15 Inspirational Quotes for Every Cancer Survivor

15 Inspirational Quotes for Every Cancer Survivor

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Staying positive while recovering from cancer is easier said than done for every cancer survivor. While positivity is easy in theory, going through treatment and dealing with the genuine effects of the disease can leave anyone down-trodden. However, cultivating a positive mindset (ie: reading inspirational quotes) amidst the battle of cancer is part of what will help you to keep fighting.

Inspirational Quotes for Every Cancer Survivor

The word “cancer” often evokes fear, anger, and similar negative emotions. It’s essential to express these feelings and acknowledge every emotion you have. Just don’t let these negative emotions overtake you.

Amidst these feelings, try to find the happiness and joy inside of you. Regardless of how overwhelming this experience is, don’t let the negativity drown out your inner strength. By connecting with this strength, you’ll discover a newfound resilience that will help you through the darkest of days.

Cancer survivors often attest to the healing power of positive energy. Though “a positive attitude” isn’t a cure-all for what ails you, research shows that positivity can have a tremendous healing effect on the body. Inspirational quotes can bring a smile to your face, encourage you to dig deep and keep pushing ahead in your fight against cancer.

Take heart in the following inspirational quotes as you fight against cancer:

1. “There’s no hope without fear, no fear without hope.”– Baruch Spinoza

While fear is almost inescapable when facing something as serious as cancer, this fear is always coupled with hope.

Fear is deeply rooted in not understanding what will happen in the future. While you fear that the future may hold something terrible, the reality is that your future is uncertain.

Though cancer is in your present, things can and will change for the better. Just as you can choose to be fearful about the future, you can choose to believe that the future is filled with hope.

Take heart that you have hope that more excellent days are on the way.

2. “Courage doesn’t require a lack of fear. Rather, courage requires the judgment that there is something else far more important than fear.” –Ambrose Redmoon

Many people are under the impression that to be courageous, and you can’t be afraid. However, this is hardly the case. Being scared is part of human nature, just as being courageous is. If you’re worried, it’s because you’re human, but that doesn’t mean you can’t face what scares you with a healthy dose of courage.

It’s up to you to decide to have faith in the future. Instead of accepting fear and letting it hold you back, recognize it, and decide that having strength is more important than your fear.

3. “Some days you won’t feel a song inside your heart, but sing anyway.” — Emory Austin

Every day brings a new challenge for cancer survivors. Happiness may be rare to find at this time, search anyway. Even if you don’t feel as though there’s something to smile or sing about, keep the faith.

Though this quote speaks about singing the song of your heart metaphorically, singing can be a healing experience at this time. Even if your song is sad, sing anyway. There’s a sense of catharsis and release found in expressing yourself and letting go of your emotions.

If you don’t sing, find another outlet for your emotions. Consider painting, drawing, or writing.

4. “Cancer affects everyone, whether your friend, sister, mother, daughter, patient, doctor, or coworker.” –Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Anniston’s inspirational quote reminds us that everyone is affected by cancer. Having cancer can be an incredibly isolating experience. Though many people are affected by cancer, it’s too easy to feel as though you’re all alone in your fight.

This quote is a reminder that you’re never alone. Jennifer Aniston emphasizes cancer’s ability to affect all our lives, reminding us that we have a responsibility to be the community for one other.

Finding a community to connect with at this time is crucial. Whether you have friends, family, or a support group, it’s crucial to have a group of people that will help to recharge your soul and energy as you keep fighting.

5. “Strength is found within the silence of our long-suffering hearts; it is not found amidst joy.” –Felicia Hemans

Adversity builds strength. While these moments are some of the most difficult ones in our life, it is the suffering that shapes us into the most robust version of ourselves.

6. “The value of a man isn’t found in the most convenient and comfortable moments. One’s value is found in where they stand during controversy and challenge.” –Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Life is filled with many different moments. Though we may enjoy the comfortable and convenient moments, the moments that require us to be the most courageous version of ourselves are those that transform us for the better.

7. “Cancer, may take away my physical abilities, but it can’t touch my soul, it can’t touch my heart, and it can’t touch my mind.” –Jim Valvano

Jim Valvano’s inspirational quote reminds us that whatever effect cancer has on the body your mind, heart, and soul are out of its reach. Wherever you are in your journey, remember to hold tight to these three things.

8. “Though cancer started the fight, you will finish it.” –GotCancer.org

Don’t give up, and don’t give in. Though cancer is a fight, you’re going to finish. On days when you don’t feel like fighting, keep this quote in mind. You’re stronger than you know, and you’re just on the other side of success.

9. “Someone can become a victim or a survivor after having cancer. It’s all in your mindset.” –Dave Pelzer

Your mindset can change everything.

The way we think can change how we feel about ourselves, our lives, and the future. Even though cancer can be devastating, it doesn’t have to devastate you.

Don’t give in to the pain you feel. Regardless of how cancer has made you overthink, you were never its victim. You are a cancer survivor, and you will continue to win this fight.

10. “Gain courage, confidence, and strength from each experience you’ve had by stopping to look at fear in its face. At this point, you must be brave enough to do that which you thought you couldn’t do.” –Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt’s inspirational quote reminds us that we always have the power to overcome our most significant obstacles. Something as devastating as cancer can overwhelm us and leave us feeling weak, discouraged, and insecure.

This quote inspires us to get up, look fear in the face, and dig in to pull the confidence, courage, and strength out of this situation and come out on top.

11. ‘If you’ve reached the end of the rope, start tying a knot and hold on tight.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt

FDR has it right in this quote about tenacity. With something like cancer, it’s too easy to feel overwhelmed and like you’ve lost control of your life.

Whatever your current situation may be, let this quote remind you to take hold and keep hanging on. Though this is an incredibly trying time, don’t give up. Your victory is just on the other side of this battle.

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