“There is nothing so strong or safe in an emergency of life as the simple truth.” – Charles Dickens

The often hectic nature of your life can frequently result in forgetfulness. From the moment you wake, you’re already thinking about what you need to do, where you need to be, and how to go about accomplishing the things that demand your attention. Often forgotten in this daily routine are simple realities and truths of life that we all need to remember.

Some truths of your existence can indeed be complex – your purpose, relationships, psychology… but there are also simple, universal truths that you can and should recognize. The recognition and application of these simple truths will make your life flow more easily

Here are 7 easily forgotten simple truths that can help you in your daily life.

Truth #1 – Accepting your flaws is much easier than fighting them.

Everyone has things about themselves that they wish they could change – intellect, looks, health, and a myriad of other attributes. This is especially true when it comes to how we appear, physically and otherwise, to other people.

The important thing to remember here is that the people who truly love you do so with full acceptance if not knowledge of, your flaws. Of course, in recognizing your “flaws” you take one step closer to loving yourself – the most important kind of love.

Truth #2 – Attempting to fight things beyond your control can be fruitless (and even harmful).

Things “beyond your control” include any and all situations and events that happen without your influence. There can be countless other scenarios that are without a doubt tough situations, but ones in which your impact is limited or even null.  The importance of recognizing and accepting things beyond your control is paramount. Many people go their entire lives attempting to control the uncontrollable. The result is excessive worry, stress, and impairment in the quality of life. Sometimes, this undue stress can manifest itself into physical symptoms if not controlled.

When a tough situation happens in your life, think of it as an opportunity to build upon your character and strength. Remember, “This too shall pass,” and you’ll be a better, stronger individual because of it.

Truth #3 – Emotional decisions are often bad ones.

Allowing temporary emotions, however strong they may be, to displace your logic and intellect is never a good practice. When you make an emotional decision, you are reactive and not proactive. These reactions occur with a very small amount of conscious thought and the presence of too many momentary feelings that will flee once you take yourself out of the situation.

A good rule of thumb is to allow yourself to feel whatever the emotion may be, take a few deep breaths, isolate yourself from the situation if possible, and give yourself a moment to think. Remember this quick practice whenever an impulse arises that may result in regret later.

Truth #4 – Every mistake is a teachable moment.

No matter how diligent, mindful, responsible, or disciplined you are you will make mistakes. Human beings are fallible, and although you are probably a good person, mistakes happen. It’s a part of life.

The beautiful thing is that every mistake that you make teaches you something new and takes you one step closer to your destination. Every time you make a mistake, it builds on that inner strength that already resides in your being.

Results of your mistakes always end up in one of two ways – you either succeed or you learn something valuable. Not a bad deal at all. Repeating the same mistake over and over without eventually learning from it is the only true error.

Truth #5 – Life is too short not to appreciate it.

You are truly a fortunate creature – given an authentically unique existence that nobody else will ever experience. Regardless of the circumstances facing you, there are small things in your life to be grateful for. Life always has its beautiful moments, even if they go unrecognized some of the time.

The best advice here is to try and be mindful and present in every situation. For example, if you are eating dinner with your family, only eat dinner with your family. Turn the TV off, put away the smartphone, and just appreciate your loved ones while enjoying a meal. Whatever the situation is, just be present.

Truth #6 – You have gifts that no one else does.

Our society is a hyper-competitive one. It’s all about the next deal, money, promotions, a bigger house, a nicer car, more education, more overtime… it may feel you are chasing a train on a never-ending track. The result of this mentality being ingrained into your being is that you end up feeling inadequate or shortchanged in some way.

But remember – you are different. You have different strengths and intricate abilities that truly no one else has. So when you find yourself playing a circus game with Life as the evil carnie, take a few moments to remember (even write down) your truly unique abilities and be grateful for them.

Truth #7 – Love is the most precious part of our existence.

The most important, simple truth of them all and one that can be easily taken for granted. At the end of your journey, what is going to matter the most to you? The response is simple for the vast majority of us – the time we spent with the ones we love.  All of the possessions in the world won’t hold a stick to the moments you spent (being present!) with the people who love you unconditionally. In the end, truly nothing else matters.

Do something your future self will thank you for and take some time each day to remember #7. Then, be with your loved ones as if nothing else in the world exists …for as long as you can.

YOUR TURN:  What simple truths have you held with you in life that make it flow more easily?  Share in the discussion below!