A new relationship can leave you feeling ecstatic, delighting in every moment together. After a while of this, you might begin to feel like you are falling in love. This emotion is scary, especially if you don’t know if your partner feels the same way.

Since everyone shows love differently, it can be hard to know for sure. While you can hope that your partner is open about their feelings, they might not feel comfortable admitting their love. Being uncomfortable doesn’t mean they haven’t fallen in love, but it means that you must look for the signs instead.

Falling in love is exciting but scary, so knowing what to look for can help ease your anxiety on the matter. Some people express their love through actions, and others do it through words. Others struggle to express it at all.

No matter how your partner shows love, you can look for some of these signs to know for sure. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t notice any of the signs yet because love happens on different schedules for everyone. Please note these signs and watch for them the next time you spend time with or talk to your partner.

Your Partner May Be Falling in Love If…

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1 – They Show Interest in You and Your Life

If your partner cares about you and shows a true interest in you and your life, they might be falling in love. They will care about all of the things that interest you or that are important to you. Plus, they will even care about the little tidbits of your day that don’t mean much, but you like to talk about anyway.

Someone that loves you will be interested in you on this level. It allows for trust, confidence, and a deep connection between the two of you.

2 – They Want to Be There for You When You Are Sick

When someone isn’t in love, they will not want to care for you when you are sick. If your partner is willing to not only see you at your worst but care for you, too, they might be falling in love. At this point, their feelings for you have become deeper than a casual dating situation.

3 – They Want to Talk to You

Your partner may be falling in love if they want to engage with you and have discussions. They will initiate conversation, so you won’t always be the one reaching out, either. As they fall in love, they will want to know more about you, so wanting to talk often is a good indication.

4 – They are Thoughtful

If your partner randomly brings you gifts or sends flowers, they might be falling in love. Even cooking your favorite meal or bringing you a coffee during a long workday is a good indication. Anything that shows they have been thinking about you is a good sign romantically and emotionally.

Sometimes they might leave you a little note to let you know they are thinking of you. They will also shoot a quick text message between tasks at work to wish you a good day. No matter what it is, if they go out of their way to do something thoughtful, they may be falling in love.

5 – They Include You and Want to Be Involved in Your Life

When someone is falling for you, they will want you to be involved in their life. They will want you to go to family events, office parties, and even out with their friends. Plus, they will want to be included in your life, too.

They will want to go to all the same events for your side of the family and friends group, too. Sharing your lives will begin to become normal, and your two lives will merge. While you will still be an individual, you will notice that you start spending more time together around others.

6 – They Want Your Loved Ones to Like Them

If your partner wants your friends and family to like them, they are probably falling for you. They will make an effort to win your loved ones over, and they will likely be anxious before seeing your parents.

When someone isn’t in love, they won’t worry about winning over the people that mean the most to you. They won’t be nervous or worry about making a good impression. There is a clear difference in this regard when it comes to looking for signs of love.

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7 – They Talk About You to People They Know

When someone is experiencing those first signs of love in a relationship, they can’t stop talking about their partner. They will want their friends and loved ones to know that they care about you and talk about your accomplishments.

This type of bragging is different from people that brag about their latest fling without any emotion. Those that brag about a fling only wants to point out the physical qualities. Someone falling in love will talk about you on a deeper level.

8 – They Do Things You Like to Do

Even if they usually wouldn’t do something, they will do it if it means spending time with you. Your partner might do this not only as a way to spend time but also to connect on a deeper level. Participating in the things you enjoy helps keep the connection going, making it worthwhile to your partner.

Doing things that you like to do could involve any activity. It might be exercise, watching dramas, or walking around your favorite store. Just remember that you should do things they like to do, too, even if you usually wouldn’t.

9 – They Make You Feel Safe and Don’t Put You in Uncomfortable Situations

A partner that loves you will never willingly put you in an uncomfortable position. They won’t pressure you to do things that you don’t want to, and they will respect your boundaries. Someone falling in love will also make sure to communicate with you and establish what you are comfortable with.

Your partner will also never put you in a position where you feel out of place or excluded. That type of position is sure to make you uncomfortable, and they will acknowledge that.

If your partner loves you, they will keep you safe, and they will do whatever they can for you. They will put themselves at risk to keep you from getting hurt and would never do anything to put you at risk.

10 – They are All-In

If your partner is falling for you, then they will be committed to you. They won’t want a fling and won’t be pursuing other people at the same time. If you bring commitment up, they won’t shy away from it but will openly talk about it.

You can’t just listen to them say that they are all-in, though. If your partner is falling for you, they will make an effort to be there for you, too. They will be all-in for all aspects of your life, not just when it is convenient for them.

11 – They are Honest with You and Share Anything You Want to Know

Love and respect go together, and they don’t respect you if they aren’t honest with you. A loving partner will be open and honest about both the big and little things. They won’t tell you what you want to hear unless it is true, so you never have to worry about being placated.

You won’t feel manipulated by them because you know they are straightforward. Your partner usually won’t be worried about telling you the truth, and even if they are a little anxious, they’ll do it anyway.

12 – They Make Plans with You in Advance

When your partner makes plans with you weeks or months in advance, they might be falling in love. Making plans is a subtle way they let you know they are in the relationship for the long haul. They want to plan a future with you and will make an effort to do so.

So, if your partner asks them to go to a wedding with you in the future, it is a good sign. Inviting you to a future event means that they plan on sticking around for a while, allowing the two of you to look forward to things together.

13 – They Always Make Time for You

Even when your partner is extremely busy, they will make time to spend together if they are falling for you. They prioritize your presence in their life, meaning you are essential to them. Making time even amid a hectic schedule shows that they are serious about your relationship together.

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Final Thoughts: Your Partner May Be Falling in Love If…

While it might be hard to tell if your partner is falling in love, these signs might help. You can tell if they are all-in or if they are viewing your relationship as a casual fling. Sometimes these signs will be an indicator, but other times you will know if someone is falling for you.

Love is such a confusing but exciting feeling, and if you aren’t feeling as strongly as they are yet, it’s okay. You can ride out the relationship and see where it takes you because there is no timeline for falling in love. Otherwise, embrace this time in your relationship and watch for these signs from your partner.