A love in danger of failing might find benefit from one or more of these ways that public displays of affection can improve their romance.

15 Ways PDA Can Save Relationships

1. You give and receive love physically

As you touch your partner, you are giving them physical affection and also receiving their touch back. This is a small exchange of how giving can also be receiving at the same time and it mirrors other cooperative aspects of a strong relationship.

2. You feel desired

This isn’t necessarily about sex, but your partner is publicly showing that they chose you, that they want you over other possible partners. Knowing that they are willing to show that you are their choice feels good inside.

3. Your partner feels desired

To others, you are saying that you choose the person you are with. We can’t read their thoughts, but your partner is likely to feel happier knowing that you are comfortable in public with your choice.

4. It signifies your unity

You and your partner are a package deal. For the most part, it’s going to be hard for others to come between you two.

5. Bonding neurotransmitters are released

The neurotransmitter oxytocin is released when we receive affectionate touch. This brain chemical helps us to bond to our partner.

6. Small acts go a long way

Brushing hair from your partner’s eyes is a small act that can convey caring.

7. Touch helps process emotions

Touch is reassuring after a moment of frustration or upset because it brings our focus back to the physical present moment with a pleasant sensation. All is not lost, because you have each other.

8. Easily amp up the thrill factor

The meaning of “I want to kiss you all over” is a little more thrilling when said in public versus a private place.

9. It’s a secret fantasy

Being seen by others in an intimate moment is a common fantasy due to the additional thrill factor mentioned above.

10. It proves you’re more open-minded about love

Researchers studying attitudes toward public displays of affection had subjects read one of three scenarios depicting either a heterosexual, gay male, or lesbian couple engaging in an act of affection in a coffee shop. They found that the participants who had more liberal attitudes toward sexual expression and those who engaged in public displays of affection themselves were more accepting of the public display of affection that they read about.

11. Appreciation for dissimilar couples’ expressions of love

Couples who are comfortable with public displays of affection are more likely to be accepting of expressions of love between same-gender couples, mixed race couples, and couples who are less like themselves.

12. You know your partner’s comfort level

Public displays of affection should never push someone beyond their comfort zone. It’s important to know your partner’s level of willingness to be public. For example, respecting when they brush your hand away, demonstrates your understanding of their safe boundaries.

13. Reduces stress hormones

Cortisol is the stress hormone produced when we are upset, which is likely to be higher for relationships in trouble. Researchers studying Alzheimer’s patients found that therapeutic touch helped reduce levels of cortisol in the body. Lower levels of stress hormones are one way that public displays of affection help us to have longer, healthier relationships.

14. Return to dating mode

Young and in love couples can hardly keep their hands off of each other, even in public. Public displays of affection help you to remember when you and your partner were head over heels in love.

15. Less tech, more talk

Effective communication is so important in a strong relationship and touch is one way to communicate feelings in a way that texting could never replace.

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