them.

Equally crucial for positive thinkers is to offer forgiveness. It doesn’t excuse other people’s offenses, but it frees you to release the hurt and move on. Not only is it vital to forgive others, but also to learn to forgive yourself.

13. They Boost Other People’s Self-Confidence

How do forward thinkers motivate people? They share their enthusiasm and self-confidence. When you genuinely boost others’ confidence and believe in their dreams, they will also support yours, and everyone wins.

14. They Give Back to Their Community

The best way to show your gratitude for those who gave you a hand up is to follow their example. Innovative ideas only work when you share them and make it a thoughtful group effort. Find someone at work or in your community and offer to be a mentor.

Plus, positive thinkers are valuable in community outreach programs. You draw closer to those in need, and you gladly serve them. Not only do you see giving back as a duty, but also as an opportunity to benefit the whole community.

15. Forward Thinking People Have a Sense of Humor

According to an article published by the Mayo Clinic, humor enriches you physically, mentally, and spiritually. It can lower your stress levels and soothe tension. Some studies suggest that laughter might improve your mood and boost your immune system.

You’re never too important or busy that you can’t enjoy humor in your life. Whether it’s chuckling with a coworker about a joke or laughing with your mate while watching a comedy, laughter is healing. Forward thinking people see the benefits of laughing at themselves, too.

16. They Cultivate Joy

Free thinking allows joy and fulfillment to flourish in your life. It’s much more than gaining material wealth. When your goals push beyond self and benefit others, you succeed regardless of your bank account.

Creating ideas and bringing them to fruition provides a satisfaction that money can’t buy. Of course, everyone wants to have beautiful things, and that’s fine. However, it’s the senses of accomplishment, gratitude, and generosity that last overall.

17. Forward Thinking People Steer Clear of Gossip and Complaining

A wise person once warned to avoid people who constantly gossip about others. Be assured that they’re badmouthing you, too. Backbiters and contentious people are usually so miserable in their life that they revel in the pain of others, real or imagined.

As a positive thinker, you surround yourself with others who value genuineness and positivity. Chronic complainers smother people in a smog of gloom, doom, and negativity. Do yourself a favor and avoid such people as much as you can.

18. They Understand the Law of Attraction

How can you expect blessings to come your way if you do nothing to attract them? The concept behind the law of attraction is that when you send affirmations into the Universe, you will attract the same. Positive affirmations attract positive results, and negative ones only attract more misfortune.

Whether you call this guiding force God, the Universe, or the Collective Consciousness, it’s more than willing to agree with innovations. Make a habit of sending positive affirmations through prayer or meditation, then visualize the results. You may soon be delighted when you’re achieving your goals as planned.

19. They Balance Work and Play

Although the law of attraction works as an agreement with your mind and the Universe, you also need positive efforts. The couch potato won’t achieve anything if they don’t put some effort into their goals. It takes challenging work and patience to see the results you want.

Keep in mind that you also need a healthy balance of work and play. What good does it do you to have all you ever wanted and are too busy to enjoy them? Spend time with your loved ones and friends and learn to take it easy sometimes.

20. A Forward Thinking Person Will Keep Their Emotions in Check

It’s not good for you to keep your feelings bottled up inside. At some point, you’ll have an emotional explosion. However, you can express yourself calmly and rationally during an emotionally charged situation.

Nobody enjoys walking on eggshells around an overly emotional person. Bringing your innovative ideas into reality requires effective networking with others. When you’re level-headed and keep your emotions in check, you’re more likely to expand your circle.

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Final Thoughts on Forward Thinking People

The continued evolution of humanity depends on free thinkers. Following these and other positive habits can help you reach your goals and set higher standards. As more people find fulfillment in their lives, they can inspire others to do the same.