Have you ever wished on a falling star or made a wish while blowing out your birthday candle? While these may be silly superstitions, they are based on humans’ natural desire to manifest their desires. Are there realistic ways to turn your dreams into positive outcomes?

Even as a rational adult, you can’t help whispering a wish when you see the sparkling farewell of a falling star. It doesn’t matter that you know it’s but a meteor piece blazing through the atmosphere. Your childlike faith overrides your grown-up mind as you close your eyes and visualize your heart’s desire.

Perhaps kids are better at symbolizing their dreams than most adults. If their little minds can dream it up, then they believe that it can happen. They use the power of their mind to visualize a positive outcome.

You probably held these simple premises in your childhood, too. Somewhere along the path, some adult’s negative comments shattered your faith in dreaming. It may have given way to cynicism and a negative view of your potential.

Dr. Tchiki Davis published an interesting article on Psychology Today. Davis explains the possible science behind this concept. The law of attraction is based on using a positive mindset to attract good things in your life. Your attitude may help you manifest your dreams and goals.

It may be easy for you to dismiss the concept of manifesting your dreams as fairytale nonsense. The law of attraction has nothing to do with your fairy godmother magically appearing and granting your wishes with a tip of her wand. There’s no magic or supernatural basis to it.

Optimism vs. Pessimism

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You’ve heard the classic analogy of using a glass to explain the difference between optimism and pessimism. Whether the glass is half full or partially empty depends on your perception. A person who can be grateful for at least half a glass is bound to be happier than the one who gripes about it.

The Universe is an all-powerful force that is more than willing to work in your favor. It takes more than just waiting for something to happen as you need to manifest it. When you keep a positive attitude and align with the Source of All, you can manifest beautiful blessings in your life.

A common misconception is that when adverse events happen it’s that person’s fault. At some point, they did something wrong or just weren’t “good enough.” If you believe this fallacy, you would have to think that only the perfect can have positive outcomes. Since nobody is perfect, this conclusion can’t be accurate.

The good news is that you don’t need to be perfect to manifest your dreams. Fortunately, the power works with you regardless of race, gender, beliefs, or past faults. If you’re willing to believe in yourself, the Universe will also think and respond.

Habits That Bring Positive Outcomes

You have the power to bring your dreams and goals to fulfillment. The Universe is patiently waiting to hear your affirmations. Here are 15 habits that can help get positive outcomes in your life.

1. Talk to the Universe

At first, you may feel foolish by speaking into thin air. However, the Universe is all-knowing and hears all. It already knows the deep desires of your soul, but it won’t override your free will. Your spiritual higher power is loving and patient, and it waits to hear what’s on your mind and in your heart.

Your words have power when you speak them to the Universe. Your positive affirmation and the cosmic power unite to create action in your world. It clears the way for your dreams to manifest.

Of course, you must work hard and use common sense to achieve your goals. Nobody gets success shuttled to them on a magic carpet. However, staying focused with a positive attitude is more likely to attract the desires of your heart.

2. Be Confident with Your Affirmations

Many people assume that the opposite of belief is doubt. It goes more profound because the root of doubt is fear. If you allow fear to shackle your soul, it will stand between you and the Universe’s help. When you make affirmations to the Almighty, be confident as if the deed were already done.

3. Eliminate the Negativity

When you meditate and use visualization, you build positive energy in your soul that binds with the Universe. It takes time and patience to learn how to push negativity aside in favor of creating positive outcomes. Unlike on the physical plane, like attracts like and opposites repel in the spiritual world.

No matter how hard you try to be positive, you’ll have party poopers in the crowd. If you allow them enough influence, these negative people will dampen your positive attitude. Try your best to avoid negative people and surround yourself with uplifting folks that bring you joy.

4. See It and Be It

An article published by Scientific America states that visualization and action work together in your brain. First, you visualize the action, and then your brain signals your body to do it. The article also explains that speaking in the first person as “I” resonates more powerfully in your mind than saying “They” in the third person.

So, your first step in actualizing your goals is to imagine and see them. Many people find vision boards and ideal journaling tools for manifestation. Keep your board in a conspicuous place as a constant reminder.

5. Surround Yourself with Achievers

Take your positive sphere further and include successful people in your circle. These people have discovered the power of creating positive results and can be a source of inspiration. Discuss your aspirations with them, and they may offer some beneficial advice.

6. Stay Humble

Regardless of if you’ve achieved your wildest dreams and have everything you could want, nobody likes a snob. Your success and material wealth can’t comfort you when you’ve estranged everyone in your life. Remember that people naturally gravitate to those who are respectful to all and display genuine humility.

7. Embrace Failure

Contrary to popular belief, failure needn’t be a bad thing. In fact, it can be a valuable learning tool for creating positive outcomes. Take your failures and setbacks in stride and agree that the Universe is working for your greater good.

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8. Change Your Vocabulary

If you want to foster a positive attitude, your speech must match your intentions. When you speak negativity into the Universe, it carries as much weight as positive affirmations. If you declare, “Nothing ever works out in my life,” the Universe hears, agrees, and makes it so.

Successful people know how to weed out negative statements from their conversations. Though it takes some practice, it can be done.

9. Speak in the Now

Many people believe they should start a positive affirmation by saying, “Someday, I will.” While it’s optimistic about your goals, it leaves you in limbo—success in the future hinges on success in the present.

Manifesting positive outcomes is best when you affirm in the present. Trade “I will be” to “I am.”

10. Be Appreciative for All

What good would it do you to own the world and not appreciate it? One of the reasons why some people find success but not fulfillment is a lack of gratitude. Count your blessings aloud into the Universe and allow it to expand your dreams exponentially.

11. Walk Out of the Past

Astrophysicist Adam Frank discusses the human concept of time in his book, There’s No Such Thing as Time, published by Popular Science. Frank mentions theories by Juliann Barbour and concurs that the past and future don’t exist. It’s only a perception, and all you have is the present.

Everyone has regrets and pain from the past. However, ruminating on the past only hampers your healing and growth. Creating positive outcomes requires closing the door on the history and opening your heart to the possibilities of today.

12. Don’t Fuss over the Details

When you affirm your dreams and agree with the Universe, you start a process in both physical and spiritual realms. The Universe is watching out for you, and it’s eager to give you a bright future. Often, your journey to fulfillment has twists and turns you didn’t plan, but you must trust the Universe and believe.

13. Let Your Words and Actions Agree

In the Bible, St. James admonishes that faith without works is dead. He says it’s like a body without a soul. In other words, you must put some action behind your affirmations.

If you tell the Universe you’re a success, act like one. Be positive and work as if you’ve already achieved your dreams. As your mind and the Universe agree, your goals will manifest before you realize them.

14. Stay Focused

It’s easy to get distracted when juggling family and work responsibilities. When you stay focused on your goals, you keep an open connection with the Universe. Meditation can gently bring your mind back to where it needs to be.

15. Dream Big or Go Home

Don’t let your fears and inadequacies stop you from manifesting your goals. If the great dreamers of history gave up because their dreams were too big, humans would still be in the Stone Age. Express your affirmations – just as they are in your heart.

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Final Thoughts on Manifesting Positive Outcomes

You are responsible for your destination. The Universe offers you a ladder, but climbing the first rung is up to you. Using these steps each day may be the motivation to take you where you want to be. So what’s holding you back?