If you have a negative mindset from the start, you will struggle to control your day.

Using positive affirmations can help you switch that mindset, allowing you more control. Feeling optimistic first thing in the morning will help you more than you might initially realize.

If you control your day, you will find it easier to live your life to the fullest. With a positive outlook, you will have more of a say in what happens in your life. Plus, the things that happen and the people you encounter tend to be more positive, too.

Positive affirmations will help you convince yourself that you can do anything. They will help you take control and eliminate limiting beliefs. Repeating them each morning is the most beneficial, but using them when you need encouragement throughout the day is helpful, too.

Fifteen Positive Affirmations That Help You Control Your Day

As you say the affirmations, stay open to accepting the words that you are saying. By allowing yourself to feel it, you can raise your energy frequency and help yourself reach your dreams. Using positive affirmations to help you control your day can be positively life-changing.

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1. I accept anything that doesn’t go as planned and learn to work with it.

Things don’t always go the way you want them to, and that is a normal part of life that you can cope with. Learning to work with it will get your farther and allow you to stay in control of your day. By using this affirmation, you will have a continuous reminder to keep trying and figuring things out.

2. I am confident as I begin my day.

Starting the day with confidence helps you control your day and keep that control no matter what. Use this affirmation each morning for a boost of self-confidence before you even leave your home.

3. I have all the skills, talent, and knowledge to succeed.

You have everything you need to control your day and succeed at anything. Never doubt yourself because you already have the skill and talent. You’re more knowledgeable than you think, and you have to tap into what you already possess.

4. I can accomplish anything I set my mind to today.

With focus and determination, you can do anything. As long as you set your mind on it and take the necessary steps, you can accomplish your goals. This affirmation is a good one to repeat as you create your daily to-do list and figure out your priorities.

5. I know that everything in my life happens at the right time for me.

Things seem to happen for a reason, so remind yourself to trust the timeframe and stay patient. When the time is right, you will get everything that you need. Sometimes you will feel like things are taking too long, but you can repeat this affirmation as a reminder.

The more often you use this affirmation, the more effective it will be in your life. You will experience more patience and feel like you control your day.

6. I am a better person today than I was yesterday.

When you acknowledge that you are always improving, you can control your day. You will learn from your mistakes a little more, and you will always be on the lookout for increased wisdom. Plus, this affirmation will boost your confidence as you tackle the day ahead.

7. I am in control of my thoughts and emotions.

You are the only person that can control your thoughts and emotions. Even when you feel like you can’t change them, you can. Plus, no one else can control them for you, even if they cause you to feel a certain type of way.

Even when they cause you to feel negative, you still control your thoughts. You are the one that decides how you want to feel and think. Whatever anyone else thinks about it doesn’t matter in the end.

If you want to be happy, then you can choose happiness at any time. It is that simple if you can remember that you control your day and your entire life.

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8. I stand up for myself and the things I believe in.

To truly take control, you must stand up for yourself and what is important to you. If you don’t, you will always feel like someone has the upper hand. This life is yours to live, and you are the only one that can make sure your voice is heard.

9. I am open to all opportunities that come my way.

Staying open to new opportunities can help you make decisions for yourself. You will feel like you are choosing the course of your day. Choosing your path will help you feel in control since you don’t feel forced either way.

10. I accept the person that I am, and I accept my strengths and weaknesses.

Accepting who you are is the first step to taking control of your day. Think about the things you are good at and recognize those aspects of yourself. Consider your weaknesses, as well, and learn to work with them.

Identifying who you are can make all the difference in taking control of your life. When you learn to work with who you are, you will have an easier time navigating life. Accepting yourself is the first step to making your characteristics work for your life and goals.

11. I am ready for any challenges I experience because they motivate me.

Challenges happen in life, no matter how prepared you think you are. If you dread them, you will always feel like your life is out of control. Instead, use this affirmation to remind yourself that challenges motivate you instead of setting you back.

With motivation, you can achieve so much in life. You will make better decisions that further your life rather than hindering your progress. Every challenge is a chance for self-improvement as long as you stay ready and motivated.

12. I am happy and successful.

With happiness and success, you can control each day right from the start. Use this positive affirmation to remind yourself of how great you are. It will give you the confidence you need all day, guiding you to do the best things for yourself and your life.

Repeating this affirmation as you look in the mirror each morning will help you take on the mindset of a happy and successful person. You can embrace life more, and you will stay joyful even when things don’t go well.

13. I choose happiness, positivity, and hard work today.

You can choose the way that you feel, your mindset, and how hard you work. No one else can determine these things for you, and it isn’t anyone else’s fault if you aren’t living this way. Make a conscious choice to be happy, positive, and hardworking each day so that you can continue controlling your day.

If you repeat this affirmation each day, you will feel in control the entire day. If you feel your positivity faltering, repeat the affirmations to help regain your focus. With a positive mindset and hard work, anything is possible in your life.

14. I keep trying until I achieve my goals.

Giving up shouldn’t be an option for you if you want to stay in control. You won’t always succeed right away, but coming up with a new plan is essential. Messing up or experiencing failure is a part of life, but you only lose control when you stop trying.

15. I am ready to begin the day and handle anything that comes my way.

With this mindset, you will accomplish anything and be in control the entire time. Repeat this affirmation during your morning routine, and you will be better equipped to handle it. You must be ready for unexpected situations to come up, so this mindset will help you take care of them with ease.

If you are ready to handle anything, then you will be more resilient when unexpected things happen. With a clear mind, you can think about the situation accurately and come up with better solutions. These situations won’t be as stressful as they would be otherwise, and you will have a good plan.

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Final Thoughts on Positive Affirmations That Help Take Control of Your Day

Using positive affirmations to help take control of your day, you will be happier and more successful. You will accomplish more and keep a positive mindset as you overcome obstacles and challenges. By switching your mindset, you will have an easier time staying in control as the day goes on.

Keeping a positive mindset will help you as you work toward your goals. It will motivate you to do your best and keep trying hard no matter what happens. Staying in control will also help you deal with upsetting situations or difficult people.

Positive affirmations are an easy way to help you control your day. Making them a normal part of your routine will be beneficial in many ways, and you will keep a more positive mindset. Use the affirmations that resonate with you the most, as those will be the most effective.