“What greater thing is there for two human souls than to feel that they are joined… to strengthen each other… to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories.” – George Eliot

The above quote is pretty much at the heart of this entire article – conscious couples act together as one, instead of letting their egos take over. In today’s world, setting good habits and practicing them might not always come easily, but if both people work at it and care about their partnership, it can happen.

It takes two to have a good relationship, so doing little things each day to help strengthen your bond will have lasting positive effects on the partnership.

Whether you want to work on your relationship or you think you have it all figured out, we hope you can put some of the suggestions below to good use.

Here are 4 habits of conscious couples:

1. They treat each other with respect

Whether that means putting down the phone or video game when your partner talks to you, saying “thank you” for a kind gesture, or simply valuing your lover, respect is a vital piece of a healthy relationship. Couples who stay together for the long-haul know that respecting one another keeps the bond strong between them, and try to show respect daily. Respect boils down to caring about and loving your partner so deeply that you want to treat them like a king or queen, and not do anything to damage your special bond.


2. They know when to put down technology

Sadly, many relationships today have suffered due to the overuse of technology such as phones, computers, and video games. In one study, 70% of women said that technology interfered with their relationship with their partner, and this is only a small screenshot (no pun intended) of what the rest of the world deals with daily.

Conscious couples strive to only use technology sparingly, either for work or for entertainment. Technology can tear apart relationships, because overuse of it generally makes one or both partners feel disconnected from one another. This can lead to resentment of each other, and can affect listening skills. Technology creates so many distractions in today’s world, but conscious couples know when to shut down, unplug and disconnect, and reconnect with one another in the real world.

3. Conscious couples show affection daily

This doesn’t just mean physical affection, but also acts of kindness such as making coffee in the morning or cooking a nice meal in the evening for your partner. Conscious couples know that in order to make things work they have to act as a team, so while one person stays late at work, the other makes life a little easier on him/her by whipping up a meal. Or, maybe it means sending each other sweet texts throughout the day to let the other know you’re thinking of him/her and can’t wait to spend time together later.

Showing affection and kindness means that you appreciate and value your partner, and would do anything to see a smile on their face.

4. They do chores together

This might not sound like a fun way to spend time with your partner, but conscious couples make an effort to have quality time wherever they can get it. Plus, doing chores together shows that you think of the partnership as a team and want to reach goals as one. This might mean tag-teaming on the dishes or cleaning the bathroom together, because everyone knows that teamwork makes the dream work! Conscious couples usually have shared rituals as well, like brushing their teeth together or climbing in bed after a long day at work to read books side-by-side.

Final thoughts

Conscious couples simply have a greater awareness of what a privilege it is to be in a relationship, and want to nurture that bond as much as possible. While they have trials and tribulations like any other couple, they work together as a team to find a solution, and hear each other out without interrupting. What it really boils down to is having mutual respect, admiration, and love for one another, and not letting silly life matters get in the way of their magic.

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