Being diagnosed with cancer is still a stressful and scary time in any person’s life, even if it doesn’t always mean fatality. Health issues can cause any number of stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms, and it may feel like there isn’t much you can do but let the doctors handle your treatment. Fortunately, studies have shown that there are certain types of food that stop the spread of cancerous cells.

“Nutritional science has made such wonderful advances in the last 10 years, and we’re now able to give people much more power to control their health destiny” – Joel Fuhrman, MD

These foods will often prevent the growth and spreading of cancerous cells. The types of food and the types of cancer that they prevent often vary, so make sure you know what you’re at risk for and what you would most like to prevent. The food that you eat that starves cancerous cells can also prevent it from growing before it starts. Eating these foods should help with preventing or starving cancerous cells in your body.

Here Are 5 Surprising Foods That Stop Cancer From Spreading


Strawberries are full of antioxidants, as well as something called ellagic acid. The antioxidants and acids in strawberries are known to prevent cancer that can affect your skin, breast tissue, lungs, and even your bladder. Eating the proper amount of strawberries can cause a cycle called apoptosis, which causes the cancer cells to die.

To get the most out of your strawberries, it’s best to eat 1 cup of strawberries a day. To quote dietitian Nigel Denby,

“Strawberries can legitimately claim to be heart protective, anti-inflammatory and have anti-cancer properties – all rolled into one. They rank as one of the world’s healthiest foods.”

An additional study supports this claim. Further, it clarifies that strawberries (and other berries, as well) protect the body from DNA damage that makes us susceptible to cancer in the first place!

The berries specifically cited in the research include:

  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blueberries
  • Blackberries
  • Cranberries

So feel free to snack on the sweet goodness of berries.


Though you can eat raw tomatoes to help fight off cancer, cooked tomatoes have more strength in fighting cancer than raw ones do. Though all tomatoes contain cancer-fighting properties called lycopene, the heat from cooking them makes them more available for your body to use.

Lycopene is known to slow the growth of cancerous cells in your body, which helps give you a better chance of getting rid of it with other treatments. One-half cup of cooked tomatoes once a week will help slow the growth of cancerous cells.

As Joan Salge Blake, MS, RD, rightly pointed out,

“The photochemical lycopene may be one of best disease-fighting compounds on the plate, especially if the plate contains tomatoes. Research suggests that lycopene found in tomatoes and tomato products may help prevent prostate cancer.”

Additional research indicates that lycopene inhibits the growth of cancer cells, specifically in the treatment of prostate cancer. Researchers continue to study the impact of lycopene on other forms of cancer, as well.


Bok choy is a type of Chinese cabbage, and it contains something called brassinin, which promises to be very powerful against fighting the growth of cancerous cells. Brassinin is also present in other sprouts, such as broccoli and cauliflower. Bok choy and brassinin are best known for fighting the spread and growth of lung cancer cells. For the best possible results, plan your meals to have bok choy (or even broccoli!) in them three times a week, with a half-cup serving.

Recent colon cancer research also proved that brassinin “downregulated” the present cancer cells, inhibiting the further spread of the disease.


Like most fish, flounder is full of omega-3 fatty acids, which are well known to prevent inflammation and reduce the risk of heart disease. In addition, Omega-3 fatty acids also help prevent both the start and spread of cancerous cells.

Dr. Mehmet Oz has the following to say about Omega 3s in seafood:

“Instead of shrimp, you can substitute any seafood high in omega-3 fatty acids; options include salmon, haddock, flounder, and sardines.”.

Flounder is best for the prevention and starvation of colorectal cancer. Research proved that patients with more Omega-3 fatty acids in their system responded better to treatments due to the protective benefits of the fatty acids. The study also notes that the over-consumption of red meat causes a higher incidence of colorectal cancers. Thus, substitute flounder or other fish for red meat three times weekly, consuming 6-ounce servings for the prevention of colon cancers.

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Artichokes are full of antioxidants. Research on the cancer-preventative antioxidants in artichokes shows that the antioxidants can cause apoptosis and even slow the growth of cancerous cells. This vegetable is best for the prevention of prostate and breast cancer, and can also be used to help slow the cancerous growth of leukemia.

Co-founder of Breast Cancer Yoga, Dawn Bradford Lange says the following about this veggie:

“When eaten regularly as part of an overall cancer free lifestyle, antioxidant-rich foods such as artichoke hearts and leaves may provide anti-aging benefits and protection against degenerative diseases.”

To get the most out of your artichokes and help prevent or slow the growth of cancerous cells, you should have ¼ cup of artichoke hearts a day.

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Final Thoughts on Fighting Cancer With Nutritious Foods

Doing something as simple as changing your diet can help prevent a disease that can be difficult to cure. Or, it can help the treatment that you’re already on work better. The same way that steering clear of cigarettes can prevent lung cancer, eating certain types of food can prevent any number of cancers from growing in your body.

We often underestimate the things that we put into our bodies and the drastic effects that they can have on our well-being. These are only just a small sample of foods that prevent and slow the growth of cancerous cells, and changing your diet to be more health-conscious is just one step in making sure your body stays as healthy as humanly possible. There’s a reason you’ve been told to eat your fruits and vegetables!

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