Cosmic Views for April of 2021

Cosmic Views for April of 2021

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The cosmic views for April 2021 reveal that Jupiter is a faster-moving planet than Saturn, and this month they have separated. By the middle of May, Jupiter leaves Aquarius and enters Pisces, bringing needed expansion and opportunity to those with this sign. At the beginning of the month, Saturn trines Mars and for the first few days, focus on work, and you’ll get an enormous amount done. Mars pushes the boundaries of Saturn, and Saturn slows down the impatience of Mars, allowing them both to function more efficiently than they do alone.  Mars gets added help from Jupiter, which rules abundance and expansion.

This lasts until it enters Cancer on the 24th, creating high energy and enthusiasm, along with hope for a better future. Saturn and Uranus square each other this month, representing the frustration everyone feels on slowly opening up and getting back to normal. Saturn is cautious, and Uranus is at risk. They’ll be in a battle for a while. The square indicates we won’t get it right immediately. There will be trial and error, and it’s better to error on the cautious side, depending on the consequences.

On the fifth, Mercury enters Aries and communication increases along with activities and travel. Fast-moving, it moves into Taurus on the 20th and conjuncts Uranus until the end of the month. This is a time of creative ideas and unexpected changes. Go with the flow, postpone a definitive decision until after the Full Moon In Scorpio on the 27th. Scorpio brings to the surface financial issues and humanitarian causes. Consistency will enter the picture, but not for a few more months, according to the cosmic views.

Astrologer Linda Joyce sums it up like this– it is a time to take care of the essentials and help your neighbor do the same. When you help others out, the universe doesn’t forget.

Cosmic Views for Aries (March 21st – April 20th)

cosmic viewsAs an Aries, you’re impatient, so this year has not been easy. If you’re not moving forward or being challenged, you’re unhappy. Saturn, a ruler of your 10th house of career, is square Mars in Gemini. Things at work are challenging. You’re not getting as much done as is required. Another possibility is that you are overworked, and it’s not possible to get done what others demand. This continues until the 24th, when Mars enters Cancer.

Uranus is in your house of finance and will be for a few more years. It’s important to keep your eye on how you make and spend money. Uranus squares Saturn for the whole month, so you may struggle with how much to spend or where to put the finances you do have available. Venus enters Taurus on the 15th, and things begin to improve financially, but change is still in the air. Money may come in and go out, so be cautious.

Mercury enters your sign from the 5th to the 20th, increasing communication and activities. Don’t be surprised if you plan a short trip or get out of your usual surroundings. The Full Moon in your 8th house opposite Uranus brings to a head all the challenges you have been coping with. Don’t get overwhelmed.

Jupiter trine Mars keeps you hopeful about the future, despite the challenges you face. It’s all about adjusting to what you can’t change and focusing on what you can.

If you’re in a relationship, there are no new problems, just an attempt to resolve the old ones. You’re working in harmony, and that’s a great beginning. If you’re single, it’s a good time to meet others. If friends want to fix you up — accept.

Taurus (April 21st – May 20th)

Taurus is led by desire. Your on-going mission is to be stronger than the rebel in you that has trouble saying no to itself.  When you establish self-discipline, you succeed. It’s as simple as that. Uranus is in your sign until July of 2025. Things don’t settle down until then, but the more you embrace the energy, the easier it gets.  What it does is keep you on your toes.

It would be best if you were vigilant in what you do and how you do it. Restraint and self-denial keep your focus clear and you on your path. Once you can count on yourself, you’ll be able to rely on others. See it as your savior, not a curse. With Saturn square Uranus, you’ll experience career challenges this month. Change is happening that makes it difficult for you to get comfortable.

Patience is not your best quality, and it’s demanding now. If you can, keep yourself from responding immediately, it will allow you to have more than one option. Venus enters your sign on the 15th, and you feel connected and safe. Venus is your ruler, and when it’s in good aspect to other planets, life falls into place.

Mercury enters Aries on the 5th in the 12rh house. This placement puts it out of your control, and the universe decides what gets done, not you. On the 20th, it enters Taurus and conjuncts Uranus. You may explode. Holding in your feelings is not your best quality. The cosmic views warn you–just don’t burn any bridges.

The Full Moon on the 27th in Scorpio brings relationships to a head. Someone may have to go, but only if they’re not good for you. If you’re in a relationship, it will be a challenging month, depending on what you have to work out between you. Don’t just react. Think of the big picture.

If you’re single, it’s not a good time for a long-lasting relationship, but it could be a good time to meet new people.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Gemini is one of the busiest signs of the zodiac. You don’t know how to sit still. Leaning to take care of yourself before you put others first is important. If you don’t, you’ll appear selfish to others, even when you’ve been the giver.

When you don’t speak up when something happens, it makes no difference when you do. Saturn and Jupiter are separating, and by May, Jupiter, the planet of abundance and expansion, will be in your 10th house of goals and career. You’re on your way to a bonus or a promotion. If you work for yourself, an opportunity may come your way.

Venus enters Taurus on the 15th, and a feeling of connectedness and harmony emerges. Venus conjuncts Uranus until the end of the month, bringing unexpected changes that demand you take charge and adapt. Saturn square Uranus for most of the month indicates a battle between freedom and boundaries. Just meet each moment the best that you can, and it will all work out. The Full Moon in your 6th house of work brings your schedule to a head. It opposes Uranus, and once again your sense of freedom is at the center of the crisis.

Mercury, your ruler, enters Aries on the 5th and Taurus on the 20th. When it gets to Taurus, it will conjunct Uranus, and new ideas or ways of coping with your situation will show their face. Listen to your gut, and don’t be afraid to come out of your safety zone.

If you’re in a relationship, things should be okay. Jupiter is happy in Aquarius. It has independence which it loves. If you’re single, you may meet someone good at juggling life as crazy as you are. Who knows, it may be a good fit.

Cosmic Views for Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

Cancer is a water sign, and water rules your creativity, intuition, and emotions. If you’re a Cancer, you begin this month with a trine to the Moon, your ruler. A Sun\Moon trine brings harmony from within and without, so it is always welcome.

The Sun sextile Saturn adds structure and strength to your vision. Remember, with a sextile. You have to do the work. It doesn’t just happen. Get out of your comfort zone and create what you want. Saturn square Uranus brings a battle between freedom and structure.  Relationships, business and personal, are going through changes, and it may shift how you see yourself when it comes to commitment. Normally, you’re a person of habit, so change is not easily embraced.

Mars trine Jupiter and Saturn keep you working to both expand and set proper boundaries. These opposite planets work together when you don’t do things in extreme. Mars square Neptune keeps your fantasies high and confusion strong. If you want clarity, you may have to look at the truth.

Remember, without truth. You can build anything stable. With the Sun in your 10th house in the cosmic view for April of 2021, your focus is on your goals and how to get ahead when it comes to your career. The Full Moon in Scorpio brings out your strength. It’s time to take a stand and not let others push you around or demand more than they should.

If you’re in a relationship, making your partner happy will not be a problem. If you’re single, it’s a great time to meet others, although I would suggest you don’t rely on the taste of your friends. They don’t understand what you’re looking for.

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Leo is fire, and they have the power to inspire others to follow their lead. They prefer to be in charge or at the center of what’s happening. After all, that’s where the action is. With Mars in trine to both Saturn and Jupiter, things are moving when it comes to your aspirations and dreams. You feel energized and certain about what needs to be done and your ability to accomplish the tasks before you.

The square Mars makes to Neptune keeps your fantasies and old delusions strong, don’t hold on to what isn’t true, or you’ll be more susceptible to mistakes. Find the strength to see the truth, even if it’s difficult, and you’ll come out ahead. Pluto in Capricorn makes a sextile to Neptune and Mercury — your creative energy is strong. Pay attention to the ideas that come your way. They’re there to inspire and get you moving forward.

Venus enters Taurus on the 20th and conjuncts Uranus. You will be asked to see your career in a new light. Embrace change. It will work in your favor. Uranus square Saturn reveals the battle between risk and caution – find a middle road. One moment requires risk; another the opposite. Meet each challenge individually.

The cosmic views tell you that work improves after the 24th when Pluto goes direct. The Full Moon in Scorpio brings conflict into your private life. It may be nothing more than an adjustment. Full Moons reveal what’s hidden.

If you’re in a relationship, you’re suddenly aware of the truth and what was hidden. Pay attention, and it won’t happen again.  Things are good if a few changes can be made. Go with the flow. If you’re single, it may be difficult to get closer to the people you want to. Remember, it’s all about timing. Don’t give up.

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Virgo is earth. There is something very primal and basic about this sign. No matter how outrageous you can be, there is a part of you that enjoys being grounded and in control. Mercury, your ruler, makes a trine to the Moon at the beginning of the month.

It won’t last long, but it will help you express how you feel, and that’s an accomplishment. As a Virgo, emotions are things you avoid, or if you embrace them, they take over your life. Mercury square Mars brings up your anger. There are things you disagree with, and it’s important to take a stand. Anger is there to make you aware of what needs to be looked at. However, it’s important not to hang on to it, or it will work against you and your health.

Venus enters Taurus on the 15th and conjuncts Uranus, affecting your house of work and aspirations. Changes may be made. Acceptance is the key to success at the moment. Save your frustration for when it’s productive. Jupiter is lingering at the end of Aquarius, and by May 14th, it enters Pisces, your house of relationships. Jupiter adds strength and support to wherever it goes, so relationships should improve.

Mars leaves Gemini and enters Cancer on the 24th, and you may hold on to your frustrations instead of letting them go. Not a good idea. Mercury enters Taurus on the 15th and conjuncts Uranus. The cosmic views suggest you’re ready to adjust your ideals and reshape them into something more real or attuned to your highest aspirations.

If you’re in a relationship, you’re still coping with Neptune in your 7th house, which clouds your ability to see the truth. If you’re happy, enjoy it. Neptune is square Mars until the 25th, so your partner may be upset until then. Give them distance. If you’re single, it’s a good time to fall in love, but it may not be real. So be careful.

cosmic viewsCosmic Views for Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Libra is about truth, your truth, no one else’s. How much your truth blends with the collective may determine how easily you fit in or how difficult it will be to be heard. Venus, your ruler, enters Taurus on the 15th and conjuncts Uranus, the planet of unexpected happenings and change. Yes, fasten your seat belt. It’s you who’s changing, no one else.

With Mercury in Aries on the 5th, you’ll be direct and anxious to get things done. No dragging your feet. The month begins with a trine from the Sun to the Moon, a day or two when life is harmonious, and everything falls into place. Don’t get too comfortable. Saturn and Uranus are still in square and butting heads. Part of you wants to change, and the other part wants to keep everything the same. You can’t have it both ways, and sooner or later, one will win. It’s really up to you.

Saturn and Jupiter are still in the same sign, and both are trine Mars. Things are getting done, you’re moving forward, and if you take in the big picture, you’re doing fine. Let go of the nonsense. The Full Moon in Scorpio on the 27th brings financial issues to a head. It is tax time, so I’m sure it’s on your mind.

Pluto at the end of Capricorn, sextile Neptune, and Mercury make work productive and good. You’ll be able to see how far your project or what you’re doing will turn out. Trust your instincts.

If you’re in a relationship, it’s center stage this month, and you’ll get along, and things will be productive and smooth. If you’re single, you’re idealistic until the 24th, so don’t trust yourself until after then.

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

Scorpio is a misunderstood sign, partly because you’re both spiritually and worldly powerful. When you own your power, you dare to enter the shadow and not be afraid. You meet life’s challenges with strength and a determination to get what you want to be done.

A Scorpio with a good heart can change the world. This Month beings with it a trine from the Sun to the Moon. Work and financial gain are in harmony. You see that you’re on the right track. With Mars trine both Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius, things get done without much effort. Mars brings energy to wherever it is, say the cosmic views.

Saturn adds boundaries, and Jupiter expands and increases the energy that is there. All good. Mercury and Neptune are square Mars in Gemini until the 24th,  be careful of being delusional or too idealistic. If your feet are on the ground, you’ll accomplish a great deal. The Full Moon in your sign on the 27th brings your challenges to a head. This can affect all your relationships. Either you’re clear on what others are upset about, and you don’t care, or you’re in the clouds, and it’s time to get back to reality.

Venus enters Taurus on the 15th and conjuncts Uranus, the planet of change. Don’t be surprised if you’re surprised by the demands your partnerships make on you. They want something different, and if you’re not on board, they go ahead without you. Everything can be worked out if you let go of the control.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner is not calm or peaceful, too much going on. He or she has to make some major changes in their life for whatever reason, and of course, that affects you. They have no choice, so don’t add to the problem. Adjust. If you’re single, you’ll find relationships a bit chaotic at the moment. Meet people, have a good time, but keep your expectations low.

Cosmic Views for Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Sagittarius is the sign of destiny. Many of you feel strongly that you were born with a purpose or a mission to accomplish. You live with an inner voice that speaks to you constantly. If you’re unclear on who you are and where you’re going, let go of the way you want things to be and see them as they are.

With your ruler, Jupiter, still in Aquarius and trine Mars, your energy is abundant. You’re pushing the boundaries of your life more than usual. There’s a need to get things going and out of the way.  Venus enters Taurus on the 15th and conjuncts Uranus, bringing change to your work and your friendships as well as the organizations or clubs you may belong to. As you emerge from this pandemic, you will see just how much you’ve been changed by the experience.

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