Taurus has been described as patient, self-indulgent, stubborn, and boring, but only a Taurus can really understand what we’re really like beneath those labels. The bull born between April 20 and May 21 can be such a happy sign, if only everyone would do everything exactly like we want them to. Here are 10 reasons why you might only understand Taurus if you are one.

10 Things You’ll Only Understand If You’re a Taurus

1. Everyone else is so emotional.

Taurean people might look calm on the surface, but only a Taurus could understand the things that are churning away in our minds and bodies. Just because they don’t seem to get emotional doesn’t mean that we aren’t capable of emotions. As a sign ruled by both Venus and the Moon, they are an emotional wreck fairly often. Why can’t everyone else just be better at hiding it?

2. Taurus is cursed to be disappointed.

Everyone else seems to be satisfied with having lower standards, but only a Taurus can understand that the high expectations we hold are our minimum level of tolerance for what we encounter in our environment. They demand excellence! Too bad no one is able to provide it consistently.



3. Change sucks.

The way it was was perfect, but then you had to go and change things. You could not possibly understand how mad it makes them when you change their routine and move things around. They need to be a master of their environment. Everything has a place and time. Taurus requires you to do it their way.

4. Being stubborn really just means being unwilling to compromise on the important things.

Have you ever wondered what science has to say about astrology? In a study of the personality traits assigned to sun signs and a psychological personality profile test, researchers found similarities between people’s personality test traits and the types of traits associated with their astrological sign for 14 out of 18 scales on the test.

As a Taurus, you know that the personality trait of stubbornness doesn’t always apply to you, right? You can think of at least one time that you compromised on something, can’t you? No? We didn’t think so, and we promise not to tell anyone that science backs up your unwillingness to compromise either.

5. Loyalty is mandatory in a friend or romantic partner.

Taurus demands that you be dedicated to them and they will, in return, be dedicated to and possessive of you as well. In fact, they may treat you a bit like their prized possession if you are their lucky romantic partner.

Taurus loves attention and praise from their partner. If you can prove your devotion to them, they will stand by you forever. Crossing a them, on the other hand, may send you running for the hills. They can hold a grudge like no other sign in the zodiac and those horns are very sharp and pointy.

6. No one works harder than Taurus.

Taurus is very similar to the symbol for their sun sign; the Taurean bull is dedicated to pulling the plough and working the land to provide for the family. Taurus is the ultimate provider. Bills will be paid, and loved ones will be well-fed, secure, and provided for in a Taurean household. Taurus is excellent with finances and is capable of being independent.

Taurus is patient and able to delay gratification (sometimes), so they are likely to have a healthy retirement savings and have thoroughly researched investment options. Stability also pleases Taurus, so they will look for work they can stay with for their entire career.

7. Taurean gifts are the best.

We’ve already mentioned how well Taurus does with finances, so in the rare instance that a Taurean is broke, it’s probably because they gave away all their stuff. Taurus loves to give. To show their love, Taurus wants you to have all the cool stuff that they have.

8. The finer things in life suit Taurus perfectly.

Quality over quantity is Taurus’ motto. Even if we can buy the same thing at a discount store for $5.00, we would rather have the imported Italian hand-crafted one that cost half of our paycheck.

9. It’s not a boring routine; it’s called discipline.

Others do not understand our dedication to doing things the same way, at the same time, over and over again. ‘Aren’t you bored?’ they ask. Only Taurus could understand that the discipline of a finely-crafted routine has taken years to perfect so that all of our needs are met regularly.

10. Taurus has incredible sensitivity to touch.

Only a Taurus could understand that cashmere is the only acceptable form of wool to touch our skin. When it comes to shopping, fabric feel and comfort is as important as the look. Taurus likes to explore the world through their hands.

If it isn’t something that can be touched in the physical world, Taurus usually doesn’t care for it. If it’s an abstract concept or it’s in the future, Taurus doesn’t need it.

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